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Slides from the presentations at launch of the 80by18 project @ M-Shed, Bristol, 25th Nov 2013

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  • Paul Strauss, main researcher on project. 80by18 is predicated on the idea that young people have got interesting things to say about their own activities and learning lives, and I’ve got 5 mins to tell you about how we’ve harnessed those so far and what the next steps for this are and our aspirations for this in the project
  • You’ve heard about how we sourced ideas for the list. Over 500 young people were involved in the ideas generation process through fieldwork and peer research. Of those, around 100 were more closely involved through co-research and through workshops. To give you a flavour…
  • In workshops young people mapped their out of school activities – what they currently do or have done, where, and with whom. Of course the map references weren’t supposed to be geographically precise - but they gave a good idea of what was being done over how wide an area. Some v interesting patterns as well as specific activities emerged and this led to further conversations. Some maps were v. crowded, others almost bare.
  • General picture was of YPs out of school lives…
  • We talked about the theme of The Future that underpins this project, and how the activities we do now might influence The Future. We shared some of our hopes and worries about The Future, and then took a quiet moment of reflection to write “one thing that we’re hopeful of for the future”, “one thing we’re worried about in the future” and “one activity we do now that might help us in the future” and posted these into a cardboard box. Don’t have time to tell you about all the interesting things that came out of this, but…
  • I wanted to share this example – from at Year 6 class. It simply says…. Quite poignant, in case there’s anyone here who imagines young people don’t think about the big questions in life or have their finger on the pulse of society.
  • Ok, remember I said that 100 young people had been more closely involvedLast piece of completed research collaboration I’ll tell you about is, group of 16/17 y/os working with youth social action charity Envision.
  • Here’s a screenshot of their campaign petition, which achieved over 1,400 signatures in a short space of time.An important finding for the 80by18 project – in terms of how Bristol compares to other UK cities, where transport for under 18s much cheaper or free – and where it might want to try to influence things.Going to be having a first conversation with TravelWest in the coming 2 weeks about how transport providers might act around this.
  • So, what is collaboration with young people going to look like in the coming pilot year? …
  • Around 70,000 school age children in Bristol, and we’re a relatively small research project, so can’t hope to get out and engage with all of themHoping for…We…Our goal is for the project to…
  • 80by18 Launch Presentation Keri Facer Paul Strauss

    1. 1. 80by18 The story so far #80by18
    2. 2. What’s the big idea? • Put simply, 80by18 is a list, written by the people of Bristol, of 80 things that young people might do in the city before they’re 18 to help them thrive and survive in a changing world.
    3. 3. What isn’t it? • 80by18 isn’t a school curriculum. It isn’t a new qualification. It isn’t an obligation. It isn’t a set of ‘learning outcomes’. It isn’t a new council strategy. It isn’t a list of tourist attractions. • It’s a list of 80 things to do in Bristol before you’re 18 and the resources, places and people who can help young people to do them. • More than anything - it’s a set of prompts for the imagination. It’s a challenge. It’s an adventure offered by the city.
    4. 4. 80by18 Aims • Uncover and make visible the wide range of experiences in the city that might help young people to survive and thrive whatever the future may bring • Encourage young people to try out these experiences and to work out ways of enabling them to do so. • Make a case for the importance of protecting and promoting these experiences for young people
    5. 5. Why does it matter? • School curriculum being restricted • Uncertain futures bringing environmental, economic, demographic, technological changes • Schools can’t and shouldn’t do everything • It takes a city to raise a child
    6. 6. What sorts of things were we looking for? Drawing on Bristol’s Resources The 80 by 18 Sweet Spot Future Facing/ Experiences that matter Encourage, challenge and excite young people
    7. 7. How’s the list been created? • Group of First Partners helped to shape the idea – Lighting up Learning, ASDAN, the Cabot Institute, Windmill Hill City Farm, University of Bristol, Watershed, MShed, Ablaze, UWE and MyFutureMyChoice • Workshops with young people in schools across Bristol. • Over 80 different organisations have been involved in meetings Feb/ March/ June this year – to suggest ideas and to start to get people involved • Bristol Evening Post, Local radio stations and Points West as well as open call on the website and visits by researchers to high streets across the city. • Over 600 ideas suggested • Ideas clustered by volunteers from city organisations, shortlisted and prioritised with young people. • To our final list…
    8. 8. 80by18 So – what’s on the list?
    9. 9. 8 challenge areas • City as Playground – Reclaim the city as a site for play • Do It Ourselves – Making, growing, creating • Change the World – Campaigning, rights, democracy • Slow Down – Take a different view of the world • Take a Risk – Explore something different – food, religion, spaces • Survive and Thrive – Environment, resilience, personal development • Back to the Future – Learn from your history • Random – From Zombie Walks to Artists
    10. 10. Real connections to Bristol resources • Don’t have the resources to fix a bike? Bike Project has links and advice and suggestions. • Want to do something more once you’ve made your film? The BBC will offer a masterclass for the first 50 to upload an 80by18 film. • Want to get better at campaigning? Oxfam will run training for those who get over 200 signatures… • And more…
    11. 11. Resources
    12. 12. 80by18 Our collaborators
    13. 13. • • • • Steve Sayers, Windmill Hill City Farm Mark Jacobs, BBC Brenda Massey, City Council Tim Corum, Bristol Museums and Galleries
    14. 14. 80by18 Next Steps
    15. 15. Young people’s energy & ideas, so far and in the future • What we’ve done so far • What young people have said • Next steps & aspirations
    16. 16. 500 young people involved in the generation of ideas Co-research and Workshops Peer research and street fieldwork
    17. 17. Workshops in primary school classes and youth centres
    18. 18. Young people’s out of school lives • Already busy, rich and diverse in activity • Some self-organised, some formally organised • Barriers to new activities: – Knowing about them – travel, time, cost – competing demands in families
    19. 19. Hopes Worries Activities to help
    20. 20. Worries for the future
    21. 21. Envision co-researchers survey • “Encouraging out of school activities” as social action project • Web survey of peers • Transport biggest barrier to teenagers’ city mobility and accessibility of Bristol resources • Petition lobbying BCC and First Group to review bus fares for under 18s
    22. 22. Engaging with young people in the pilot year • ‘First testers’: schools and groups who participated in research • Co-researchers from South Bristol secondary schools
    23. 23. Co-Researchers • Young People learning research skills • Own projects, researching themselves and peers trying out the experiences – What difference does following the list make to their use of city resources, mobility, and sense of ‘rights to the city’? – What changes when they begin asking questions of and seeking support from organisations and institutions who can facilitate 80by18 experiences? • Come and present findings at University of Bristol
    24. 24. Going wider • Snowball effect (schools, families, communities, any organisations working with young people) • Aim to make young people’s stories, experiences, and “results” of 80by18 activity visible via website and social media • Develop and grow the resources & network – mapping where, how, why...and who can help.
    25. 25. Next Steps: Your Role…? • Help us to spread the word – Posters, twitter #80by18 • Help us develop the idea – Have a look at the list, try it out, give us feedback, tell us what you love/hate • Improve the ‘offer’ – Can you help young people to meet the challenge with activities or support? (contact the team) – Can you promise to offer welcome, support and advice to young people taking up the challenge? (pick up a sticker) • Contact the project team on educ80by18@bristol.ac.uk
    26. 26. 80by18 And finally..
    27. 27. Can you suggest number 80? We’ve left one space for something missing What do you think should be on the list? Ideas can be sent in on the website… via the project team… or via email
    28. 28. 80by18 Thank you
    29. 29. Thank you to… • • • • • • • • The young people of Victoria Park primary, Summerhill primary, Begbrook primary, St Mary Redcliffe and Temple, Merchants Academy, Brislington Enterprise College, Fairfield High School, Oasis Academy John Williams, Bedminster Down School, Envision, South Bristol Youth Consortium Our first partners UWE, Watershed, Mshed, Ablaze, Lighting up Learning, MyFutureMyChoice, ASDAN,Windmill Hill City Farm for helping get started Clara Lemon and Dan Tagg for the website Ben Carruthers for 80by18 design and branding Matt Moutos & Lizzie Packham for getting out across the city and eliciting ideas and gathering all the information Paul Strauss & Teresa Nurser – the core team at Uni of Bristol; Lindsey Horner & Mary O’Connell for their work on the website and this event AHRC for funding the fellowship that makes this possible All of the people and organisations of the city who have enthusiastically contributed their time and ideas
    30. 30. 80by18