Monroe County Public Library Strategic Plan 2009-2011

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  • 1. Focus on the future of the library
  • 2. Research to zoom in on our patrons . . . Who you are What you like – and don’t like
  • 3. What you want from your library going forward
  • 4. Broad-based community planning process Focus groups Public forums Community leaders Community survey
  • 5. Set goals for the library, and take concrete steps to reach those goals.
  • 6. How do the people of Monroe County use the library?
  • 7. 66% use the library at least once per month
  • 8. Check out a book
  • 9. Spend time in a quiet placeMeet a friend Find information Attend amagazine or newspaper meeting Read a Attend an adult program Pick up Ask a librarian hold material on Use a copier Check out a magazine Use wireless access Check out a book Do online research Attend a teen program Check out audiobook Work on school assignment Volunteer Use a computer Check out a movie Found info for work Attend a children’s program Check out music Receive help with reading Get tax forms
  • 10. Target Audiences
  • 11. Target Audiences children, families and caregivers frequent users leading edge technology users
  • 12. Target Audiences underserved audiences taxpayers staff
  • 13. Strategies listen and respond to community input
  • 14. Strategies strengthen community partnerships
  • 15. Strategies provide enriching and engaging experiences
  • 16. Strategies maintain functional and attractive public spaces
  • 17. Strategies attract and develop top quality staff attract and develop top quality staff
  • 18. Strategies improve processes
  • 19. Strategies broaden the funding mix
  • 20. 5 interrelated goals
  • 21. Strengthen support for literacy and lifelong learning Children pre-literacy skills reading and language skills volunteer homework help
  • 22. Strengthen support for literacy and lifelong learning Adults more learning opportunities volunteer tutoring teach technology skills 21st century literacy skills partner with the community
  • 23. Expand access to information access for people with disabilities grow Web and CATS services open second branch replace bookmobile consider changes to hours
  • 24. Deliver exemplary service foster staff development maintain and improve facility and technology creatively improve processes
  • 25. Deliver exemplary service facilitate transportation and parking options Ellettsville Branch children’s addition create engaging library experiences
  • 26. Maintain high quality collections new titles new formats increased satisfaction children’s collection endowment
  • 27. Optimize stewardship of the library’s resources be an inclusive and attractive employer make better use of volunteers, interns and work-study
  • 28. Optimize stewardship of the library’s resources efficient use of tax support embrace green, reduce energy develop maintenance and replacement schedules fundraising
  • 29. ROI Return On Investment The Valuation Study confirmed that Monroe County residents received $1.68 in value for each $1 invested in the Library.
  • 30. 2,496,313 items circulated
  • 31. 1,148,201 visits to a Library facility
  • 32. 1,568,906 visits to the Library website
  • 33. 289,000 uses of Library public computers
  • 34. 82,066 Library card holders
  • 35. 43,551 participants in Library programs
  • 36. 92-95% are satisfied with staff knowledge, courteousness and reference services
  • 37. 96% rated the Library important to the future of our community
  • 38. Our library is regularly acknowledged to be one of the finest public libraries in the country. We are ranked number two nationally for libraries of our size.
  • 39. Our vision for the future of the Library
  • 40. We have looked at the actions and opinions of the people that our Library serves.
  • 41. We have sought to understand the role of the Library in the community.
  • 42. In order to form a clear vision . . .
  • 43. . . . of what this Library can become . . .
  • 44. . . . in the years ahead.
  • 45. Our Vision: We aspire to be a dynamic library, essential to thoughtful, productive community life, and always meeting our community’s evolving needs.