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Social Utility: How to Turn Social Media into Social Sales


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A short presentation on how social utility can be used to turn social media into social sales

A short presentation on how social utility can be used to turn social media into social sales

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  • 1. 1 Social Utility: The Secret to Unlocking Sales TIL IT Y LU with Social MediaSO CIA Dr Paul Marsden Social Commerce Today @marsattacks
  • 2. 2Three insights for turning social media into social sales...
  • 3. 3 For 34% of women aged 18-34, checking their social media account is the first thing they do when waking upYeah, yeah - social media is big. But so what?
  • 4. 4 SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION media ju st i ts er it G et ovIt’s not a revolution, it’s just media
  • 5. 5 TELEPHONE DID NOT KILL THE MOVIE STARSocial media is simply personal communication media - autility to help people connect and share with each other
  • 6. 6As a business, having a social media strategy makesabout as much sense as having a paper strategy
  • 7. 7 “IF I HAD TO GUESS SOCIAL COMMERCE IS THE NEXT AREA TO REALLY BLOW UP” MARK ZUCKERBERGBut social media can have a useful role to play in yoursales strategy...
  • 8. 8For example, consumers are happy to hear from you insocial media if you have a remarkable offer for them...
  • 9. 9For instance, Heinz opened a pop-up social media storeto sell personalised get well soup; 1 in 8 fans bought...
  • 10. 10But when there’s no remarkable offer - there are no sales
  • 11. 11So if you want to sell with social media, you’ll need a clearand compelling value proposition...
  • 12. 12 Helping people solve problems socially ILI TY U T CI AL SO Helping people solve social problemsSmart brands are using social media to offer ‘social’ valuepropositions that are all about delivering ‘social utility’
  • 13. 13 “Does my butt look big in this?”‘Social utility’ is just a fancy name for helping people solveproblems socially and helping them solve social problems
  • 14. 14 SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE “A wise man learns from the experience of others, a fool by his own”Helping people solve problems socially means helpingthem solve problems together; with their social intelligence
  • 15. 15For example, why not help consumers club together likeMercedes to get better value by buying in bulk?
  • 16. 16You can also offer social utility by helping people solve theircore social problems: how to ‘stand out’ and how to ‘fit in’
  • 17. 17Helping people ‘stand out’ with social media is all aboutoffering them ‘social status’...
  • 18. 18As Burberry does with pop-up social media storesoffering early access bragging rights for new products...
  • 19. 19Helping people ‘fit in’ with social media is all about helping‘social bonding’ like Starbucks social media gift store
  • 20. 20Whether you help people solve problems socially or helpthem solve social problems, the secret is to offer social utility
  • 21. 21 SOCIAL UTILITY using social media to help people solve problems socially and solve social problems social social social intelligence status bonding $$$$$$ SOCIAL SALES $$$$$$So here’s the secret to selling with social media: Offer asocial shopping service that has genuine social utility
  • 22. 22This is not a revolution, it’s just basic business sense; smartselling is about solving people’s problems - at a profit
  • 23. 23Find out more in the forthcoming ‘F-Commerce Handbook’& ‘Social Commerce Handbook’ from McGraw Hill