Social Media Strategy for PR people


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A No-Nonsense Guide to Social Media Strategy for PR People

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Social Media Strategy for PR people

  1. 1. 1Social MediaStrategyfor PRPeopleA No-Nonsense Guide toSocial Media Strategy forPR People - 2011Dr Paul MarsdenSocial PsychologistSocial Media Strategy
  2. 2. 2Okay, so you ‘get’ social media: it’s just online media thatsupports social interaction and user contributions
  3. 3. 3And you see beyond the jargon; social media is achannel where word of mouth gets published
  4. 4. 4 Your reputation is what people say about you when you leave the roomAnd you get that published word of mouth is importantand that you need to manage it...
  5. 5. 5So you have your Facebook page where you’re publishingnews, interacting with customers, and collecting ‘Likes’...
  6. 6. 6And you’ve a Twitter profile where you’re also publishingnews, interacting, and getting followed and re-tweeted
  7. 7. 7You’re publishing your news to a blog section on yourwebsite, interacting and getting views and ‘shares’ too...
  8. 8. 8And you’re publishing video news to your YouTubechannel and getting more views there...
  9. 9. 9You even publish key information about your organisationon Wikipedia and LinkedIn...
  10. 10. 10 2K+ 2K+ 2K+ 2K+And you’re measuring it all by counting views, shares,likes, followers and comments
  11. 11. 11But what now? Is that it? Is social media just a directnews publishing channel for PR people?
  12. 12. 12First, if you’re doing these seven things, congratulateyourselves; you’re in the top 5% of organisations...
  13. 13. 13But you may be missing something.Do you have a strategy?
  14. 14. 14Yes, strategy is a fat word... but it’s the ‘how’ in how youare going to achieve what you want to achieve
  15. 15. 15So to have a strategy, you need an objective
  16. 16. 16As PR people, we’re interested in generating favourablepublicity through media coverage
  17. 17. 17Yes, there’s so much more to PR than media coverage,but it’s our core competence, so let’s focus on that first
  18. 18. 18If the real-world objective of PR is media coverage, thenthe social media objective of PR is social media coverage
  19. 19. 19In other words, social media PR is about maximisingpositive mentions in social media...
  20. 20. 20Which in plain language means getting people to talkabout you positively on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube...
  21. 21. 21How do we do that? Here’s a simple PR strategy formaximising positive mentions in social media...
  22. 22. 22First, continue publishing news in the medium you wantto get talked about in, but adapt content to the medium
  23. 23. 23And that means doing six things...
  24. 24. 24One - adapt your news to the medium by making it‘social’ by enabling social interaction and sharing
  25. 25. 25Two - adapt your news to the medium by making it‘conversational’ - informal and brief in style
  26. 26. 26Three - adapt your news to the medium by making it‘real-time’ - live and on demand
  27. 27. 27Four - adapt your news to the medium by making it‘multimedia’ - with images, video and sound
  28. 28. 28Five - adapt your news to the medium by making it‘mobile’ - handset-friendly and location-aware
  29. 29. 29Six - adapt your news to the medium by making it‘findable’ - using search terms people use
  30. 30. 30 SOCIAL CONVERSATIONAL REAL-TIME MOBILE MULTIMEDIA SEOSo Part 1 of your 2-part strategy is to continue publishingyour news in social media, but adapting it to the medium
  31. 31. 31 PR CAMPAIGNPart 2 is to run regular PR campaigns in social mediadesigned to get people talking
  32. 32. 32 re·mark·a·ble adjective /riˈmärkəbəl/ 1. Worthy of note or mention 2. Striking, unexpected or unusualAnd that means doing things that are worth talking about
  33. 33. 33Whilst there are many ways to skin the social media PRcampaign cat, here are three proven strategies
  34. 34. 34One - The “Entertain Me” strategy:Running PR stunts with social media
  35. 35. 35Two - The “Help Me” strategy:Helping people solve their problems with social media
  36. 36. 36Three - The “Love Me” strategy:Activating fan advocacy in social media with fan exclusives
  37. 37. 37 Social Media Strategy for PR 1. Publish Your News in Social Media Social After Conversational Social Media Mentions Real-time = 4,500/week Multimedia Net Sentiment = +30 Before Mobile (% +ve - %-ve) SEO Social Media Mentions -> Improved Reputation 2. Run PR Campaigns = 1,500/week in Social Media Net Sentiment = -10 sity ropen (% +ve - %-ve) in p x 2 Entertain Me ease ro wt h incr -> g 12% e nd ) mm ting Help Me reco nsul to n Co Love Me (BaiOf course, there are many ways you can complicate socialmedia for PR; this is just the simple no-nonsense strategy
  38. 38. 38 DR PAUL MARSDEN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGIST SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY CONTACT:I’ll look forward to helping you apply the strategy in the‘Social Media for PR People’ course. Enjoy. Share. Profit.