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FI: Product and Service Development

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Slides from my presentation at the DC Founder Institute.

Slides from my presentation at the DC Founder Institute.

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  • 1. Founders Institute: Product & Service Development Paul Singh @paulsingh http://www.resultsjunkies.com
  • 2. Startups are HARD • Your competitors are better off than you • Customers don't always know what they want • You have limited resources... Speed is your competitive
  • 3. Hurdle #1 How do you decide what to build?
  • 4. You're not the customer (surprise!)
  • 5. Customer Development • Get out of the office • Adding features is not progress • Learn & iterate (linear execution is for suckers) Goal: build the minimum product to get early users (customers are even better)
  • 6. Customer Development • The Four Steps to the Epiphany (Steven Blank) • Checklists + tactical tips • Buy this ASAP (you can thank me later)
  • 7. Hurdle #2 How do you actually build the damn thing?
  • 8. Avoid Rocket Surgery • Wordpress, Tumblr, Posterous (Blog) • Google Apps (Email, Calendar, Docs) • Ruby on Rails/PHP, MySQL, Github (Tech Stack) Pro tip: copy other startups
  • 9. Hurdle #3 How do you avoid making noob mistakes?
  • 10. Ghetto, but useful • Be cheap (but not too cheap) • Optimize later (manual processes FTW!) • Learn to love technology (or you will get burned) • Learn to love SEO & organic customer acquisition Pro tip: don't skimp on user experience (as far as your users are concerned, the interface is the product)
  • 11. Hurdle #4 How do you navigate the competition?
  • 12. You do have competition, right? ...I'd be scared if you don't.
  • 13. Ignore the Competition ...but listen to their customers • Setup keyword searches via Google Alerts • Pay attention to their user/support forums • Don't compete on price or features - winning that battle is hard
  • 14. Case Study Because I’m not (entirely) full of shit.
  • 15. Paul Singh paul@resultsjunkies.com @paulsingh