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From Single-unit to Multi-unit Ownership Presentation


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Presentation made just prior to a recent franchise client annual meeting. The presentation was made to franchisees considering multi-unit ownership, and included interaction with current multi-unit …

Presentation made just prior to a recent franchise client annual meeting. The presentation was made to franchisees considering multi-unit ownership, and included interaction with current multi-unit franchisees.


Published in: Business, Education
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  • 1. Multi-unit Operations
    Future business growth considerations
  • 2. Why now?
    Store-owner inquiries
    Corporate growth initiatives
    We’re in an Opportunity Economy
  • 3. How?
    Develop formal multi-unit program
    Assist current store owners achieve objectives
    Assist current multi-unit operators improve
  • 4. Meeting objectives…
    To foster thought on multi-unit ownership
    To gain store owner perspective
    To present store owner growth opportunity options
    To establish next steps in growing thebrand
  • 5. Mindset & Skill Set
    A winning combination…
    Goals and objectives must be in line with expectations.
    Vision is necessary for multi-unit ownership and enterprise building
    Required skill set for multi-unit ownership including a successful single-unit operation
  • 6. Let’s Explore…
    Why does multi-unit ownership excite you?
    What does a day-in-the-life of a multi-unit operator entail?
    What do you hope to achieve thru multi-unit ownership?
    What is your long-term vision with multi-unit ownership?
    What skills are required for successful multi-unit ownership?
    Would you consider your first operation a success?
  • 7. Systems
    The foundation that is often ignored!
    Required systems for all phases of store operations and management
    Mid-level management, delegation and accountability
  • 8. Let’s Build…
    How important are systems to a multi-unit operation?
    Will you operate two businesses or one enterprise?
    How will your responsibilities change in a multi-unit operation?
    Do you enjoy managing people?
    Do you delegate well?
    How important is record-keeping to a multi-unit operation?
    How important is accountability to short and long-term success?
  • 9. Economy of Scale
    Is bigger really better (and easier)?
    Perception or reality?
    Additional business logistics
  • 10. Let’s Take a Look…
    Does one plus one equal two, three, one, or zero?
    Beyond financial benefits, how does economy of scale present additional advantages?
  • 11. Location, Location, Location
    More than just where…
    Full service or satellite locations
    Spreading the word and sharing the vision
  • 12. Follow Me…
    How important is location to your long-term vision?
    Type, size, proximity, future growth
    Why is location of the second store critically important to a multi-unit operation?
    Is there really economy of scale in marketing and public relations for a multi-unit operation?
  • 13. Timing is Everything
    Can your decision stand the test of time?
    Timeframe to proceed – Knowing when you’re ready
    Exit strategy – voluntary & involuntary
    The next steps…
  • 14. Are You Ready?
    How do you know when you’re ready to further explore multi-unit ownership?
    What steps must be taken to get from thought to reality?
    How must I prepare for multi-unit ownership?
    Do I NEED to do this now?
  • 15. Wait… What if?
    What happens if the second location fails?
    What happens if the first location is adversely affected by the new location?
    What happens when I want to retire or move on?
  • 16. To be, or not to be?
    How will multi-unit ownership affect my personal life?
    Understanding risks involved, am I willing to proceed?
    Am I comfortable with being an entrepreneur?
    Am I considering multi-unit for the right reasons?
    Am I (truly) committed to move forward?