The Importance Of Usability For Customer Facing Websites


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Paul Rouke talks about why every business with a customer facing website, whether retail or not, should take usability seriously if they want to improve their bottom line

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  • Thanks for the comment - for what we do its vital that we can bring usability into the real world, and not just use fancy words and nice pictures. The presentation on usability for internal systems provides even more practical experience with a video from actual business people who didn't know the 1st thing about usability and user-centered design.
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The Importance Of Usability For Customer Facing Websites

  2. Manchester Digital’s Usability: What’s The Use? “Improving your bottom line (especially in a recession!)” by Paul Rouke User Experience Director at PRWD 28 th January 2009
  3. What I’ll be talking about <ul><li>Customer facing websites </li></ul><ul><li>(getting more enquiries and sales) </li></ul>
  4. Topics Some key questions to ask yourself Key business areas that apply Case study – increasing revenue per employee A quick survey for you
  5. Some key questions to ask yourself
  6. Do you know how well your website performs for your business?
  7. Are you fully confident you aren’t wasting some of your money on marketing?
  8. Are you envious of what your larger competitors do online?
  9. If you sell online, are enough people buying from you ?
  10. Some good news usability improvements apply to every size of business
  11. Areas you should be looking at
  13. What can usability improve?
  15. The financial impact of improving a low e-commerce conversion rate of 1.5% (a real life retailer who we are currently pitching to) *Based upon the site maintaining existing traffic levels 2.25% Minimum guaranteed conversion rate from PRWD £1.25million Projected value of new sales per year* £3.75million Projected online sales per year* 1.5% Current conversion rate £2.5million Current online sales per year
  16. Case study: increasing revenue-per-employee
  17. Problem Actions Results ROI
  18. In-efficient sales and marketing strategy traditional modern
  19. Problem Actions Results ROI
  20. Analysis Measure & refine Design Build Business analysis Customer analysis Prospect analysis Challenge current thinking ie. “we won’t get enquiries for £5,000 machines” Paper sketches through to final visuals User testing Focus on “what are prospects looking for” Online promotion of products from £30 to £7,500 100% accountability for online channel Web analytics integration Testing of different versions Measure conversion rates from Google Adwords Identify new market opportunities Continually improve & refine UCD
  21. Problem Actions Results ROI
  22. Over 1st two years of working together...
  23. Problem Actions Results ROI
  25. How do you give your visitors what they want?
  26. <ul><li>A quick survey </li></ul><ul><li>Online enquiry forms (key principles) </li></ul><ul><li>Keep it simple ! </li></ul><ul><li>Only ask for the minimum info required! </li></ul><ul><li>People are busy, they don’t have time for big forms </li></ul>
  27. Which form will visitors most use?
  28. Which form do visitors most use? 14% 86%
  29. How well do these enquiries convert into sales?
  30. How well do these enquiries convert into sales? 17%
  31. How well do these enquiries convert into sales? 17% 55%
  32. <ul><li>Only once you </li></ul><ul><li>fully understand your visitors wants and needs can you fully exploit the potential of usability </li></ul>
  33. The good news!
  34. No matter what you have… e-commerce sites business websites information portals marketing campaigns internal systems …
  35. Usability can and does improve your bottom line!
  36. > this presentation > case studies > further information > plus leave your comments all available at:
  37. Thankyou for listening to “Improving your bottom line” by Paul Rouke Office: 0161 918 6729 Mobile: 07739 745 126 Web: Email: [email_address]