8 Essential Usability and Conversion Optimisation Tips - How Do Future Commerce 2011 Seminar
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8 Essential Usability and Conversion Optimisation Tips - How Do Future Commerce 2011 Seminar



Paul Rouke's slides from his presentation delivered alongside speakers from Apple, I

Paul Rouke's slides from his presentation delivered alongside speakers from Apple, I



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    8 Essential Usability and Conversion Optimisation Tips - How Do Future Commerce 2011 Seminar 8 Essential Usability and Conversion Optimisation Tips - How Do Future Commerce 2011 Seminar Presentation Transcript

    • 8 Essential Usability & Conversion Optimization Tips by Paul Rouke Head of Usability at PRWD 12 th July 2011 @ FutureCommerce 2011 by How Do Bridgewater Hall, Manchester Twitter Hashtag #fcomm2011
      • The Leading North West Usability & Conversion Optimisation Consultancy
      • Provide services to help businesses improve their website conversion rate
        • Usability testing
        • Expert evaluations
        • User-centered design
        • Usability training
        • Consultancy
        • Conversion rate optimisation
      About PRWD
    • PRWD Clients Include PRWD clients
        • Effectiveness – Can they reach their goals
          • find what they are looking for
          • do what they want to do?
        • Efficiency – How fast
          • number of errors
          • amount of effort
          • number of steps?
        • Satisfaction – Was it a good/bad experience?
          • Do it again?
          • Recommend to others?
      What is Usability and User Experience? What is good website usability?
    • What does all this mean for website owners? more & more expectant visitors...
      • Key recommendation
      Don’t neglect what actually happens ON your website
      • Calculating ROI…
        • What financial impact will an improved conversion rate have?
        • Not just sales impact, but profit as well
        • It should not be hard to build the business case to invest more in a user-centered business culture
        • Calculate potential ROI for both lead generation and e-commerce websites
      The financial impact of improving your website conversion rate
        • View the ROI calculator at:
        • http://www.prwd.co.uk/what-we-do/usability-return-on-investment
      Calculate your potential ROI
      • Key recommendation
      Provide transparency
    • What ASOS don’t do
      • Stay still
      • Think that they know best
      • Ignore what their customers are saying
      • Presume their brand credibility means visitors will automatically trust them as an online retailer.
    • More details - http://bit.ly/ASOSbbp
      • Do we hide important information from visitors?
      • Do we present visitors with any nasty surprises late in a journey ?
      • Do we get customer service calls about questions we can answer online ?
      • Do we manage visitor expectations ?
      • What can we do to give more visitors confidence to complete their on-site journey?
      Questions on your website…
    • Photo credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/adactio/99387925/lightbox/
      • Key recommendation
      Answer visitor questions
    • Test version A Does answering questions improve conversion?
    • Test version B Does answering questions improve conversion?
    • Test version A v Test version B - RESULTS + 66% Does answering questions improve conversion?
      • What questions do our offline customers often ask us?
      • What questions can we answer to help visitors make a decision ?
      • Are any of our key pages currently confusing for new visitors ?
      • What’s the number 1 question our customers currently ask us?
      Questions on your website…
    • Photo credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/sooperkuh/2932775162/
      • Key recommendation
      Remove barriers to entry
    • Don’t force registration
    • Remove barrier but still give the option
    • A much better way to encourage ‘registration’ More details - http://bit.ly/reduceabandons
    • If users have to, the word ‘register’ is a barrier
    • Replace the words register/registration
      • Does our wording give visitors to wrong impression ?
      • Are we forcing new customers to register?
      • Do we really need to ask for all this information?
      • Do we provide visitors with benefits for them if they do what we want them to?
      • Do we know if there are any barriers which we need to improve conversions?
      Questions on your website…
    • Photo credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/editor/283989913/
      • Key recommendation
      Focus the user on what you want them to do
    • Bad Example Don’t use 1 button style for all actions
    • Bad Example Focus on the primary action for each page
    • Consider what you want visitors to do
    • Don’t be shy about attracting attention
    • Bad Example Don’t clutter your primary CTA
    • Bad Example Focus on the primary action for each page
    • Focussing the visitor on what you want Use button size, style and colour to focus the user and increase conversions
      • Does our primary call to action stand out amongst other actions?
      • Do we use different button styles dependant on how important the action is?
      • Do we encourage visitors to think about exiting/cancelling by providing buttons which are too prominent ?
      • Is there white space around primary action buttons?
      • Do we draw visitors attention to what we want them to do?
      Questions on your website…
      • Key recommendation
      Listen to what your customers and prospects have to say
    • We all know how important it is to be considerate of what people want… especially when buying Christmas presents… …look what can happen when we’re not!
      • Getting an understanding of how other people use your website is one of the most enlightening experiences you can have when it comes to online marketing
      • There are 3 main types of user testing, suitable for all budgets:
      User testing overview Guerrilla Remote Moderated More details - http://bit.ly/usertesting101
    • What are the business benefits of user testing? More business benefits here: http://bit.ly/UTbenefits Photo credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwarby/4915772994
    • What is remote user testing? Cheap Simple Enlightening Delivers actionable results
    • Try it for FREE with a PRWD partner: Visit http://whatusersdo.com Use promo code PRWD 1st 20 get one FREE test
    • What is moderated user testing? In-depth Comprehensive Important for larger brands Delivers actionable results
    • Some insights from user testing with our client
      • The time I had with 9 women in 9 hours – (Google ‘ 9 women x 9 hours ’ )
      • 10 e-commerce best practice features – (Google ‘ Lakeland best practice ’ )
      • Have we ever watched one of our customers use our website ?
      • Do we know what is stopping new visitors from buying from us?
      • Do we know why visitors aren’t completing their application?
      • Why do so many visitors end up exiting our website at this particular page?
      • What is stopping visitors from signing up for our service?
      • Can we ask some of our current customers to help us improve our website?
      Questions for you and your business…
      • Key recommendation
      Stick to ‘best practice’ in most cases
      • Not sure what best practice is all about…
      WFT does usability best practice actually mean?
      • Want to find out about general best practice?
      usability best practice
      • Looking for e-commerce best practice?
      e-commerce usability best practice
      • or for a different approach you could try…
      • Google Analytics and other analytics packages provide intuitive and powerful advanced segmentation functionality
      • You need to understand what is your true conversion rate – not just from visitor source, but other factors
      • More information on this approach can be seen on my Econsultancy article: http://econsultancy.com/blog/4340-traffic-segmentation-humble-or-sliced-which-pie-are-you-having
      Gaining a true representation of how a website is performing is crucial, and there is one thing that traffic segmentation does do - it delivers benefits to clients, agencies and last but not least end users. Advanced Traffic Segmentation
    • |
      • THE most important type of on-going testing and optimisation
      • Builds on best practice improvements to help make further refinements to improve conversion rates
      • Removes the purely theoretical aspects of usability
      Companies still gladly increase acquisition spend in order to improve sales, without investing seriously and continually in on-site conversion optimisation Split and Multi-variate Testing
    • Don’t neglect what actually happens ON your website Key takeout for all
    • Connect with me http://uk.linkedin.com/in/paulrouke Office: 0161 228 0585 Mobile: 07739 745 126 Email: paulrouke @ prwd.co.uk Web: http://www.prwd.co.uk PRWD 22 Lever Street Manchester M1 1EA http://twitter.com/paulrouke
    • Thankyou for listening “8 Essential Usability & Conversion Optimization Tips” by Paul Rouke Slides, resources, tools & best practice available here: http://bit.ly/CROresources