SMB Marketing: a better way to engage with small businesses


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Our partnership with Enterprise Nation, the UK's most active small business network, presents a new approach for Enterprise organisations to understand, reach and influence the SMB market.

Find out more in our interview with Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation

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SMB Marketing: a better way to engage with small businesses

  1. 1. a better way to engage with small businesses We’re proposing a new way for large enterprises to understand, reach and influence the small-business market. Within a space of three months, we can help you to: Gain a better, deeper understanding of the small-business market Develop your differentiated proposition to key market segments A new approach – in partnership – from: • The UK’s most active small business network: January to December 2014 over 59,000 small business members Opportunities • The most-awarded agency at the 2013 B2B Marketing Awards • With a weekly newsletter distributed to • Working with clients like AXA Wealth, O2, 63,000+ people For sponsors of Enterpriseand the BBC Canon Nation • And a social media following of 41,000+ • From proposition creation through to data/CRM Enterprise Nation is the UK’s most active small business network. campaigning people and businesses transformation and ingenious We help people turn their good ideas into great businesses. Enterprise Nation brings: this online, in print and in person, and through funding The Marketing Practice brings: We do opportunities. We also represent the views of UK small businesses • Unique insight and access to the audience • A results-driven approach to planning and to government. Create more valuable ways of segmenting your customer and prospect base Put in place an approach to managing marketing data that doubles response rates A case in point: doubling responses for AXA Wealth Build a targeted campaign plan taking advantage of new ways to influence the audience Example approach to analysing and segmenting markets, building propositions and plans, and executing ongoing campaigns: • Identifying best groupings of customers and prospects Existing customer and prospect data One -off campaigns • Consolidating 1,000,000+ records into a single CRM and marketing system • Doubling email communication response rates overnight • Building and executing an annual plan that exceeded the target number of prospect acquisitions SAS analytics Customer research and analysis Segmentation models Behavioural Customer surveys and analysis Sales data analysis (best customer characteristics) 63,000+ • Circa 60% of members are female, aged between 35 – 44, with majority based in London & South East Campaign plan Who to talk to? What mechanism? Broader market research and competitor analysis How to score? De-dupe and clean • The market research and data management • 70% of Enterprise Nation members you talk to clients skills to change the way start and grow their business from and home prospects Email campaign management SFDC (CRM system) Online tracking Single view of each contact Personalisation Voice to government: Enterprise Nation represents the views of small business to government Enterprise Nation members through regular meetings with policy are tech-savvy, ambitious for growth, andThe company also delivers makers and special advisers. keen to be part of a community that informs and inspires. These small businesses and microgovernment projects, currently a marketplace which forms partofficeasupplies.million Growth enterprises are investing in products from software and tech to of £30 They Vouchers programme and a pledgepotential supplier; to create a relationship with the brandenable big like to be engaged by any platform, GREAT: Business Exchange to before or after buying from the brand. companies to pledge projects they are running to help small businesses prosper. Emma Jones How to personalise? minutes average time spent on the site There are opportunities for you to engage with the Enterprise Nation community and be part of a dynamic small business scene. This document offers an outline of key activities Paul Everett, The Marketing Practicein 2014. To discuss sponsorship, please contact: +44 (0)1235 833233 Demographic Messaging matrix Sales process analysis • A range of new ways for corporate Enterprise Nation community organisations to engage with the small • Innovative ideas and creative flair – using • 42,000+ monthly unique visits with 2 know will work • Membership of 59,000+ small business community channels and activities we • creation, regular media • Compelling content41,000+ social media following coverage and an expert team • Weekly newsletter distributed to Email system over 1,000,000 records • Developing compelling messaging and propositions delivering integrated marketing programmes businesses Industry data sources and feeds Sales data 30,000 contacts CRM Campaign history Behaviour Next best action On-going campaign execution Reporting Emma Jones, Enterprise Nation Response tracking Contact history tracking +44 (0)7899 871698
  2. 2. transform your approach to the small business market Any or all of the below elements may be relevant – our starting point is to work with you on which ones we believe will have greatest impact most quickly… Data analysis and segmentation • Review current customer base and sales process (who is buying, what, how and why?) • Understand how this relates to the prospect universe (with insight into the potential size of various markets) Customer insight • Review any current segmentation models and their effectiveness • Apply our market insight to your strategy and objectives with immediate benefits for your plans • Identify of the most (and least) valuable customer and prospect segments • Review any existing research or undertake new research to identify unmet needs, gauge the success/appeal of a new proposition, validate messaging etc. • Profile and segment the data based on demographic or behavioural factors • Undertake competitor analysis – what are they saying, where are they winning? Campaign management and reporting Proposition development or refinement • Ensure the joined-up execution of campaigns across various activities and channels • Apply customer insight to develop or refine the proposition • Use technology from marketing automation to social media monitoring and management tools • Maintain the strength and clarity of the core propositions – not diluted Your small business market strategy • Tracking and dashboard reporting feeds back into ongoing campaign optimisation Data strategy and management • Audit (and enhance) current organisational and contact data • Migrate disparate data sets into one master database • Build a comprehensive and usable proposition pack (with versions for internal, sales team, partner and customer audiences) • Test with the market • Develop the campaign and sales messages that will resonate with different audiences Campaign creation and sales/channel enablement • Recommend new and/or overlooked opportunities to reach and influence the market • Set marketing targets that map back to overall business objectives • Implement improved CRM/marketing automation to track audience responses and allow for personalisation of ongoing communications • Ensure plans are in place to manage data from various sources (inbound activity, social media etc.) Paul Everett, The Marketing Practice • Develop creative ideas based on sound insight to ensure cut through with the audience and deliver lasting brand/reputation improvement • Plan the right mix of direct, inbound, channel and sales enablement activities +44 (0)1235 833233 Emma Jones, Enterprise Nation +44 (0)7899 871698