Account based marketing - targeting key accounts with 1-2-1 marketing programmes


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A one-page overview of various potential objectives and tactics for account based marketing. From intel gathering and awareness activity through to campaigning, sales engagement and advocacy.

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Account based marketing - targeting key accounts with 1-2-1 marketing programmes

  1. 1. ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING An overview built from experiences running end-to-end annual programmes for organisations including Canon, Fujitsu, Oracle and Unisys. We execute end-to-end programmes, managing all activities in house (from upfront planning, initial data gathering, account profiling and online monitoring through to senior executive telemarketing, campaign execution, bid support and ROI measurement). PROCESS OVERVIEW EXAMPLE ACTIVITIES 1 Create the strategic ABM framework 2 Planning workshop 3 Required research 4 Create plan V INTELLIGENCE AWARENESS Regular updates, account microsites and/or targeted advertising V CAMPAIGNING Individual-level profiling and data build Company-level research, profiling and proposition selection V Objectives, resources and process Account workshops to define priority goals per account and identify best potential activities To fill intelligence gaps identified in phase two Real-time monitoring, with personalised reaction pieces Combining relevant elements from the planning ‘wheel’ (opposite) with existing wider activity Execute 5 Personalisation of existing corporate activities Re-use; mix-and-match channels; take the burden away from the account team; regular reporting against dashboards and action plans; keep on top of the data; don’t always push the call to action! 6 Review V EXAMPLE CONTACT/ACTIVITY MATRIX SALES ENGAGEMENT 1-2-1 micro demand generation campaigns od ew Supporting customer events and workshops Specific bid support and 121 meeting tools M degainaeS sec vr sevird OCT sraey 5 uC pU evileD hserf r ht gnikni %51 g eF elbixol w gnikrrp stsoob aerC – ytivit hw ohc y ?2O eso T rofsnar O • yrots ru • aryaW putting those CIOs who empower change in the driver’s seat. But the CIO’s vitcudo pu – yti %03 rC ytivitae • fsnarT oitamro T • giB knih sdnuf n ohc y otsuC • rofreP ub 2O si ssenis uS Video collaboration will gain a tropp firmer foothold in distributed 32 • snoc m sremuenterprises4with workforces 5 • ub k increasingly mobile that are0 sessenis thgisnI ecnam gniworg • pa ruO t hcaorp o pleh o oc pu gninioj asinagr yb snoit ,snoitacinumm motsuc dna ,TI .sre elpoep M • ot gnivo is sdraw rfnI • defiilpm utcurtsa taht ser ,gnikrow troppus a retrams agne retteb dn tnemeg opportunity is about business results enabled by technology – not the technology itself. [1] tworG hw – h ?2O eso etni rem ecnegill ioJ pU den • and internationalnI that span and n o multiple v noita time zones. Video • collaborationrwill become ytiroi P the medium of choice. [2] In 2012, the top two IT/telecom priorities were (A) implementing or expanding network security solutions (B) B m dliu ytilibo t otni eroc eh fo b ruoy reffiD itaitne w – no hc yh O esoo ?2 emphasis on technology is ytiligA ytiliboM orP • ytivitcud • balloC noitaro aM • O ,egan esimitp ofsnarT & mr egatireh ruO • iD sec e latig neirepx tigiD • retni ,la dna ten cirtnec atad ssenisub ssenisu • Explore the cloud – public, private and hybrid • Engage directly with customers through digital marketing and two-way SMS services • Improve information flows across your organisation How can the IT department drive business growth (with flat budgets)? Cloud collaboration is taking off – these services Reduce costs without impacting quality Create and use business apps Identify the best way to harness XaaS aerC IaaS, PaaS) for my business (SaaS, wen et troppo seitinu Make use of all the technologies supporting new ways to work How do I maximise performance? eliboM e ram gnitg rekotsuc sees m Achieve right-first-time decision making r fo htwo providing more mobility enioJ P pU d support for employees, • elpoe customers, and business partners. orpmI weN ev continue fo syaw Both willorpmI • to top the list of gnikrow evoev oc IT/telecom priorities in 2013. [2] taroball tacinummoc dna noi noi nE • gnicnah senisub lpxE • ytiliga s c gnitio emusno rC • noitasir a gnitae aniatsus agro elb noitasin Innovate – yet manage security and risk Budgets are moving to other departments yet IT is still responsible Deploy solutions that are homogeneous across whole organisations yet customised locally o Embrace consumerisation; manage and control it deni• J • dnfi oT aw wen otsuc srem oT • vorpmiCEOs and other business execs c dne e e remotsu dna ecneirepx see technology as crucial to vird their oT •firm’s success – and for ytlayol e egagne good reason. Virtually nothing ffe erom i oT • ylevitce evorpm a company does today takes ( ecivres f ,retteb reviled c ,retsa place without significant support )repaeh from computer technology. This a fo sy nitcartt noitam B ssenisu CIO: delivering globally for business_ • Analyse the effectiveness of locationindependent working, BYOX*, presence, workflow and collaboration tools and adjust as your business evolves remots nwod revo O tahW :2 r’eW tigid a e W e civres la nisub se od elpoep pleh tiw ,sse a hEnable workforce effectiveness htiW rom ,su na ni ,e h elibom enisub Use mobility solutions s enable .egatire fo eht fo • tuo d moc dna toess secure .ecfi itinum transactions via tablets and smartphones fl nac se i hsiruo igid a n at .dlrow l The challenges How can digital services enhance business value? Enhance the customer journey through digital services %05 Customers increasingly engage via mobile and social How do your people actually do their work? “CIOs can prioritise their device and app investments by walking a mile in employees’ shoes. Build a very deep marketing understanding of who your employees are and what they use technology for. Start with a simple segmentation of employees’ mobile and application requirements, so you can provision the right services on the right devices based on business outcomes, not just on intuition.” [3] How should we respond to customers’, suppliers’ and employees’ changing behaviours? Employees demand flexible working and BYOX* What can we get out of data? Turn customer data into actionable insight Visualise data (including Big Data) so other teams can react profitably Themes Programme elements B C Contact 1 Sold Uncertain Good target No requirement Good target Contact 3 Uncertain No requirement Sold Contact 4 No requirement Good target No requirement Activity 2 Activity 3 Good target Contact 2 Activity 1 V ADVOCACY From joint client activity to advocacy/ relationship events foster effective communication by bringing together real time communication such as voice, chat, video, and presence with persistent collaboration such as groups, messaging, activity streams, file editing/sharing, blogs, wikis, etc. [4] Through innovation, CIOs can help their firms win in the age of the customer – with technology at the core of competitive differentiation, CIOs and business technology organisations are in a position to empower innovation in their firms. They can do this by tracking emerging technologies that support the firm’s strategic business goals, focusing on systems of engagement, and concentrating rapid change at the edge of the technology stack. [1] [We will see] a surge in mobile Internet traffic, inbound and outbound. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecasts compound annual growth rates (CAGR) of 78% during the next four years for mobile data/ internet traffic. [2] The role of the CIO – evolution or revolution? • Gather evidence to show cost-effectiveness • Report stakeholder value to demonstrate the contribution of IT • Engage with customers as part of the customerfacing team *BYOX: bring your own device, application, data or anything else to improve your work or personal business readiness A Provide consistent access across multiple channels for enhanced effectiveness