Top reasons for selecting medical billing software


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Here all useful info about top Reasons For Selecting Medical Billing Software -

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Top reasons for selecting medical billing software

  1. 1. Task Reminders in Medical Billing Softwareallows your business to run more efficiently bykeeping track of current and future tasks. TheTask Reminders feature allows admin, anddelegated users, to create and assign tasks withdue dates. The Task Reminders dashboard allowsusers to easily see upcoming and overdue tasks.
  2. 2. Allows designated users to access severalfunctions from within the scheduling program,thus optimizing front-office and back-officeworkflow. The appointment scheduler can beeasily customized to fit your needs in addition toconfiguring scheduling rules that will helpmaximize the physicians time.
  3. 3. Are your patients missing their scheduledappointments? The automated medical billingsystem notifies patients of upcomingappointments, reducing the amount of no-showsand increasing the productivity and revenue ofyour office.
  4. 4. Patient data is organized into tabs on the samescreen, so you can quickly add, find, or edit whatyou need without endlessly searchingthroughout the system or referencing separatesoftware. Point-and-click navigation moves youeasily through the patients demographicinformation, insurance, financial history,appointments, uploaded documents, eligibilitychecks, claim and statement activity, and muchmore.
  5. 5. Claim Control allows users to easily capturecharges from an EHR program, edit and scrubclaims in batch mode, and change the status ofmultiple groups of claims at once. Automaticallydistributes CMS-1500 or UB/04 claimselectronically to the correct payer on a dailybasis.
  6. 6. For your convenience, this software offers threesimple methods for posting insurance payments:Traditional line-item posting, batch EOB posting,and ERA Auto-Apply. Based on the insurancecompany and your preference, that makes thisprocess simple and efficient.
  7. 7. Over 90 standard and customizable reportsgiving you a 360 degree view of your daily andongoing business and patient activities. Specifyyour selection criteria to return only thestatistics you want, then run and view multiplereports at once, or export them for use inMicrosoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint or HTML.
  8. 8. Make more efficient your office with greaterefficiency and reclaim full control overorganizing files, customizing folders, andattaching documents directly to Patients, Claims,and Payments. Easily retrieve and viewdocuments regardless of the location they werescanned .
  9. 9. Our internal messaging system allows you tosecurely communicate with your entire staff in asecure, HIPAA-compliant environment. This toolis also great for inter-office communicationbetween your front office, billing department andproviders without worry of jeopardizing theprivacy and security of a patient.
  10. 10. Within our administration section, you have theability to set user permissions, determine log-inhours, and reset passwords to better manage andtrack the activity of your users.
  11. 11. Corporate Headquarters 225 East Robinson Street, Suite 145 Orlando, FL 32801 Email: Sales: Support: HR: HR@CollaborateMD.comAccounting: Visit At:•