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Branding Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Branding and Brand Image.
    Prodigy: Omen, Music video.
  • 2. “Advertising any given product is only one part of branding’s grand plan” (Naomi Klein, No logos)
  • 3. What’s a Brand.
    A brand is not a product, its the make of a product.
    They came about because of mass production
    And competitive branding became a necessity
    People usually stuck with the same brand because they like it and are familiar to it.
    It is important for a brand to be good quality otherwise everyone would know it is no good and won’t buy the product.
  • 4. Our Brand.
    Our brand is The Prodigy, but we have changed everything that it originally was so we were not copying any ones ideas.
    We decided to make a dark and twisted music video that the prodigy could be proud of.
    Our ancillary tasks had to have the same theme as our video so we got to work right away.
    The things that inspired our Brand are the clowns from fluorescent adolescent (Arctic Monkeys song), coronation street’s advert with fast editing and the prodigy's music.
    Our CD cover and advert had to be dark and twisted so I edited them on Photoshop.
  • 5. Maintaining the Brand.
    We maintained the brand by using the same or similar fonts on our ancillary tasks.
    We used a contrast of dark and bright colours in the ancillary tasks and the music video.
    The editing of images in the ancillary tasks were smart sharpened so that they looked more paranormal or surreal.
    The music video had a fitted story and the same pace of editing was the same throughout.
  • 6. Distribution
    Since we have used a prodigy song (omen) their label which is called ‘Cooking Vinyl’ could promote and distribute our music video and ancillary tasks.
    Other independent labels like domino records and 2 tone records could also choose to fund this music video because its a independent song, label and its a new brand of music video.
    They will likely fund our music video because it is new to the experimental genre and new music is what independent record labels like to promote.
  • 7. Distribution cont...
    I think that music magazines like NME, Q and rolling stone would help promote the brand because are magazine advert is very realistic and people can relate that advert to my other products.
    I think that the brand image is very important to the music industry because people need to recognise every detail of the product e.g. People recognise the logo, fonts, colour and layouts.
    With the backing and funding of a record label brands get recognised and people will buy the product.
  • 8. Summing up.
    I think that my Brand is very realistic and all my products work together well.
    I think that if I had the correct funding to promote and distribute my products they would sell because my brand recognition is strong and everyone who answered a questionnaire said that they were good and they would buy them.