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Leap of faith
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Leap of faith


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Leapoffaith
  • 2. Guilherme
  • 3. The questionsometimes isthe question.?
  • 4. Have you ever tried highjump?Image credits:
  • 5. Image credits:
  • 6. Image credits:
  • 7. It seems to be not soeasy.And in fact, it is not.
  • 8. Let’s watch avideo.Image credits:
  • 9. Indeed, at the1968Olympics in Mexico itwas the first time eversomeone jumped in thatfashion.
  • 10. Mind-blowing, huh?That’s weird.
  • 11. Can you imagine how ithad been before?
  • 12. In the beginning it wasSTRADDLE, SCISSORSetc etc ...
  • 13. Let’swatchanothervideo.Image credits:
  • 14. Image credits:
  • 15. Image credits:
  • 16. Old-fashioned.Blame it onDick Fosbury.
  • 17. Dick Fosbury“Fearless Fosbury is a 21-year-old senior at Oregon StateUniversity with a major in civilengineering, two bad feet, aworn-out body, an unbelievablestyle of high-jumping head firston his back, a habit of talking tohimself in midair (...)” - NYTimes, Oct 20th, 1968.
  • 18. In the 1960s he was anunremarkable (kid)athlete who preferredthe scissors jumpingstyle.
  • 19. His coach would forcehim to use the then-popular straddletechnique.
  • 20. He couldn’t have jumpedmore than 1.62m.
  • 21. Then, when he was 16he started scissoringagain and he cleared1.77m.
  • 22. He adapted the scissorsstyle with a twist at thelast moment beforejumping.
  • 23. This way he jumped2.0m and won a nationaljunior championship.
  • 24. He got it right andheaded to Olympics inMexico City.
  • 25. A crowded stadium,quiet spectators and anawkward movement.
  • 26. The rest is history.
  • 27. Experts said he’d breakhis neck, but...
  • 28. But he broke theOlympic record and wongold jumping 2.24m.
  • 29. Anyway, it was strange.Really strange.
  • 30. Fosbury evolved histechnique based onother ones he was usedto.
  • 31. He used adifferentlens.Image credits:
  • 32. There was no “eureka”moment. It took timeand a series of errorsand attempts.
  • 33. So that he could jumpgraciously.
  • 34. Sometimes we havecrazy ideas, awkwardthoughts and we’re theonly ones who believeon it.
  • 35. We are told to bewrong, and wesometimes are.
  • 36. But to those genuinethings that blossom inour thoughts.
  • 37. We’d better experimentand refine it.
  • 38. Fosbury Flop haschanged the sportdespite skepticism fromcoaches and judges.
  • 39. We should jump on ourcrazy ideas too.
  • 40. That’s it.Let’s rock!