Market insight summer 2012


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Winkworth Lisbon Office selection of the finest properties in Lisbon

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Market insight summer 2012

  1. 1. Market InsightLisbon & The Silver Coast Summer 2012
  2. 2. Market Insight Lisbon & The Silver Coast Summer 2012LUXURYLuxury is almost a buzz word in the real estatesector but its definition differs among countries.Location normally indicates the property’s value,especially if it offers views (particularly water-front views) and especial caracteristics such asproximity to golf courses, beach areas, schooland central business distrits or downtown.This classification also takes into account thepresence of surrounding homes, absence of cri-me-rate, industrialization or unwanted commer-cialization, customizations of the home, and his-torical or architectural significance. Exclusive Penthouse Apartments in Chiado with panoramic views over the historic downtown area and Tagus river. The exclusivity of unique living spaces in a unique private residence condominium, built to set a new stan- dard in luxury and refiment in Lisbon city. 2 Duplex units with 4 and 5 bedrooms, wide living areas and private out-Perpetuity is in our opinion a condition for door spaces. Price: POAluxury real estate classification. Size is notimportant but living space cannot be compromi-se. High-end finishings are a standard but don’tsubsititute charater in a property. The conditionfor perpetuity is based on the law of scarcitywhere the uniqueness of places (property, loca-tion and usability) have a timeless perceivedvalue.Luxury real estate entails greater responsibilityfor agents who handle transactions than ordinaryreal estate. Advertising to an internationalaudiance is mandatory to attract non-localbuyers, whereas ordinary real estate only gene-rally requires local exposure. There are also Exclusive Period dated apartments in Avenida da Liberdade ofering with wide spaces in the heart of Lisbongreater legal responsibilities for the luxury estate Central Business Distrit. The apartment is composed of double living room, office, 3 bedrooms, one en-ensuite andagent, which often involve attorneys and anony- kitchen. Wlaking distance to private schools, shopping areas, restaurants and a variaty of service, conviniente and leisure amenities. Price: POAmity issues.
  3. 3. Market Insight Lisbon & The Silver Coast Summer 2012Four bedroom apartment in private residence condo- Four bedroom apartment in private residence condo- Four bed beachfront apartment in Cascais, offeringminium located in Lisbon historic centre, with several minium located in central Lisbon with several leisure panoramic views, wide spaces and individual terracesleisure and service amenities at walking distance. POA and service amenities at walking distance. POA in all bedrooms. POAContemporary 3 bedroom villa with double height cei- Magnificent 3 bedroom apartment in the first line of Four bedroom villa with private pool, mature gardenling in the lounge area, excellent natural light, wide the coast, offering panoramic views towards the sea. offering full privacy. Located in a high-end area ofwindows, private pool, terrace and a private garden Integrated in a luxurious condominium in Estoril. Cascais, 5 minutes from the centre and golf coursesbounded by Quinta da Marinha golf course. POA POA POA
  4. 4. Market Insight Lisbon & The Silver Coast Summer 2012HOLIDAYHOMESChoosing a holiday home is no easy Job. Notonly is the second most valuable investment aperson makes in their lives, but it also carrieswith it a certain level of uncertainty especiallywhen it comes to the right location. Price is notadded to equation as people will only spend whatthey can afford, and with the absence of bankssupport, investing is really down to savings. Themarket is fully transparent when it comes toprices, as after spending some time looking atproperties through the Web, people get a prettygood idea about what the market offers at eachprice level.What differentiates a good from a bad in-vestment? Here are some mandatory guide This charming cottage is located in Quinta da Marinha, This villa boasts stunning views over the valley and thelines to make a good decision when it comes to a stunning complex in Cascais, walking distance from sea towards the local beaches. The villa is approx. the beach and golf courses. Mature garden. €790,000 15min from Sintra. Great charater. Price: €800,000buying a home overseas:1—Political stability—Its wise to look at coun-tries that are Politically sustainable as they willhave an impact on the legal and fiscal part ofproperty investment.2— Sustainable neighborhoods— communi-ties are an important part of the equation. Lookfor more established communities that can guar-antee social life all year round. Skip over-secluded areas that are only 100% operationalduring the summer season, unless that’s exactlywhat youre looking for3—Views—Despite the difference in price it isworth the extra money. Not only it provides anoutstanding lifestyle but it also guarantees ahigher demand on the resale market.4—Terraces and other exterior areas—you Contemporary design, panoramic views, unique loca-can compromise interior space as long as it pro- Hillside located offering open views towards the Atlan- tion. 3 bedroom villa in the best spot of Praia D’El Reyvides outdoor space for BBQ or al fresco dinning tic Ocean, golf course and beach. Walking distance Golf Resort. Price: P.O.A. from restaurant, bar and gym. Price: €1,400,000not to mention some of the best recharging mo-ments laying down in a sun bed
  5. 5. Market Insight Lisbon & The Silver Coast Summer 2012Impressive contemporary villa set in a hilltop with Four bedroom apartment in private residence condomin- 4 bed villa with ocean views, at walkimng distance fromexcellent views towards a vineyard area that surrounds ium located in central Lisbon with several leisure and the beach The villa is fully equipped with garage andthe property. Outstanding design. 4 hectares POA service amenities at walking distance. Price:850,000 pool . 50 minutes to Lisbon. Price:650,000Contemporary 3 bedroom villa with double height cei- 2 Bedroom beach front apartment in in Praia DEl Rei 4 houses hillside located of contemporary design, offe-ling in the lounge area, excellent natural light, wide resort, within walking distance to beach and restau- ring panoramic views of the ocean, full privacy andwindows, private pool, terrace and a private garden rants. Excellent terrace with panoramic views. high-end finishings. Featuring 3 bedrooms villas withbounded by Quinta da Marinha golf course.Pr:€625,000 Price: €350,000 private pool Price: P.O.A.
  6. 6. Market Insight Lisbon & The Silver Coast Summer 2012EXECUTIVERELOCATIONPortugal is not just a great place for holidays,surfing, golfing or site seeing. Our fabulous bea-ches and singular weather conditions have posi-tion this country as one of the best and moreexclusive residential tourism destinations inEurope. But this is not the only source of inter-national buyers in Portugal.In the last 5 years international demand fromexecutives relocating to Portugal have register aconsiderable increase. Africa has been one of the An exclusive one bed apartment built with the charater The apartment is located in one of the main avenuesreasons sourcing both sides of the market, Exe- of a classic building and the confort and luxury of of Lisbon, near university, popular street shopping andcutives realocating from Africa to Lisbon region modern living. Located in Chiado. Price: €680,000 leisure areas. Price: €622,000and international corporations using Lisbon toestablish commercial relationships with local andafrican partners already established.The brotherwood between Brazil and Portugalhas also generate some demand in the capitalcity, with executives being relocated to Lisbondue to the African connection but also as a fami-liar place and our connection to Europe.The international mba (Lisbon mba) is alsoatracting international students and news offoreigns studing Portuguese as a internationallanguage as also receive some attention frombuy-to-let investors.Lisbon, has become a geo-politic strategic point Apartment located in a prime area. An excellent 3 bedroom apartment in private condominium, offeringin this part of the world, and despite the focus option. Privacy and location are two of your top list wide spaces, double lounge, terrace and views towardson the private rental sector s a solution for relo- the communal garden and pool. Easy access to high- requirements. Price: €360,000cation, there is genuine interest in purchasing way and beach area. Cascais. Price: €800,000top-end properties in historic and consolidatedareas of the city.
  7. 7. Market Insight Lisbon & The Silver Coast Summer 2012BUY-TO-LETINVESTMENTSLisbon well positioned to attractbuy-to-let investorsLisbon has seen a marked shift in recent yearstowards a rental market. As a result of the recenteconomic crisis in the country and the resultingnew policies aiming for higher solvency and thereduction of banks overall debt, the number ofhouseholds has declined. Higher interest rates,lower LTV ratios and the need for professionalmobility are turning Portuguese buyers towards One and three bed apartments in a traditional neighbe- A charming touristic house Integrated in Quinta dathe private rental sector. rhood, walking distance to Lisbon castle , restaurants, Marinha resort walking distance to the golf course, public transportation and other services Pr: €240,000 gym and hotel. 5 minutes from Cascais. Pr: €265,000Lisbon’s strategic plan was presented earlier thisyear by Dr. Antonio Machado, president of thecity-hall, where a list of determinant factors forlong term sustainability, prominence and socialand economic development were presented tothe audience.There were two major vectors highlighted in thestrategic plan: i) urban rehabilitation and ii)entrepreneurship. The first one, which is alreadyin place with several projects accomplished andothers to start later this year, is related to therecovery of riverfront areas by promoting leisureand commercial areas on the banks of the river.This plan also includes the rehabilitation of the This private condominium isl ocated located in the hosto- Two bed duplex apartment in prime area, near hospitalurban landscape, especially the historic areas ric centre, near restaurants, university and other ameni- s, university and embassies. Terrace with views ties. One and two bed apartments. Price from: €249,000 towards St. Jorge castle. Low maintenance. €350,000almost forgotten for the last two decades, andwhich are Lisbon postcards for the tourism sec-tor. Continues on the following page
  8. 8. Market Insight Lisbon & The Silver Coast Summer 2012 More reasons to smileLisbon offers many investment opportunities in With British Pound increasing its value against therestored buildings in central points of the city. Euro, properties are becoming more attractive thisThe charming atmosphere of the capital city owes summer. The evident weakness of the eurozone eco-much to the picturesque Pombaline architecture nomy materializes a less strong currency despite thethat paints the city with bright colors and elegan- efforts of the European bank to mantain a strongce. These older properties are now on the radar Euro. Should you expect a further reduction on theof real estate investors who seek higher returns euro? Its natural to think so, but there’s no prediction on how much and how long it would take. There arefrom the rental market. Discover a city where mechanisms that allow you to cover currency risks.old buildings are converted into up-market resi- Ask our Winkworth financial advisors for more info.dences in exclusive locations. Big markets vs. Small marketsThe second strategic vector is the facilitation and Why big is not good and why you should look for Spain on the other hand have massively attracted over-creation of entrepreneurship. The project was small markets seas buyers on the last 20 years based on price, not out-launched this year with a start-up incubator standing the fabulous coast and exotic culture, but it faces( and one of the participating Property is a location based market, as value differs an enormous challenge nowadays related to the extensivecompanies has already been chosen to represent from location to location even on comparable prod- urban landscape along the coast. Mass markets are mate- ucts. Simplistically we can rialized in a less planned territory and less differentiation.Portugal in the greater global entrepreneurship agree that Supply and De- Here is where Portugal wins against any othercompetition in Barcelona. The aim is to create mand are the two forces destination. Its size makes Portugal bigger onvibrant new companies who will generate that define market prices, the European holiday market. Along the coastemployment and wealth for the economy. You will find niche property markets with con- although we all know fi- nance is one major force in trolled supply and adequate demand that fore-As these types of strategic innovations are rolled this equation too, but put- seen good investment opportunities. Theout in Lisbon, buy-to-let is becoming a real driver ting that aside, purchase increasing frustration of British buyers thatin the market as demand for rental apartment’s prices are given when sup- want to get out of the Spain and don’t findincrease and selling prices adjust reflecting mar- ply meets demand. buyers for their holiday homes almost at any So, we can also agree that price has hit British news, and despite being aket conditions. Lisbon offers excellent investment over-supply will force the negative feedback for residential tourism itopportunities in the low-end and top-end of the price down (see figure above). emphasizes the fact that small markets, suchmarket and in a variety of locations. Portugal has been recognized, for many years now, as Portugal, represent better investment opportunities forFor more information about buy-to-let or other overseas investors than mass markets. Quality in Portugal as a Quality Market Destination, and the reason asproperty investment opportunities in Lisbon con- much to do with its market size than to a strategic comes as a strategic option, but also as a differentiatortact us at or directly to decision of product positioning towards the interna- factor of a small market, considerably unexplored, that(+351) 91 8621 869 tional markets. offers security and uniqueness.
  9. 9. Winkworth since 1835Winkworth originated in central London in 1835. Our original Head Office was located in Curzon Street, Mayfair, with a country office inBrighton. Our main business involved selling residential property to an exclusive client list and letting houses in Mayfair to the landed gentryfor the season.Of course, things are very different today. Society has changed and so has Winkworth. Our network now has over 80 independently ownedand operated offices. Over 50 offices are located in prime central London and greater London, established country offices are located acrossthe UK and carefully controlled expansion into exclusive international markets has taken our business to France and Portugal.As a name synonymous with prime residential real estate, Winkworth has become the obvious choice for both UK and international buyersand sellers.The NetworkEvery single Winkworth office is owned by an independent proprietor, whose market expertise is unlikely to be surpassed. Our proprietorsand their staff are encouraged to be active members of the local community too, which means they have a vested interest in ensuring everyclient receives an exemplary service. All our offices work together. They share business and refer those clients that they cant help, perhapsbecause they dont cover the area in question, to an office that can. As a client, you dont just benefit from the services of one Winkworthoffice, you benefit from a whole network of offices, plus the specialist marketing services of the Franchisor Office in London. Winkworth Lisboa | +351 918 621 869 |