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Startup Mimbdstar

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  1. 1. Presentation of ©Mimbdstar(Multimedia Instruction Manual Durable Goods)
  2. 2. As is the Mimbdstar? (Elevator Pitch)• This is an innovative format which surpasses the old instruction manuals in paper or scanned in PDF format into something of the past.• The format is the production of electronic manuals multimedia (images, texts, videos) , a platform of optical discs (CD-rom/DVD/etc ...) for durable goods (cars, electronics, etc ...) in any programming. May contain targeted advertising.• The format is registered as an intellectual property by the Copyright Office of the United States of America.
  3. 3. The Mimbdstar already been used?• Mimbdstar was introduced to some multinationals.• Shortly after filing for Mercedes Benz, the company launched in 2003 Mimbdstar in their vehicle class E in Brazil.
  4. 4. Record U.S. After seeing that their intellectual property has been violated the copyright holder (copyrights) also decided to register in the U.S. to strengthen the protection of Mimbdstar. The record was reviewed and granted by the U.S. Copyright Office under number TXu1-253- 737.
  5. 5. What is Copyright?• Applicable law and legal considerations.• Copyrights are species of the genus intellectual property and endow the authors of intellectual works a temporary privilege of use and enjoyment for having contributed to the development of arts and scientific progress of humanity. The protection of such rights is, therefore, two reasons of a different nature: 1) reward authors with the prerogative to realize the fruits of their labor, guaranteeing them the exclusive right to use, reproduce and publish their works, and 2) promote the development of arts and science in search of the common good desired by society.
  6. 6. Copyright in the Constitution of Brazil• Given the importance of these rights, many countries have come to include them in the list of fundamental rights and guarantees provided in the Constitution itself. This is the case of Brazil, a country whose Constitution contains the following provision: Section 5 - All are equal before the law, without distinction whatsoever, guaranteeing Brazilians and foreigners residing in the country the inviolable right to life, liberty, equality, safety and property, as follows :(...) XXVII - belongs to authors the exclusive right to use, publication or reproduction of their works, transmissible to the heirs as long as the law setting.
  7. 7. Brazilian Copyright Law (Law 9.610/98) provides:• Article 7 intellectual works that are protected are creations of the spirit expressed by any means or fixed in any medium, tangible or intangible, known or is invented in the future, such as (...) XI - adaptations, translations and other transformations of original works, presented as a new intellectual creation; XIII - collections or compilations, anthologies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, databases and other works, which, in selection, organization or arrangement of their contents, constitute intellectual creation.
  8. 8. Protection of shapes / forms of expression.• To fit the format as a literary work, it is essential that it be fixed in writing, must necessarily be a story or argument with detailed description of the elements on which the format is based and made operational. In regard of item XIII, it is shown that the format is actually the result of a selection of several elements arranged, constituting therefore a work intellectual worthy of protection.• Source: Andrade, Gustavo Luiz Heitor of Piva. Formats TV programs and their protection: Utopia or reality? In 2005.
  9. 9. Judgment © Mimbdstar x Philips (1)• The Mimbdstar fits as a literary work, it constitutes a systematic roadmap and various elements that constitute themselves as a creation of their own. The passage from the decision of action against copyright Mimbdstar Philips reinforces just that: "Saying, in short, that anoints created" intellectual work of information engineering, namely the structuring of multimedia information for durable goods in the database, which called Multimedia Instruction Manual Durable Goods - "© Mimbdstar." Such intellectual creation, because gifted with creativity and originality, gave rise to the obtaining, by the author, the Certificate of Registration issued by the National Library of the Ministry of Culture, so that the "format" prepared by the author enjoys the legal protection for STATUTORY Law 9.610/98. Furthermore, the author obtained the registration of its establishment to the Copyright Office of the United States, a fact that guarantees protection globally, especially on account of international treaties that deal with the matter "
  10. 10. Judgment © Mimbdstar x Philips (2)• Elsewhere in the magistrate court adds: Initially, a true must be set as a premise, the author did not claim at any time, having "invented" the electronic manuals, there is no such statement in the application. In fact, the application reads as follows: "More than an idea framed, a process or method, the authors intellectual creation was the material manifestation of the idea through structured, the FORMAT Mimbdstar, content with systemic predetermined script, the start to finish (...) "(pages 03, second paragraph). i [no italics in original] As seen, the author does not seek legal protection of" idea ", but what once idealized was structured in a specific format, with systematic script from beginning to end. The defendant, however, says that production of the author was nothing more than a simple "idea", since the electronic manuals are used in large scale, and the authors work "more a manual" among the various existing. This claim given, however, can not be upheld, what intellectual work, the author enjoys the presumption arising from registration with the competent bodies.Indeed, â ostension of the Registration Certificate (duly attested on file) generates the clear conviction that the intellectual work of the author bears the characteristics of: literalness, creativity and originality. Not so, the author would not have achieved the aforementioned Certificate of Registration. As is well known, the simple "ideas" are not eligible for registration with the National Library of the Ministry of Culture. Dai because, unlike the defendant argued that the authors work is not just the "idea" goes far beyond that, since the idea was translated (externalized) in a project properly structured material in a specific format, which deserves protection. It is worth remembering that the acts of the government - as are the National Library Foundation of Culture Mlnistério - enjoy the presumption of truth and legitimacy. this way. having been the record of the intellectual work before regular organ of the Government it is for the defendant rebut that presumption arising from registration. However, this was not done, so you have an original and creative intellectual work of the author and therefore, worthy of protection. Depending already decided the Superior Court of Justice " The protection of copyright is independent of record, which is optional. Effective, the record protects the rights and worth as evidence of prior "(REsp 655.015/PR, 3rd T., Rel. Min Humberto Gomes de Barros, j. 07.05,2 OO7, DJ 13.08.2007). As part of that previous Minister Carlos Alberto Menezes Law in vote-view, seated left that "you can not discredit the existence of its own registration, failing to make it useless to stop the system of copyright protection." The In-Process 483.O1.20O8.0O18O4
  11. 11. Decision (Judgment) Court of São Paulo (precedents of higher courts / jurisprudence) ©Mimbdstar x Philips (3)• Copyright - The author obtained a certificate of registration issued by the National Library of the Ministry of Culture, so that the format prepared by the author enjoys legal protection STATUTORY Law 9.610/982003 presumption of truthfulness and legitimacy - having been the record of regular work before intellectual organ of government, it is for the defendant rebut that presumption arising from the record, however, is not discharged its mister - Article 252 of the Internal Appeal lacking (Vote 23302).
  12. 12. Legal Issues Specific ©Mimbdstar (Idea vs. Expression Form / Format)• According to item XI of article 7 provides for a type of original works: "Adaptations, translations and other transformations of original works, presented as a new intellectual creation." Instruction manuals are old public domain. Mimbdstar that occurs is a transformation that left configured as an intellectual creation as the copyright law allows adapted from other works may be considered original. And also the idea behind the Mimbdstar is the production of electronic manuals. The record does not protect the idea Mimbdstar "Producing electronic manuals" but one of the possible formats for electronic manuals. When the record Mimbdstar, the author was advised by a company of brands and patents. The author had the idea to make electronic manuals, but was told that this idea would not be subject to registration, but if the author did a specific configuration of electronic manual (a format based on the idea) would have copyright protection. Thus the Mimbdstar is based on the idea of ​producing electronic textbooks, but is configured such that it is a form of expression among the various possible idea of ​"electronic manuals". An example if companies want to make electronic manuals in PDF, is another type of electronic manual. If they want a different electronic manual can Mimbdstar. Just can not do the same format Mimbdstar.
  13. 13. Area Business• Sector multimedia instruction manuals of durable goods (new sector, sincecurrently the only companies making presentations of their products(consumer durables) in simple descriptions on paper).• All instruction manuals are current or paper or made available in PDFformat (Adobe Acrobat Reader).• The Mimbdstar is not a simple digitization of old books, but this is aninnovative format that combines several elements that makes it an ownintellectual creation.• The possibility of targeted advertising is the major factor that can monetizeMimbdstar, because it will be delivered to consumers directly with theproduct or otherwise made available for promotional customers. • Customers are all companies that produce durable goods (cars, telephones,etc ...) from around the world who are interested in using Mimbdstar.• Generally more complex products are more difficult to understand how theyare used correctly by consumers and therefore can have a greater demand.
  14. 14. Product or service• This is the licensing of production format Posted:instruction manuals multimedia (text, images, videos, etc...) on optical disks (CD-ROM, DVD, Blue-ray, etc ...) for ofdurable goods (cars, electronics, etc ...).• The Service may be a simple licensing (authorization forthe company to do as you wish) or assist in producing thesame, ie, produce videos using the product (durable),images, text, photos, made as a multimedia productioncompany together. • The sale of targeted advertising canalso be a service provided by the company Mimbdstar.
  15. 15. How does the company make money? (Part 1)• 1) Advertising directed.• How? By producing a Mimbdstar of a vehicle (eg adurable good) can make targeted advertising toconsumers for vehicles with the permission of theclient company. They can be sold videos, links toproduct sites linked to the target audience.• In the case of vehicle can be transmittedadvertisements parts, gas stations, tires, etc ...• Another example. In a Mimbdstar a smartphonecan be disseminated advertisements for mobileoperators, applications, etc ...
  16. 16. Example: Advertising directed screen Mimbdstar
  17. 17. How the company will earn money (part 2)2) Licensing Mimbdstar.• How? Offering and presenting the Mimbdstarfor companies. If the company chooses toproduce itself, may be charged by the number ofunits produced (optical discs). It can also be alicense by product, company and countryinformation.
  18. 18. How the company will earn money (part 3)3) Producing Mimbdstar.• How? The client company may choose to haveour company produces Mimbdstar, videos, texts,which can be performed by the client companyor with the data it provided.
  19. 19. How the company will earn money (part 4)4) Actions for recovery of royalties.• How? Filing lawsuits, as does Microsoft andseveral other copyright holders for companies topay for copyright infringement.• How is the record of the U.S., the BerneConvention extends protection to severalcountries. Thus, the U.S. record is valid in severalcountries around the world.
  20. 20. What differentiates the company from competitors?• The difference is the record already given bythe U.S. Copyright Office, which gives theexclusivity as long as required by law for theexploitation of intellectual property exclusively.• After the lapse of time (70 years after theauthors death) becomes public domain.
  21. 21. Key partners• Key Partners Key partners will include:1) Companies that produce optical discs2) Companies producing promotional videos;3) Producers of digital marketing4) Producers of multimedia content5) Other that prove to be strategic for theMimbdstar.
  22. 22. Key Activities• The key activities in my view are:1) Register the brand and logo Mimbdstar;2) Register your domain in the internet;3) Open a Web site with displays of Mimbdstar to arouse interest in client companies (durable goods);4) Open a multimedia production company capable of producing content.
  23. 23. Key Features• The biggest key feature is the intellectualproperty, ie, registration with the U.S. CopyrightOffice that provides a legal monopoly over theworld to produce © Mimbdstar for 70 yearsafter the death of the author (U.S.). After thisperiod the property becomes public domain andexclusivity ends.• From this point forward the company will havenormal competition.
  24. 24. Proposed Value• One solution is the environment as optical disks do not need role asthe old manuals.• Resolve the solution to provide better products that are durablegoods. The old instruction manuals only writings are difficult tounderstand and horrible for consumers.• The Mimbdstar makes life easier for consumers and may also containother things that can build customer loyalty and promotional videos,advertisements of your product or advertisements of products relatedwhen she bought, links to sites, numbers to participate in promotions,product history, etc ...• Advertising directed to consumers and potential data supplied bythem in exchange for promotions and other marketing strategies.
  25. 25. Customer Relationship• Customers are essentially legal entities(companies producing durable goods).• But the site may also contain Mimbdstarproduced manuals so you can help the end userto view, compare the manuals, which liked tovote for more , searching manuals Mimbdstaramong other strategies targeted marketing.
  26. 26. Distribution Channels• • The distribution will occur with the pressing of the optical disc and go to the industry that sells the product, being inserted Mimbdstar with the product that the end customer will buy or can also be distributed by the client company for promotional purposes.
  27. 27. Customer Segments• Who will pay the client company is a producerof durable goods for the production license, asthe mode you choose.• The customer can purchase Mimbdstar forfree promotional or so embedded with theproduct.
  28. 28. Cost structure and partnership with investors• The funds raised will be used for the site basicallymimbdstar production of manuals, presentation tolarge corporate customers, legal services if theproperty is violated (copies made without license),opening the business, trademark registration , thedomains on the Internet.• The founder will want to receive 1/3 (one third) ofall revenue generated by Mimbdstar: Licenses,Mimbdstares productions, lawsuits. 2/3 canbecome partners with investors.
  29. 29. Generating RevenueThe revenue generation will depend on how many licenses are sold,the amount of optical discs that contain the Mimbdstar are produced,how many lawsuits charging copyright is expired.• To give an example of the action against Philips Mimbdstar wasworth R $ 597,000.00. Was won in the first and second instance itawaits action. The decision was based on fine of copyright law to 3,000times the value of the work copied. To enter the action we calculatethe value of the property on which it was inserted mimbdstar 4000(plasma TV) times 1% of the value of the property• This same measure can be used in the collection of licenses or innegotiations with the client companies.• In Preferably, the focus is on generating revenue through marketingand site licenses rather than lawsuits, especially in the sale ofadvertising space within the Mimbdstar how to link to websites,banners, videos, etc ...
  30. 30. Current Status of Project / Company• The project is at the source. No public company, there is no record ofthe domain in the internet, not just the brand and the PTO.• Only the intellectual property is registered in the U.S. CopyrightOffice under number TXu1-353-737 and in Brazil in the CopyrightOffice ( EDA) of the National Library.• There are ongoing actions recovery against the Mercedes-Benz andPhilips were two companies for which the project was presented.• I want to follow along with it because the record U.S. has a muchhigher value, addition of American justice to be more rigorous incopyright protection (copyrights) of Brazil. So I think there is greatpotential regardless of the outcome of lawsuits in Brazil.
  31. 31. Table of Values* Copying license © Mimbdstar by thecompany / industry: ............ $ 5,000.00* Refers to a valid annual permit for the company worldwide withunlimited units.• Note: In case of copying without permission of the copyright holder the company liable for civil and criminal counterfeiting as the copyright legislation of the country where the offense is committed. In Brazil, the fine is 3,000 times a copy and copied in the U.S. may reach U.S. $ 200,000.00 in addition to criminal liability.
  32. 32. Founder (founders)I graduated in law in 2010 and now I graduate in tax law.In 2002 worked in the cd-rom, making presentations on CDs forbusinesses. Registered in a format which I called Multimedia Instruction Manual Durable Goods (MIMBD) or Mimbdstar ©theCopyright Office of Brazil and the U.S. Copyright Office of the United States of America.I presented some multinationals (Philips, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz) and two of them used the format. Shortly after filing forMercedes Benz,the company launched in 2003 Mimbdstar in their vehicle class E. URL of the news:http://www.parana-nline.com.br/canal/automoveis/news/46007/?noticia=M+BENZ+CLASSE+E+CHEGA+COM+MANUAL+EM+DVDI went with lawsuits charging copyright and got some success. The two companies have recognized that the project wasmy own,but decided to contest in court.I pulled away a little project for my degree in law.With the record in U.S. hands would like to partner with some investors to makeMIMBD(Name) Mimbdstar U.S.Since I am trained in the law would work in company as CEO, but also more connected to the legal area, on issues that mayinvolve the legal protection of intellectual property, shares judicias the collection of royalties, contracts licensing of intellectualproperty among other functions, because I am interested in the area of ​intellectual property right.URL professional profile on Linkedin:http://br.linkedin.com/pub/paulo-eduardo-martins-pelegrini/4/122/1a0For more information (documents, financial information, business plan, etc ...) please visit the companys profile in GUST - socialnetwork for investors: https://gust.com/c/mimbdstarContact MSN and email mimbdstar@hotmail.comContact for license production © Mimbdstar: send an email to mimbdstar@hotmail.com with the subject "License production."
  33. 33. Final presentation to investors and the general public