Magento SEO - ThinkVis Sept 2012


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My slides from my ThinkVis presentation on Magento SEO.

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Magento SEO - ThinkVis Sept 2012

  1. 1. An SEO’s Guide to Magento Commerce By Paul Rogers Head of Digital Marketing for GPMD
  2. 2. About Magento• Powers well over 100,000 ecommerce sites worldwide• Three different versions: Community, Enterprise & Go• Bought by eBay in 2011
  3. 3. Configuration• Check your headings• Redirects are set to 302 by default• Ensure that you’ve got auto-redirects for URL changes turned on• Only auto-redirect to base URL if you’re installing Magento on the root
  4. 4. Redirects & Rewrite rules• Ensure that you’re using 301 redirects instead of 302 redirects• Remember to redirect query strings & pagination too• Think about hooks for rewrite rules before you need to• Keep an eye on auto rewrites (-1 appended to category name etc)
  5. 5. Orphaning products & pages• Cross-sell products and avoid 404s• Maintain rankings and traffic• Add links to related pages• Be clear with the status of the product, brand or collection (eg: out of stock, redundant range etc)
  6. 6. 404 Case Study• Jewellery retail client with over 100k pages• Client removed lots of relatively new collection pages• Very few links to these pages• Around 1,000 pages removed• Rankings dropped considerably across the board
  7. 7. URL Structure• Top-level products• Use directories and file extensions to help with GA filters & rewrite rules• Redirect generic catalog pages to search-friendly pages or remove them: – shirt/category/156/ – – damson-saffiano-leather-billfold-waller-agxa-1032-w270-d/product.html
  8. 8. Trailing slash canonical issue• Tried to resolve it and failed – several times!• Use the canonical tag to point search engines to the right page• We implement manual redirects if there is a problem• Lots of potential transferrable value
  9. 9. Catalogue Search Pages Disallow the /catalogsearch/ directory in the robots.txt file and do a removal request for the folder in GWT
  10. 10. Dynamic pages being indexed
  11. 11. Dealing with dynamic pages• Add meta robots rules to apply noindex, follow tags to dynamic pages• Start submitting removal requests in GWT
  12. 12. Indexation Case Study #1 • We did 1,000 removal requests per day • Rankings improved very soon after we removed the pages • Organic traffic improved by over 50% within six weeks Message in GWT
  13. 13. Indexation Case Study #2• No message in GWT• Around 70% of the pages in the index were caused by layered navigation• Very little organic visibility• Once we removed the pages organic traffic increased considerably• Rankings improved massively for generic terms
  14. 14. Turning Dynamic Pages into StaticTurned valueless pages into static landingpages/brands/breitling-watches.html?gender=17052/brands/breitling-watches/mens.html/brands/breitling-watches/navitimer-collection.htmlCategorisation module on the way!!!
  15. 15. Case Study• Turned well over 1,000 dynamic filter pages into static pages• Added content to each page• Gradually built some links to the pages• Generated around 50,000 extra organic visits over 12 months• Accounted for around 8% of all incoming search traffic over 12 months
  16. 16. Be careful with internal links Internal links to category pages and collections
  17. 17. Pagination• Use rel=next and rel= prev to prevent Google from indexing paginated versions of pages• You can use our SEOpack plugin to implement this
  18. 18. Sitemaps• I would recommend having xml & html sitemaps• Video sitemaps• Brand / segmented sitemap pagesMageworx extended sitemap module
  19. 19. Be aware of reviews• Review pages are duplicate content (as content is also on product pages)• Lots of extra pages being indexed (and they’re valueless)• Would recommend blocking with meta robots rules
  20. 20. Performance / Speed• Jpeg Mini – super image compression• Minimizing CSS & JS• Using Mod_Pagespeed• We’re looking into full-page caching – Inviqa have already done this so contact them for questions
  21. 21. Schema markupMarkup for products with videosPrice markupSchema module for Magento
  22. 22. Retargeting > product-level• Module about to be released• Retargeting for specific products gets better results
  23. 23. Use the Magento app• Magento has a pre-made mobile module that allows you to create a generic mobile phone app• You can also create a mobile site – styling required• Research The North Face’s exampleMagento Mobile Module
  24. 24. Links• Get Elastic Guide to Rating Schema for Ecommerce – LINK• My Magento SEO Guide – LINK• Blueglass’s visual guide to rich snippets – LINK• The SEOpack Plugin – LINK• The Mageworx Sitemap Module – LINK• Magento Mobile Module - LINK
  25. 25. Thank you for listening! Feel free to email any questions to! Our SEOpack