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Paul Davis Brandcenter Portfolio
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Paul Davis Brandcenter Portfolio


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My first year Brandcenter portfolio.

My first year Brandcenter portfolio.

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  • 1. Paul Davis Explorer.
  • 2. EducationNever Stop Exploring VCU Brandcenter | m.s. creative brand management (CBM)* | may 2012 | gpa 3.5 North Greenville University | marketing major | business administration minor | may 2010 | GPA 3.0 Brand experience Brands Ive worked on: Nike Kindle “In this business, the more Aqualisa Quartz Williams-Sonoma problems you solve, Facebook OUT Magazine NFL UK Coty Cosmetics the better you get.” Kia Playboy Aveeno Cushman Scooters MARPAC M&Ms Riverside Outfitters Craftsman Play-doh Hasbro Dove Noxema Apple Homes Atlanta * Bophuthatswana * South Africa * Zimbabwe * Greenville * Richmond Africa was my home for 10 years... To me, being cultured isn’t where you’ve lived but respecting what’s unknown. Things I like Telling stories Jammin’ to Music People watching UGA Football Travel Moleskines Sports Game Nights with family and friends Pocket Tee’s Making people laugh
  • 3. Explorer (noun): Someone who faces the unknown for the purpose of discovery. Table of ContentsFor me, exploring began at the age of five when my family left Coty Cosmetics............................................ pg. 5our familiar, comfortable American home and moved to Africa.In the 10 years we lived there, I explored fearlessly the unknown A New Fragrance Conceptwas exciting. Whether in Bophuthatswana, South Africa, orZimbabwe, I ventured to treetops, tracked chameleons, killed Riverside Outfitters..................................... pg. 11snakes, and conquered massive termite mounds each time Brand Audit and Strategic Marketing Planunveiling a discovery. Nike.............................................................. pg. 15The possibility of uncovering something new has been a partof our world since the beginning of time. Ferdinand Magellan, Beyond Product InnovationChristopher Columbus, David Livingstone, and yes, even Doraare a few of the world’s greatest explorers who took risks and Marpac......................................................... pg. 19left the familiar because of the possibility of discovery. When Developing a New Targetthings didn’t go as planned, imagination helped to makeappropriate changes. The crew depended on their captain’sleadership, bravery, and perseverance. These adventurersdisplayed conviction, resilience, superb communication skills,and charisma that changed the world.I explore. I ignore assumptions and look deeper in order to“get the gold.” My life experiences have made me an explorer;Brandcenter has helped me further utilize my passion ofexploration to help brands discover new opportunities.There’s an African proverb that says, “If you’re not part of thesolution, you’re part of the problem.”The pages ahead are examples of how I am part of the solution. I’m an explorer that just so happens to also be a Creative Brand Manager. 3
  • 4. Random Fact #1 I’ve convinced myself that I’m allergic to bananas. 4
  • 5. Coty Cosmetics Challenge The fragrance market has become increasingly saturated. Every year, 200 new fragrance brands emerge most of which target A new fragrance concept women by focusing on fashion, sex appeal, and romance. The objective of this case was to develop a new fragrance concept that embodied the values of the Coty brand, and to bring the target audience to life.All research collected from secondary sources, Mintel, Simmons NCS/NHCS, and one-on-one interviews. 5
  • 6. Coty Cosmetics: A New Fragrance ConceptFragrance Market Our target, Kim‣ Greater opportunity in the women’s fragrance market. (accounting for $406 Target Profile:million of sales in 2010). ‣ 2.1 million women‣ Women 45 to 64 are the largest(41.5 million)/most affluent segment. ‣ Between ages of 45 and 64‣ Ten million women 45 to 64 don’t wear perfume... because: ‣ HHI $75,000+ “I’m married.” ‣ Health-oriented “I don’t go out as much/Fewer occasions to wear perfume.” ‣ Allergic to synthetic chemicals “A reduced capacity to smell/An aversion to strong scents.” “I’m allergic.” (20% of women that don’t wear perfume) [ 2.1 million women can’t wear perfume. Only in recent years have these women not dabbed their “signature” scent onto their neck and pulse of who they are--their elegance--has been snatched away from them. ] points... something as common as brushing their teeth. It’s as if a piece Target Lifestyle: ‣ ‣ ‣ Live to work/frantic lives (invented the 60 hour work week) Family is more important than self Optimistic ‣ Buys products that support her lifestyle regardless of price“Au Natural” Trend ‣ Does not compromise on quality of products purchased for HH ‣ Rarely takes “me” time‣ Green personal care product sales have not been affected by the recession. [ ]‣ People are more discerning about what they put on and in their bodies.‣ More aware of chemicals in products and choose alternatives. Coty takes pride in enhancing the beauty and well-being of their consumers through innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. With‣ Ralph Macchio, SVP of R&D at Coty Inc., sees the importance of this trend. this in mind, Coty must capitalize on the opportunity to supply a viable‣“.....we recognize that organics are becoming an increasingly important alternative to Kim and many like her...It’s time for Coty to do the same.addition to lifestyle.”[ ] PROBLEM: Kim and 2,099,999 others have had part of their elegance Though forced into the “Au Natural” movement, these women have snatched from them away due to allergies. happily embraced organic products into many aspects of their lives. They have adopted a chemical-free, natural lifestyle. SOLUTION: Help these women rediscover their elegance by creating a new fragrance a viable alternative to synthetic offerings. 6
  • 7. Gaia (guy-yuh): A New Fragrance Concept for Coty CosmeticsGaia: Rediscover your elegance Product Packaging ‣ Botanical perfume Rediscover your elegance Research showed our ‣ 100% natural target to prefers smells that incorporate citrus ‣ Chemical-free and lavender. With that in mind, we mocked up ‣ Hypoallergenic examples of potential fragrance offerings under the Gaia brand Bloom and Bliss.The concept behind Gaia was to develop a natural perfumefor those who are health-oriented or chemical and fragrancesensitive. In Greek, Gaia translates to “mother earth.” Gaia usesonly rare and exquisite botanical extracts, absolutes, andessential oils imbued with a depth of character and beauty BLOOM is a combination of aromatic notes that energizes the mind andrarely found in modern perfumery. Gaia fades into the body revitalizes the spirit with Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Peppermint,gently, giving these women their desired, unique aromatic Jojoba Oil.“signature,” but also therapeutic benefits, an added value for BLISS is a combination of aromatic notes that quiets the mind and soothes the body with Sweet Orange, Clary Sage, Lavender, Geranium, Vitver, Romanthem and their hectic lifestyle. Chamomile, and Jojoba Oil.Distribution and Media: We found the below forms of distribution and media to be the most popular with our target market. Included are recommendations of touch points that we found they are most receptive to. Recommendations: ‣ Magazine insert samples ‣ TV spots ‣ In-store samples ‣ Representatives to educate 7
  • 8. Coty Cosmetics and Gaia: A Brand StoryKim’s Story: It was the summer of ’73. In their flared jeans and smock tops, a group of giggling teenage girls walked into the local drugstore so that Kim could buy her first bottle of real perfume with money from her 13th birthday. A rite of passage, “Charlie” was a sign that Kim was growing up. With a little spray of that popular fragrance, she remembered holding her head a little higher and perhaps daring to stare at her secret crush just a little longer, feeling a bit more confident in who she was, especially when she received compliments on her great fragrance. Through the years, Kim experimented with new fragrances as she went through different stages in life, often trying perfumes that were the current fad of advertising campaigns. It took until she was in her 30s to actually find a “signature” scent that everyone could recognize as her own. For 30 years, a drop of perfume on her neck and pulse points on her wrists was as common as brushing her teeth or putting on make-up. Fragrance was a part of who she was and how she viewed herself. So it was traumatizing when migraine headaches and shortness of breath were discovered to be a result of scents synthetically and chemically made. At a visit to an allergist’s office, the doctor told her that the ingredients in perfume, shampoos, and lotions had chemicals in them that were causing these life-altering symptoms. After finding out the news from her allergist, Kim had to begin reading labels for beauty products. She had to stop using the detergents, cleaning products, and soaps that she had used for so long, as well as wearing perfume, a major change in her life. Unfortunately, alternative perfumes were not common. A search began to see if there was any product, even just one, that she could substitute as her daily fragrance, but the search became frustrating with so little on the market to meet her hypoallergenic needs and her desire to wear perfume. One day as she was browsing through her favorite magazine, she came across an ad for a chemical-free perfume brand that was a safe alternative and advertised to improve well-being. After smelling the insert strip of a sample of the perfume and she had no allergic reaction, she became excited at the prospect of having the best of both worlds when it came to fragrance. At her age of 50, it was hard to find a brand that was natural, yet elegant. Gaia promised to be this new alternative. Gaia. Rediscover your elegance. 8
  • 9. Rediscover your elegance 9
  • 10. Random Fact #2 I’ve killed a seven and a half foot Egyptian Cobra. 10
  • 11. Riverside Outfitters Challenge Co-founder Matt Perry of Riverside Outfitters approached firstBrand Audit and Strategic year VCU Brandcenter students to create a strategic marketing Marketing Plan plan for his company. Our short-term objective was to increase brand awareness and seasonal revenue around white water rafting, and our long-term objective was to help Riverside Outfitters become a Richmond institute. 11
  • 12. Riverside Outfitters Riverside Outfitters (RO) is Richmond’s guide to the outdoors, offering outdoor activities from white-water rafting and tubing on the James River to climbing trees. Regardless of the activity, RO promises to provide “safe, natural fun.”The Situation ‣ Richmonders are generally unaware of white water rafting on the James. ‣ For those aware, white-water rafting is perceived as an activity that requires skill and costly equipment. ‣ Richmonders are more likely to visit other local, low-cost attractions (VA Museum of Fine Arts, Maymont, Lewis Botanical Gardens). “Statue of Liberty Effect” With Richmond being the only U.S. city with Class IV rapids within city limits, RO holds a unique position in the outdoor marketplace. But similar to the case of New York where a small percent of locals have visited the Statue of Liberty, Richmonders are unlikely to go white- water rafting and instead substitute it for other day trip options. Targeting Data was gathered from online-survey respondents, blogs, and one-on-one interviews around Richmond. Target Segments: Focus on “Fringers” “Fringers” (est. 75,000) have one toe in the water--they might walk their dog or sit USERS on the rocks, but they haven’t made the complete “dive” (“Statue of Liberty effect”). 15% FRINGERS “I’ve been tubing, nothing crazy.” 30% “Trips [to the James] are usually spur of the moment.” NON-USERS 55% “I go to relax or walk my dog. I rarely get into the water.” “White-water rafting is a rite of passage something to check off my list.” “Social Singles” “Park Parents” ‣ Twenty-somethings ‣ Walk with kids and dogs ‣ Define their own fun ‣ Value time with family ‣ First to discover cool things to do ‣ Underutilize the river ‣ Active researchers ‣ See others kayaking/tubing, but ‣ Trendsetters haven’t had the chance to go 12
  • 13. Strategy “Make the most of the James.” Leverage the mentality that white-water rafting is a rite of passage and create an urgency for “Fringers” to try something new. Message “Take the plunge.” RO is the “breath of fresh air” these Fringers enjoy. Whether they are new to the James or looking to experience it in a new way, RO offers a matchless experience.Brand Matra “Get Richmond Wet.” Matt and his team’s point of view is “nothing beats the outdoors.” It’s RO’s desire to share a passion for white-water rafting and help Richmonders experience the “rivah” in a new, unexpected way.Positioning “Riverside Outfitters connects Richmonders to unexpected, natural fun within city limits.”Recommend Tactics Fix site/greater Be involved in and Generate awareness Start “River Rewards” Create an online presence online host community through traditional cards for the repeat initiative. Partner via social media. events. local publications. Richmonder. with Living Social Measuring Will the real ROI please stand up Success We recognized that Riverside Outfitters had the potential of building a community around the James River. Going into the project, we concentrated on building a strategic plan that would yield a positive return on investment. In the end, the returns of our recommendations not only exceeded initial monetary goals, but more importantly was successful in the real ROI building a strong foundation to Riverside Outfitters as an Institution (ROI). Notable Mention: To create an urgency for Fringers to use the James, our team recommended the client to Living Social (at the time, Richmond had 55,000 subscribers). Less than three months later, Riverside Outfitters was featured on a Living Social promotion for an entire weekend. Before the weekend was halfway over, their white-water rafting deal Mock-up of Living Social promotion Living Social promotion offer sold out (900 deals). In early February 2011, Living Social presented on December 1, 2010, to starting on February 24, 2011 wrote Riverside Outfitter a check for over $16,000. Riverside Outfitters 13
  • 14. Random Fact #3 I play volleyball for VCU. 14
  • 15. NIKE Skateboarding Challenge:Beyond Product Innovation Create a concept that will achieve results similar to those of Nike+ (Plus). Help Nike earn credibility in the skateboarding community. 15
  • 16. Currently Nike is the No.1 brand in skate footwear. They achieved that status and earned respect in theBackground skateboarding community by working side by side with professional skaters to deliver the freshest, most innovative shoes in the industry. But the shoes are currently the only connection the brand has to the sport. An opportunity exists to further make the Nike name synonymous with skateboarding. Skateboarders have no system for documenting their successful tricks. When someone lands a difficult Problem trick, its soon forgotten. Their moment of glory is lost in time and space. Insight While running is about conquering distances, routes, and the stopwatch, skateboarding is about executing the toughest trick at a given location. NikeSB (Nike Skateboarding) and Microsoft Photosynth partner together to form Nike Tag a mobileThe Concept application/service that allows skaters to survey their landscape and view tagged videos/photos that have been performed nearby using geo-tagging. ! ME The Idea Nike Tag; a Nike SB app that will let skateboarders immortalize a trick executed at a specific location. K IC Skateboarders should never lose their moment of glory. With Nike Tag, they won’t. The app allows you to document a trick via picture or video for future skaters to view. The app encourages healthy CL competition within the skateboarding community and allows skateboarders to preserve their memories, hold their ground, and “claim their city.” The App Nike Tag uses location-based features to load tricks registered nearby. The "Map" feature pinpoints locations of tricks performed in the surrounding area. Once at a location, you can open the "Visor" tool, an augmented reality scope that displays pictures and videos of registered tricks. By panning the area with a smartphone, pictures and videos of executed tricks will appear. Think you can beat it? Once your ready to pull off a trick of your own, you can upload your own picture or video. To get a better understanding of the app, click on the app to the right, or go to to SERIOUSLY, watch a short video of the app in 720pHD via YouTube (note: exit fullscreen mode to view video in your IT’S AWESOME. browser). Click iPhone to view a video demonstration of the Nike Tag App! 16
  • 17. Launch The Tag Tour sponsored by NikeSB The Nike Tag app will be introduced at the NikeSB Tag Tour taking place in the top eight skateboarding cities around the world... ‣ Atlanta ‣ New York ‣ Amsterdam ‣ Paris ‣ Chicago ‣ Portland ‣ Basel ‣ TokyoCreative Print ads will be placed in popular skateboarding magazines a few months prior to the event in each city. Professional skaters performing in the tour will generate hype through social media, forums, blogs, and at other skateboarding events up until the event. The “Claim your city” Campaign: Rivals compete from sunup to sundown. Shedding Where the only accepted currency is determination. Long after you’ve moved on, your name will come blood. Scarring arms. And the man who’s willing to Where deeds of sale take the form of bloody arms. up and they’ll recite your story. How you defied risk everything? He wins the day. Where everyone has a nose for a fight. That’s land gravity, physics and your better judgement to win worth having. this piece of ground. 17
  • 18. Random Fact #4 I broke my left elbow trying to impress a girl. 18
  • 19. Identifying a new target market Sound Conditioners Challenge Discover a new target market and appropriate touchpoints for Marpac Inc. 19
  • 20. Background Marpac sound conditioners, different from noise makers and commonly referred to as “sleep machines,“ are unique devices that mask out unwanted noises. They are also used as a “prescription” for sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and tinnitus. Marpac takes pride in its patented technology that makes their product superior to all its competition, but their sales fall short. Since its inception, Marpac Inc. has employed very little traditional advertising, relying instead on word-of-mouth and positive online product reviews to spread the brand’s message.Research Methods ‣ Secondary research ‣ Customer reviews When using a Marpac, how do ‣ One-on-one interviews/street interviews you feel when ‣ Online survey you wake up? ‣ Extensive competitive analysis Jackpot We conducted research, but more importantly we tried out the product for ourselves. None of us thought we needed a sleeping aid, but we all slept much better with this magical machine. This “sleep machine“ ironically opened our eyes. Insight People don’t realize that they have a “sleeping problem,“ but a Marpac sound conditioner will “wake them up“ to their own need. Key Findings ‣ Sixty percent of adults report having sleep problems a few nights per week or more ‣ Most of these problems go undiagnosed and untreated More specifically, ‣ The average business traveler gets less than the daily recommended amount of sleep ‣ Stress is the number one cause of short-term sleeping difficulties ‣ Fifty-seven percent of business travelers agree that a bad night’s sleep has hurt their job performance When on a business trip, travelers are stressed and often have trouble sleeping away from their home. Marpac has an opportunity to offer hotels involved in “sleep marketing” their products to help ensure travelers a good night‘s sleep. Strategy Create a new customer target--business travelers--by placing Marpac products in hotels involved in “sleep focused“ marketing. 20
  • 21. Target Meet business traveler Mark Pack: ‣ For him, travel is no longer glamorous ‣ Often finds himself obsessing about the next day’s project ‣ Has concrete expectations for his daily routine ‣ 37 years old ‣ Married, two children ‣ College educated ‣ $80,000 HHI ‣ Travels 12+ times per year for business ‣ Tech savvy ‣ Uses smartphone whenever he has the chance ‣ Receptive to online surveysTouchpoints After interviewing business travelers and learning their “hotel habits,“ we placed non-traditional advertisements where Mark Pack and other business travelers hang out, as well as in the rooms. ‣ A Marpac-Sound-Conditioner coaster for the bar let travelers know that Marpac would ensure “a great night’s sleep and more productive day tomorrow.“ ‣ Sound conditioners placed in multiple rooms with product online survey explanation. A link for Marpac‘s microsite is provided to explain the benefits of having a “Sleep Mate.“ ‣ QR code directing business travelers to an online survey (used for Marpac and hotel research) and encouraging them to make a purchase with next day shipping included. 21
  • 22. Random Fact #5I know how to make a soccer ball out of plasticbags and string. 22
  • 23. Exploration is critical for a Creative Brand Manager. At Brandcenter, I focuson the core fundamentals of a traditional MBA curriculum with an addedemphasis on creativity and collaboration. Whatever the project, it’s criticalthat I have a deep understanding before I can develop an insight-drivensolution. And the more problems I solve, the better I get. I’m eager to learnmore.Let’s explore. 804.397.5426 23
  • 24. cheers.