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VoIP Office Telephone Systems

VoIP Office Telephone Systems

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  • 1. VoIP Telephone Systems and Solutions Paul Marsh
  • 2. What is VoIP? • VoIP is modern telephone technology that all modern telephone systems use. • VoIP is a technology which converts speech into computer data packets so it can be transmitted over computer networks and the Internet. • A VoIP based telephone system can coexist on your computer network and integrate with Email, CRM and provide a personalised user dashboard on your computer.
  • 3. How can VoIP benefit me? It can provide you with a modern telephone system with many features which are normally only found in large or expensive telephone systems. • Low cost of ownership • Return on Investment (ROI) • Flexible • Expandable • Configurable • Feature Rich • Help make your business more productive
  • 4. Advantages of VoIP Telephone System • No need for separate phone wiring – phones use computer network. • Far less expensive than a hardware based PBX/PABX telephone system • Employees & Directors can have telephone extensions at their homes • Choose from many VoIP phones instead of getting locked in with one vendor • Receive & Make calls via the standard PSTN using VOIP Gateways • Save on call costs with 'out of the box' configurations for popular SIP / VOIP providers.
  • 5. Features of 3CX System • Complete phone system – Provides call switching, routing and queuing • Purchase cost dramatically lower than traditional hardware PBX • Scalable, unlimited extensions and phone lines • Auto attendant (e.g. 1 for sales, 2 for support, etc.) • Reduce long distance and inter office call costs
  • 6. Features of 3CX System cont. • No more expensive proprietary system phones – Use standard SIP phones • Eliminate the phone wiring and make moving offices easier • Inbuilt Outlook, Salesforce.com integration • Out of the box configuration for many VOIP providers, VoIP Gateways, Skype™ and IP Phones. • Not hosted, installed on your computer network
  • 7. VoIP System Overview
  • 8. Wide range of VoIP telephone handsets to choose from SNOM Snow Edition
  • 9. Receptionist VoIP Telephone Options SNOM 360 with receptionist module and headset
  • 10. Conference & Mobile SNOM Meeting Point, 870 and M3 Series
  • 11. Phone Line Options 3CX based VoIP telephone system is compatible with all types of BT telephone lines and SIP providers:- • BT Analogue lines • BT ISDN2e • BT ISDN 30 • Internet SIP Providers
  • 12. Sip Providers (U.K) There are a wide range U.K based SIP providers:- • Sipgate • VoipOn • VoIP Unlimited • Use your own ISP’s SIP
  • 13. SIP Providers Worldwide Create a presence in other cities or other countries using a SIP provider. e.g. Local phone number in :- • Dublin • Canada • U.S.A • Australia • New Zealand
  • 14. SIP call cost examples (per min) Destination SIP Cost BT Cost UK landline 1.19p 4.5p UK mobile 9.9p 12.23p China 1.5p 25.7p Australia 1.8p 26.7p Canada 1.5p 18.0p France 1.7p 20.5p Spain 1.7p 24.0p Hong Kong 2.0p 13.5p Israel 2.1p 58.0p Germany 1.7p 20.5p U.S.A & mobiles 1.5p 17.0p
  • 15. Real World Example 1 Small Office comprising of 5 VoIP telephone handsets and a 2 BT analogue telephone lines. Ring Groups Music on hold Caller Line Identification (CLI) Per user Voice Mail Night Service Voice Mail SIP provider for long distance/international phone calls
  • 16. Real World Example 2 Office comprising of 15 VoIP telephone handsets, 3 x BT ISDN2e telephone line and 3 remote tele-workers. Digital Receptionist Call queuing Transfer of calls to tele-workers Remote Extensions for tele-workers Monitoring and reporting of tele-workers call statistics Per department and per user voice mail
  • 17. Real World Example 3 Business comprising of an office in Winchester and another in London, 15 telephone handsets at each office and ISDN30 at each site. Digital Receptionist Call Queuing Per user Voice Mail 3CX bridge between offices (free inter-office calls & transfer) Using a SIP provider to make long distance phone calls
  • 18. Integration with CRM 3CX VoIP system integrates into CRM systems. Currently supported:- Outlook Contacts Sales Force
  • 19. Faxing Incoming / Outgoing With a 3CX based VoIP telephone system you can send and receive Faxes • Incoming Faxes are emailed as PDF documents • Outgoing Faxes are sent via Microsoft Windows Fax client
  • 20. Peace of mind – 3CX Support • 25 Resellers in the U.K. • 30 Resellers in the U.S.A • 10 Resellers in Australia • 6 Resellers in Canada • 9 Resellers in France • 8 Resellers in Spain • Many other resellers worldwide
  • 21. Summary 3CX based VoIP telephone System • Flexible - Will suit just about any configuration or requirement • Extensible - Phones extensions can be added anywhere you have an internet connection • Modular - Just like a computer network, devices can be added as your needs evolve • Cost effective
  • 22. Questions & Answers
  • 23. Partners with all the main technology vendors
  • 24. Services & Solutions We also offer many IT services including:- • 3CX Based VoIP solutions • Computer & Network Maintenance • Troubleshooting • Computer, Server & Network Installations • Remote Monitoring of servers and networks • Data Recovery and destruction
  • 25. Thank you for attending VoIP Telephone Systems and Solutions www.century-it.co.uk Thank you for your interest Paul Marsh