Hurricane Kohl's!


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An example of a horrible retail experience.

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  • the truth is, your store is what you make it. i have worked at 4 different kohl's stores, with varying volume levels, and although the store can get quite messy, it all goes back to the people who staff the building and how they manage their time. i have also been in diiferent levels of management, and what i see is the problem, is the fact that most store employyes would rather point out what is lacking (hours and reliable people) than work as a team to move forward and regain control of the stores and take care of the customers. don't point out a problem unless you have a solution to fix that problem, otherwise you are just part of the problem.
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Hurricane Kohl's!

  1. 1. Hurricane Kohl’s! If you've ever shopped one of our clean, bright department stores, you've already experienced our commitment to family, value and national brands. -Kohl’s Website
  2. 2. That's all true. Last year for Christmas I was given a Kohl's gift card. I'd never been to one before, but I went and checked it out. It was like a bomb went off in the store- crap was everywhere. I couldn't find anything I wanted/ needed, so I gave my wife the card because I didn't plan to ever go back... and haven't yet. Clearly there are staffing issues; too little or too little motivated. It's a shame because they are going to the cellar this way. Tim Jackson –
  3. 3. We not only offer the best merchandise at the best prices, but we're always working to make your shopping experience enjoyable. -Kohl’s Website
  4. 4. Every choice the store makes -- the stock, the short-handed staff, the under trained staff, the crowded junked up retail ads...tells us that the employees who allowed that Dallas store to look like that were simply behaving as they have been taught to behave.  They don't show the store or the customers any respect because no one has taught them to respect the brand. -Drew McLellan
  5. 5. To me this looks like several things working against Kohl's: 1. No store manager responsibility or accountability. If this store's manager hasn't yet been fired, there's no hope of correcting this. 2. Poor or no employee responsibility or accountability. 3. A lack of training. 4. A lack of communications. 5. Careless brand and marketing strategic planning, execution and oversight. -Lewis Green
  6. 6. So true. I went along with my girlfriend on a recent christmas shopping spree and noticed the same thing. Especially after going to a few other stores first....walking into the Kohl's seemed like a joke. Clothes were a mess, poor signage, zero organization. Finding something there was more a less a practice of accidental discovery. Overall a very poor customer experience. -Eric Reagan
  7. 7. It's called mediocrity, laziness, and feeling "entitled" to just show up, not do much because work is so tiring, then getting a steady paycheck. -Steven E. Streight
  8. 8. We think you'll find Kohl's has more to offer. More brand names. More value. More savings. What more could you ask for? -Kohl’s Website
  9. 9. Ah, the age of show don't tell. Excellent coverage. Do hope Kohl's weighs-in and uses this as an opportunity... -Christina “CK” Kerley
  10. 10. That confidence comes from the knowledge that our stores are staffed with the best group of retail Associates nationwide. These knowledgeable staff are trained to deliver a satisfying, hassle-free shopping experience for every customer, every time. -Kohl’s Website
  11. 11. If you were Kohl's CMO and you came across this post, what would you do? And more specifically, how would you address this store's problems so that you can foster a long-term change in the store? -Mack Collier
  12. 12. In-store, our environment is clean and bright, features wide aisles, and is designed to make it easy for you to find what you want, quickly. -Kohl’s Website
  13. 13. I have to to say, I see the same thing at the Kohl's near us as well. I do like to shop there (and I'm a Most Valued Customer!), but the place is almost alway's a mess. Sometimes I really feel like I'm shopping at a very, low end discount store and I'm pretty sure that's not what they're trying to get across! -David Polinchok
  14. 14. We think you'll find Kohl's has more to offer. More brand names. More value. More savings. What more could you ask for? -Kohl’s Website
  15. 15. I live in Dallas and stopped shopping in Kohls about this time last year. I tried several different Kohls in the area and found similar issues with all of them. K-mart about sums it up. I stopped shopping at Kohls for the same reasons I stopped shopping at K Mart......clutter, sad overworked staff, and my dislike for physically digging for bargains. I shop at Target.....allot. -Amber Christopher Truth hurts. Kohl's can't very well come out and say "oh no, our merchandising is neat and clean. That was an isolated incident." They can't say it anymore than the lock folks could say, "you can't open our lock with a bic pen." Especially since in the course of a week, 2 different marketing blogs, one in Northeast Ohio and one in Dallas Texas, posted the same message. -Chris Brown
  16. 16. Please know that it is our top priority to provide you, and all of our customers, a quality shopping experience. I’m very sorry that you recently encountered an unacceptable store environment, and from your pictures, clearly not up to our standards. I have advised our senior level management, they’ve been made aware, and they’re highly committed to addressing it. So, thanks again for letting me know. I do appreciate hearing from you and we do value your patronage. -VP Public Relations, Kohl’s