How to wash your Indian clothes


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Washing Indian clothes has always being tricky. This is a distinctive guide to wash Indian designer clothes. To some clothes like this visit and gram some for yourself.

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How to wash your Indian clothes

  1. 1. How to wash your Indian clothes Presented by
  2. 2. The tools and instrument we use : • Washing machine • Laundry detergent • Fabric softener • Bleach (optional) Tools of the Trade
  3. 3. Acquaint yourself with your equipments Acquaintyourselfwith your clothes washer. Generallyhave three dials,one for temperature settings, one for burdenmeasure,andone for washsort(i.e. consistent, delicates andlasting press).Each oneclothes washeris diverseand you mayas well readthe directionsfor your machinebeforedoinganylaundry.Generally machineshave the directionsgluedwithin the top for simpleaccess.
  4. 4. Sort your Clothes • Set aside any clothing that has “hand wash”or “dry clean only” on the tag; these don’t go in the washer. • Sort through your pile and any clothing that needs to be washedon delicate cycle (according to the tags) should be placed in a separate pile. • All non-delicate (durable) white clothing (socks, plain underwear, etc.) go in a separate pile. • Sort the remaining clothes according to shades of color, placing all dark colored clothing.
  5. 5. Prepare the Washing Machine • Determine the size of your load, and place the dial on the selected size. Be careful not to overfill the washerwith clothes; the clothes should be loosely placed (not packed) and should not be piled higher than the agitator (the pole inside the center of your washer). • Set your washerdial on the appropriate temperature settings.
  6. 6. Guideline before setting washing machine: • Durable white clothes shouldgo on hotwash,coldrinse • Durablecolorsgenerallygo on warm wash andcoldor warm rinse • Permanentpressgenerallygoeson coldwashandcoldrinse • Delicates shouldgo on coldwashandcoldrinse. • Whenin doubt, always checkthe tags!
  7. 7. Guidelines to set washer • Durable whites shouldbe setfor regularcycle. • Durable colorsshouldbe setfor regularcycle • Permanentpressshouldbe setfor the permanentpresscycle • Delicate fabricsshouldbe setfor delicate (shortest) cycle. • Again, when in doubt, checkthe tags on your clothes!
  8. 8. Fill the Washing Machine • Check the instructions on your detergent, and pour the indicated amount for the size load you are washing directly into the washing machine tub. • Start the wash cycle (usually by pulling out the knob used to set the wash cycle). • When waterhas begun to fill and the detergent appears to be dissolved, add the clothes. • Close the lid and allow the washer to run. • If you are using fabric softener, do not add until the washer reaches the rinse cycle (the dial should indicate when the rinse cycle has started).
  9. 9. Tips for Using Bleach • Bleach should not be used with colored clothes or white clothes with any kind of design, lettering or patterns. • Bleach is generally safe to use with durable whites. • If you are doing a load for which it is safe to use bleach, check the label for the proper amount and add that amount to the bleach dispenser in your washer after the water has begun to fill. • If your washer does not have a bleach dispenser, pour the designated amount of bleach directly into the water after it has begun to fill.
  10. 10. Tips for bleaching…. • NEVER add bleach after clothes have been added as it may cause spotting. • AVOID using bleach with detergents containing color safe bleach alternative as the combination may cause discoloration. • ALWAYS REMEMBER that bleach is a hazardous chemical and should be handled with care.
  11. 11. For more informationon tips on Indian designerfor men …… CONTACT US DeepakAgarwal Acro International Inc. 141 BlueberryLane Hicksville, NY 11801 Phone–516-312-6880 Visit