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What is internet



CIS 1203 Slideshow - What is the internet

CIS 1203 Slideshow - What is the internet



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What is internet What is internet Presentation Transcript

  • Part 1: The Internet Reem AbuZayedh
  • Keywords 1. Internet 2. Modem 3. ISP 4. Search engine 5. Information website 6. Social website 7. Blogs 8. e-commerce 9. Protocol 10. TCP/IP
  • Objectives 1. What is the Internet? 2. History of the Internet 3. How to connect to the Internet? 4. What can you do on the Internet? 5. Common Website Types 6. What is the language/Protocol of the Internet?
  • Class Activity 1 Search time (10 minutes) What is the Internet? When was the Internet created? Who created the Internet? And Where?
  • The Internet What is the Internet? 1. The Internet is a global network of computers (International Network) 2. The Internet is the largest WAN 3. Nobody owns the Internet
  • History of the Internet 1. When was the Internet created? 1969 2. Who created the Internet And Where was this?  US military “Defense Department” – USA  Four computers were connected
  • Class Activity 2 Class discussion: How to connect to the Internet?
  • ?Internetto theconnectHow to To connect to the Internet you need to have the following : 1. A Computer (Your laptop contains a wireless network card which allows your laptop to connect to the Internet ) 2. A modem 3. An account with an ISP Internet Service Provider- an organization that provides access to the Internet. Think of ISP Examples in the UAE:
  • ?Internetto theconnectHow to ISP Internet Laptop & modem
  • What can you do on the Internet?  Communicate with others  Exchange electronic mail (E-mail)  Find information  Download/Upload resources  Buy/sell products and services
  • Class Activity 4 Class discussion: Based on what you can do on the Internet, can you classify some website types?
  • Website Types ExampleDefinitionType# Google.comWebsites that search for information on the Internet Search engine1 Wikipedia.orgProvides informationInformation website2 Facebook.comWebsites that focus on building social relations among people Social website3 Blogger.comBlogs are like online diariesBlogs4 Amazon.comBuying/selling products, services via the Internet e-commerce5
  • Class Activity 5 Class discussion: Q1-How can people understand each other? Q2-How can computers understand each other?!!!
  • What is the language (protocol) of the Internet?  To exchange information, computers must understand what each other computer is saying.  They use a common protocol (set of rules)  The common protocol is TCP/IP, known as Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol. Hi Hi
  • What does TCP/IP do? 1. When a computer sends information on the Internet 2. TCP divides information/files into smaller pieces called segments. 3. IP gives each segment an IP address and sends it out onto the Internet as packets. 4. At the other end TCP collects the packets and puts them back together London BeijingME SS AG E