Internet Domain Names
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Internet Domain Names



A description of Internet Domains - what they are and how they work.

A description of Internet Domains - what they are and how they work.



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Internet Domain Names Internet Domain Names Presentation Transcript

  • Part 3: Domain Name Reem AbuZayedh CIS 1203 Web Technologies
  • Keywords 1. URL 2. Domain Name 3. IP address 4. Domain Name System 5. Organization code 6. Country code
  • Objectives 1. What is URL 2. Domain Name and IP Address 3. What is Domain Name System DNS? 4. Browser and DNS 5. Parts of Domain Name 6. Organization code 7. Country code
  • 1- URL  URL: Uniform Resource Locator  URL: stands for the address of a website.  Example: The URL of Albayan newspaper is:
  • 2- Domain Name and IP Address  Each Web server has a unique IP address and a domain name. URL: Domain Name of the web server: IP Address of the web server:
  • 3- Domain Name System DNS (1/2)  It is hard for us to remember numbers (IP Address but it is easier for us to remember names (Domain name!  DNS helps in this! You don’t have to memorize all IP Addresses of your favorite websites!
  • 3- Domain Name System DNS (2/2)  Domain Name System DNS: DNS Server links to the IP Address
  • 4- Browser and DNS (1/2) 1. When you type a URL, on the browser, for example: 2. The browser breaks the URL (address) into 3 parts: 1. Protocol: http 2. Domain name: 3. The resource/webpage name (optional) : sports 3. See the next slide to know how the browser uses the domain name
  • 4- Browser and DNS (2/2) Emaratalyoum Server You DNS Server 1 2 3 4 1- The browser asks DNS server about IP address of 2- DNS server returns the IP address 3- The browser requests to view the content of 4- Server accepts and browser views the website. Copy of Sports webpage
  • 5- Parts of Domain Name  As you know form slide 7, the below URL contains 3 parts:  3 parts of the Domain name : 1. Organization name: hct 2. Organization code: ac (academic) 3. Country code: ae (Arab Emirates)  Some domain names contain only organization code, for example: why? Protocol Domain Name Resourc e
  • 6- Organization code OrganizationName US
  • 7- Country Code CountryName United Arab South Africa???????? Saudi United United States of
  • Additional
  • The subnet mask signifies which part of the IP address is network and which part is host. Subnet Mask Default Gateway: The default gateway address is the address of the router interface connected to the same local network as the source host The IP address is a logical network address that identifies a particular Computer IP Address