Blogging For Reflection May15
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Blogging For Reflection May15

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A poresentation to the Virtual Watercool eat NSCC.

A poresentation to the Virtual Watercool eat NSCC.

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  • 1. A PORTFOLIO ACTIVITY Blogging for Reflection
  • 2. What is a blog?
    • a “personalized webpage, kept by the author in reverse chronological diary form” (Du & Wagner, 2005, p. 2) or “a personal diary, kept on the web” (Fun & Wagner, 2005, p. 221).  
    • Permissions can be easily controlled
    • The author “owns” their blog and so has final control over the content
  • 3. Paul’s History of Portfolio and Blogging
    • Project @ Dubai Women’s College in UAE
    • Studies lead to development of Portfolio Module
    • Thesis advisor picked blogging out of the portfolio
    • Eventually published:
      • Post-Secondary Students’ Purposes for Blogging
  • 4. Why blog?
    • Social Presence – easier online?
    • Self-disclosure – sharing a journal
    • Emotional response and individual expression
    • Benchmarking –
      • where do I stand?
  • 5. Emotional Responses to Blogging
    • Please go to my ‘portfolio’ blog and leave a comment about today. You will find a question to answer.
    • http:// /index.php?blog=2
    • You have 5 minutes! Then come back here
    • ---------------------
    • So, …?
    • Students … ?
  • 6. How to blog?
    • Create a blog in SharePoint
      • If you have a blog, skip this step!
      • Or go to:
      • Make your first post by answering these questions:
        • What is your first thought when I say, “reflect on learning”?
        • What advantages do you think blogging might offer you?
        • What barriers are there to YOU keeping a blog?
        • How do you think your students would react to blogging?
      • Post your blog address to the chat room
      • Comment on others’ posts –
        • In SharePoint, click on the blog title – you will see a comments box.
  • 7. References
    • Du, H. S., & Wagner, C. (2005). Learning with weblogs: An empirical investigation . Paper presented at the 2005 Proceedings of the 38th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
    • Fun, R. I. P. K., & Wagner, C. (2005) . An exploratory study on the progress of social computing and its potential impact on organizational computing. Paper presented at the 2005 Proceedings of the Ninth Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems.
    • Leslie, P., & Murphy, E. 2008. Post-Secondary Students' Purposes For Blogging. The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning [Online] 9:3. Available: