Protection & Style for Retail Window Film


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Vista and LLumar window films help control the sun, provide year round energy saving, enhacnce visual impact of window displays, and mitigate damage.

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Protection & Style for Retail Window Film

  1. 1. presenter name here
  2. 2. General Needs In Retail Space HELP CONTROL YEAR ROUND ENHANCE VISUAL MITIGATE DAMAGE THE SUN ENERGY SAVINGS IMPACT• Reduce factors Reflects heat out Available in a Helps resist contributing to in summer, and variety of hues impact and fading. locks it in during and patterns, keep particles• Control heat and winter. providing safely in place reduce glare. unlimited options. if glass is broken.
  3. 3. What is Film?Solar controlwindow film is amicro-thin layer ofpolyester combinedwith minute particlesof metal, coated witha durable, opticallyclear, scratchresistant coating.
  4. 4. How Film Works Allows light to pass through windows while screening out heat and dangerous ultraviolet rays.Primary Benefits – Reduce fading – Correct temperature imbalances – Increase comfort of store occupants – Cut annoying glare – Reduce energy costs
  5. 5. Product OfferingsV38, V40, V45 VS60, V58 VS70, VS80 VEP70High glare, heat Glare, heat and Heat and fade Heat, fadeand fade fade reduction reduction with no reduction andreduction with minimum visual impact winter heat visual impact retention with no visual impact
  6. 6. Installation• Installers are factory trained professionals.• Preparation and installation is quick with little disruption.• Tools and equipment include drop cloths, spray bottles, application solution, squeegees and knife.
  7. 7. Care & Maintenance• Installation should be allowed to cure for 7 – 30 days.• Non – abrasive window cleaners may be used once the film is cured.
  8. 8. HELP CONTROLTHE SUNReduce Heat, Glare, andFading
  9. 9. Reduce Factors That Contribute to Fading, All Without Obstructing Your ViewThe application of solar control films can reduce factors that contribute tofading without significantly impacting the visual appearance of the glass.VS80 VS60 NO FILM
  10. 10. Facts About Fading• All material will fade from sunlight in time. Fading is inevitable and is the same whether it is caused by exposure to intensive sunlight for a short period of time or a long exposure to weaker sunlight.• Severe fading can be minimized with the use of solar control film.• Though it cannot be totally eliminated, the installation of film can dramatically reduce the damage, enabling most fabrics and furnishings to look fresh and vibrant for years to come.
  11. 11. What Causes Fading? *Miscellaneous Includes: Indoor Artificial Lighting, Humidity, and Poor Dye Anchorage
  12. 12. Protection For Textiles With Vista Without Vista Window Film Window Film
  13. 13. Protection for Flooring No No Film Film New New Wood Wood With With Vista Vista *Fade testing performed using Xenon arc simulated sunlight per test conditions from the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.
  14. 14. Case Study: Quick Silver YouthGoals of Project:• Windows allowed strong sunlight to pour through the glass causing excessive heat and glare• Reduce fading of merchandise Visible Light Shading Solar Heat Ultraviolet Total Solar ReflectivitySolution: Transmitted Coefficient Gain Rejected Energy Coefficient Rejected Spectrally Selective 62% 0.52 0.45 99.9% 55% 8% Film VS60
  15. 15. YEAR ROUNDENERGY SAVINGSFaster Payback and BetterResults
  16. 16. Save Energy in Every SeasonHow Does EnerLogic work?• Low-e coating redirects solar and radiant energy back to their source.• EnerLogic adds as much as 92% more insulating power to your window glass.• Sunlight stays, while excess glare, excess heat, and UV radiation virtually disappear.
  17. 17. Insulating PowerHow Does EnerLogic upgrade windows?It Gives single-pane windows the insulatingperformance of double-pane windows and givesdouble-pane windows triple-paneperformance.
  18. 18. Payback AnalysisHow fast will EnerLogic pay for itself?• Payback can be in as little as 2.75 years.• Because the cost to upgrade a building with EnerLogic is typically much less than the cost involved with other upgrades, and because EnerLogic is often eligible for utility company rebates, your return on investment comes even faster.• Annual energy savings of $0.209 per sq. ft. of floor space.
  19. 19. ENHANCEDVISUAL IMPACTEndless Possibilities
  20. 20. Product Benefits• Endless design possibilities• Cost effective alternative to etched glass• Enhanced privacy• Reduced eye strain• Custom corporate image• Easy to update and change• Durable and easy to maintain• Decorative films can transform any glazing into a design element.• The product offering combined with your creativity allow for an array of color and design options.
  21. 21. Custom Designs• Custom designs can be cut by hand or with a computer and plotter.• Films may be used in multiple layers to create unique colors and patterns.
  22. 22. Product Offering• Frost films Logos & – White frost Custom – Bronze frost Effects – Silver frost – Etched frost – Dusted Crystal – Mist – Glacier – White matte – Black matte Enhanced Privacy
  23. 23. Case Study• Land & Titles Office – Matte film was applied in these offices to increase privacy and allow some visibility. – The decorative effect was achieved at a substantially reduced cost to etched glass.
  24. 24. Case Study• Banco Mundial Japonis – Frosted film can be hand – cut to any pattern to create your own unique designs. – The stripes appear to be sandblasted onto the glass.
  25. 25. Case Study• Australian Board Room – Hand cut pattern was used to customize board room. – The pattern echoes the design and theme established in the reception area.
  26. 26. Product Offering• Patterned Films Cost Effective – Stripes Alternative to – Matte Stripes Etched Glass – Bands – Thin Lines – Small Dots – Matte Small Dots – Mini Dots – Squares – Matte Squares – Frosted Sparkle – Rice Paper – Fiberglass
  27. 27. Case Study: Cory Everson Gym• Square Frosted Film gives this fitness center a sophisticated appearance while offering privacy to clients using the exercise equipment inside.
  28. 28. Product OfferingSpecialties Films – Red – Yellow – Blue – Green – White – Matte Black Interior Design
  29. 29. MITIGATEDAMAGESecurity and Piece of Mind
  30. 30. Safety and Security FilmsPrimary Benefits – Hold shards of glass together in the event of failure of a glazing system. – Help reduce the risks of injury associated with failed glass. – Specialized applications can mitigate damage in the event of blast or violent acts of nature and limit damage to interior furnishings and valuable equipment.
  31. 31. Reduce Loss From Smash and Grab
  32. 32. Mitigate Damage During Blast Events
  33. 33. Reduce Loss During Natural Disasters Window films can hold shattered glass together during natural disasters such as wind storms and earthquakes.
  34. 34. Tested Tough, Meets the Most Stringent StandardsSuitable for a broad range ofapplications, LLumar offers safety filmsmeeting numerous certifications and teststandards in the United States, Europeand around the world, including:• ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat I and II• General Services Administration (GSA) and United Facilities Criteria (UFC)• ASTM Large Missile Level C and Small Missile requirements• Underwriters Laboratory UL972 Forced Entry requirements• Factory Mutual FM Approvals 4350 Windstorm Testing Small Missile• EN356, level P2A
  35. 35. Methods of Vandalism• Tagging with carbon tipped instruments• Painting• Etching with hydro - fluoric acid
  36. 36. Reducing Damage From VandalsThe application of anti-graffiti filmas a sacrificial shield to protectthe surface beneath. The film canbe applied to glass, stainlesssteel, mirrors and laminates. Itcan be removed after damage toreveal a pristine surface.
  37. 37. Conclusion Window films can solve glazing problems in the retail environment. HELP CONTROL YEAR ROUND ENHANCE VISUAL MITIGATE DAMAGE THE SUN ENERGY SAVINGS IMPACT• Reduce factors Reflects heat out Available in a Helps resist contributing to in summer, and variety of hues impact and fading. locks it in during and patterns, keep particles• Control heat and winter. providing safely in place reduce glare. unlimited options. if glass is broken.
  38. 38. Contacting Solutia’s Performance Films DivisionNational Accounts AdministratorPhone – 888-257-5470Fax – 314-674-1242Email –