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Global HR - The Talent Grid
Global HR - The Talent Grid
Global HR - The Talent Grid
Global HR - The Talent Grid
Global HR - The Talent Grid
Global HR - The Talent Grid
Global HR - The Talent Grid
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Global HR - The Talent Grid


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The Talent Grid connects you to all critical talent drivers in order to support your business efforts. Global HR will support you at every step on the journey to becoming a talent centric …

The Talent Grid connects you to all critical talent drivers in order to support your business efforts. Global HR will support you at every step on the journey to becoming a talent centric organisation!

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  • 2. inside Getting started To support clients with the scope and scale to manage talent across the employee life cycle, we have developed a 360 degree HR services model Our approach puts process in the forefront, understanding the value creation in driving front end HR results such as employee engagement, Getting started p3 with an integrated onsite and performance and retention. shared services approach. Service lines p5 Our frameworks and consulting Our value proposition p6 The result is greater scalability services provide direction and Emirati Employment Compliance (EEC) p7 and increased capability. best practices for leveraging The next generation approach p9 Our blended service model your in-house resources or The Talent Grid p9 gives us the flexibility to scale filling the gaps. up operations to support How do we get it done p9 HR projects and effectively Global HR goes beyond Finding the right fit p9 manage resources to match consulting by empowering Talent matching p9 clients’ business needs. our clients with cost effective, Leveraging your employee networks p9 performance driven and As an early innovator in implementable solutions, using Onboarding solutions p10 the business, Global HR is some of the finest globally Decrease time to proficiency p10 introducing many concepts available talent and Emirati Decrease the turnover of employees within the first year p10 that will give strength to the expertise. Pre-hire data is a powerful resource p10 healthcare industry. Integration into the Talent Grid p10 Kick-Start Performance Management and Development p10 Energise your organisation Contact p11 of your most valuable assets Generation, transportation and distribution The Talent Grid connects you to all critical talent If you’re not hiring enough top talent, you have a problem. drivers in order to support your business efforts. If things are getting worse rather than better, you have a Global HR will support you at every step on the journey to becoming a talent centric organisation! bigger problem. If you’re using more high-priced contract employees or more external search firms to fill in the gaps to meet hiring needs, you’re masking the problem. Identifying the problems and providing a full end-to-end solution is where we excel!Global HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group company Global HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group companyThe Talent Grid The Talent Grid
  • 3. Aligning Global talent and 360° HR Solutions local expertise people, processes, BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION & HR SYSTEMS Evaluating your HR processes HR OPERATIONS Our objective is to ensure your workforce receives the and from a talent-centric highest standards of service. standpoint. Offering you Our team is comprised of practical solutions to improve seasoned professionals with your organisation effectiveness, extensive experience in the technology policies, procedures and area of Employee Relations, process architecture. HR Compliance, Payroll Benchmarking your SLAs Administration, day to day against your industry peers and HR, and all HR administrative enhancing automation with functions. best of breed HR systems. TALENT ACQUISITION TALENT MANAGEMENT Our scalable solutions yield Build a competitive, improvements in retention, measurable, and sustainable consistency, quality, cost- human capital advantage control, and Emirati through advanced talent Employment Compliance (EEC). management and excellence in execution. Create a robust alignment that fully engages people in the tools they use and the processes they support. Driving effectiveness Employees want to work for successful 89% 50% organisations and Over half of the for leaders with the workforce is looking capacity to implement outside of the strategy and create organisation for success growth opportunitiesGlobal HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group company Global HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group companyThe Talent Grid The Talent Grid
  • 4. Our value proposition It’s time for SUCCESS! The advancement ofDELIVERING SOLUTIONS THAT DRIVE Emirati talent is the single biggest HRBUSINESS RESULTS issue in the UAE and Global HR offers a broad range of solutions.DEPLOYMENT OF EMIRATI EMPLOYMENT COMPLIANCE (EEC) WILL SUPPORTYOUR PROGRESS IN CREATING SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIESFOR UAE NATIONALS IN THE HEALTHCARE SECTOR It is important to measure what has been accomplished through the implementation of the Emiratisation program and also to identify areas of opportunity for consideration in the future. Employers rarely venture beyond basics to try to evaluate levels of employee engagement, performance improvements, career progression and merit based total rewards improvements. In order to get results we need to move beyond basics to make the first step upstream. Global HR helps organisations with deployment of Emirati Employment Compliance (EEC) and delivering on their commitments to the government of UAE and their leadership. By establishing EEC we will help you to make sure that the talent supply chain management process bringing Emiratis in to the organisation tracks critical success factors (i.e. number of positions earmarked for the Nationals, sources of the candidates, interview results, hiring success rates for HR and hiring managers and candidate satisfaction levels). EEC is typically led and managed by an EEC Officer who will serve as a main contact between all stakeholders in the hiring process (i.e. HR Management, Recruitment, Onboarding and Hiring Managers). The EEC Officer will acquire information and requirements from stakeholders and manage the process with the help of HR Systems specifically customised by Global HR for this purpose. The EEC Officer will disseminate the feedback as needed through the organisation and provide plans with advice and expertise about EEC compliance. The EEC Officer will conduct internal compliance audits and write corrective action plans to ensure timely completion and compliance with regulatory requirements.Global HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group company Global HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group companyThe Talent Grid The Talent Grid
  • 5. Internally hired leaders reach Above all, employees want senior competence in a new role 50% leaders to acknowledge their work and value their contribution. Leadership that faster delivers a system of then external hires meritocracy will be rewarded with higher levels of engagement The next generation How do we get it done information in most cases, is never exposed to the and better business approach People data is an ever increasingly valuable business leaders. performance. resource in leading businesses. We collate Ideally, business leaders should have clear Our mission is to help organisations improve and use this data as a basis for our decision visibility into the talents of candidates as well as performance through effective people making process. Global HR is using talent data employees so they can fish for talent in a deeper management and through delivering solutions and insights to drive organisational success by and wider pool. This, in turn, can reduce time to across the employee life cycle in order to align unlocking the power of our people. hire and improve quality of hire. talent strategy with business strategy. The ability to access the top talent is essential for We track down top At Global HR, we equip the decision makers with the right talent data and insights to help them an effective workforce strategy. Furthermore the talent fast make better recruitment decisions. ability to manage the talent supply chain with a At Global HR, we are quick to find you the best comprehensive yet practical approach provides talent. That said, we will never compromise significant business advantages. the quality of hire with speed of hire. We do Finding the right fit everything in our power to make sure you are Although visibility is key, sifting through The Talent Grid hiring the best people for the job. mountains of data to match skills, quality with the job requirements can be a lengthy task. The holistic approach of our Talent Grid starts Our team’s refined industry knowledge will be put Global HR provides the talent matching tools and with addressing talent acquisition and supplier to use in order to support your manager hiring decision support features that you need to make management across the full spectrum of your practises, advise on better talent matching and your decision fast. Matching technologies can talent segments, providing the vision and control. provide you with a greater ability to tap into bring the top five candidates who meet specific employee networks. criteria to the surface. The criteria should include We provide quantitative data you can use to the degree of match with existing top performers develop effective plans that will reduce risks and Many companies often look outside the firm when on your team. You already know what success ensure your project’s success. they need to fill a role, possibly overlooking the looks like. Talent solutions should help you find fact that the internal candidate pool could be a candidates who show the same promise as your Based on the gap analysis and recommended top performers, revealing the best matches to plentiful source of talent. improvements, we apply proven systems and help you make better decisions faster. process for ensuring that spend, visibility and Your existing employees already are embedded participation are optimised in The Talent Grid. into company culture and have invaluable insight into the dynamics of your business and have pre- Leveraging your In the delivery stage our program managers coordinate your workforce objectives across established relationships with the other people employee networks who work there. By tapping into your employee networks, you local, global and specialised markets to ensure a could find your next top performers even quicker. seamless delivery of the top talent. Our dedicated Studies show that internally hired leaders reach HOW People attract likeminded people, so it’s likely network of suppliers helps make sure that we competence in a new role 50 per cent faster than that your best employees could have some great always have access to the best candidates of all external hires Why not monopolise on that? talent in their network that your business could skill sets. use. Global HR will offer you solutions that easily Often the problem is that the majority of enable employees to promote openings across An integrated system of project management companies don’t maintain in depth records of the their networks can lead to better-quality hires and control enables our clients to monitor the skills of their current employees. If they do, they TO GET ON who are a better fit for high-performing cultures. progress of each project in terms of integrated are often locked away in the HR archives, so the cost, schedule, and performance measures. THE TALENT GRIDGlobal HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group company Global HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group companyThe Talent Grid The Talent Grid
  • 6. If the turnover continues at such a rate, the When new employees are able to review theOnboarding solutions backfilling process quickly spirals into a full profiles of their teammates and other colleagues, Smart leaders will also beginThe quality and scope of your induction process is time job. You can take control and decrease the they are likely to assimilate with those who employee development fromcritical to your business success. chances of a quick quit with a greater focus on have shared skills, roles, interests, or hobbies. initiation onwards. talent data to support better talent decisions. By providing these opportunities for chances toA thoroughly planned induction process can help improve connections with their colleagues canprovide real strategic value to your company. Byinvesting time into a structured induction you can Pre-hire data is a create a sense of belonging and improve company loyalty.reduce the time it takes for employees to settle powerful resourceand perform in their role, as well as increaseretention rates. Candidate data from the recruiting process should Kick-Start Performance be merged with the new employee talent profile without amends. This data then needs to be Management andAgain, creating such a program relies on talentintelligence – insights, data and in-workflow available to management, not locked away in the Development archives.decision support aiding your business leaders. Employee performance management and development actually start before the One benefit of an external new hire is the employment contract is even signed. ExpectationsDecrease time to experience and fresh perspective they bring. must be managed before they agree to join and They add diversity to the skills pool and see theproficiency bigger picture. By extracting this new talent to there must be input and buy in from both sides. Most business leaders understand these needs atThe quicker a new recruit feels settled into their aid better decision making, not only benefits the some level. What’s often missing is a procedure Global HR, an Emirates Ownership From the company perspective, your responsibilityjob, the quicker they will reach proficiency. business but affirms to the new hire the value of is to ensure that the role is clearly articulated put in place to make sure it happens. Talent Advanced Investments Global HR LLC is a member of Emirates Advanced them to the company. This in turn can increase systems can simplify this alignment process and Investments Group. As an Emirati company, weIncreased productivity is beneficial throughoutbusiness functions, helping the organisation engagement and retention. and that the role employee will play in the the follow up process, by identifying the necessary Group company empower the UAE and its people through transfer organisation is outlined. The person’s personalachieve its overarching goals. A faster path to actions to be taken to achieve these goals. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab of knowledge and by hiring and developing local goals need to be aligned as closely as possibleproductivity can be achieved with training and By referring back to this data source, you as a Emirates, we offer solutions in the areas of Talent talent. with overall organisation’s objectives.knowledge sharing. business are better placed to deploy your new Such solutions enable business leaders to focus on Acquisition, Talent Management, HR Operations talent against initiatives that are well suited to goal and development alignment from the outset, and Business Transformation & HR Systems. their unique experience and expertise. The opportunities for learning should be without forcing them to sacrifice time they spend ContactDecrease the turnover highlighted and encouraged. Training can be managing the rest of the team. Our focus is on giving the clarity to our clients We, at Global HR LLC, are looking forward to selected and adopted to help the individual reachof employees within the With access to better data, you can outperform their personal goals. helping them to make the right decisions and take hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact the norm and drive better business results. Once again, the key to more-efficient, more- the right actions. And our approach is grounded in us or +971 2 4036700.first year effective decision-making is the availability perspective — the kind that comes from our deepBringing a new person into the firm is a huge Integration into the of talent data and talent insights, including cascading goals, specific goals for other members experience working on a wide range of issues. We provideinvestment from the company, in time as well Talent Grid of the team, specific development and career But more important, our perspective begins at comprehensiveas money. Over time, the company is rewarded eye level — with a clear understanding of your To get the best out of the induction period plans for employees in similar roles, identifiedhandsomely for the investment, but it takes time. your company can facilitate opportunities gaps in the new hire’s current competencies, and that person’s near-term career aspirations. organization, the way you work, your goals and your challenges. By connecting the big picture help and advice for for connection building to help expand theIf turnover is high, the cost adds up and yourbusiness doesn’t get the opportunity to reap the employee’s new organisational network. The Talent Grid extends beyond Business and your picture, we help you achieve real-world results. organisations byrewards. Transformation and Talent Acquisition and we will be delighted to discuss with you how Global HR supporting them LLC can help you across employee life cycle. during every stage of the employee life cycle Define and isolate the specific factors that make your top performers excel, use these results to create a high performer profile and quantify the expense effectiveness of your organisation’s efforts to optimise high performers.Global HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group company Global HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group companyThe Talent Grid The Talent Grid
  • 7. gl balhran Emirates Advanced Investments Group company 360° HR SOLUTIONS SERVICING CLIENT’S NEEDS ACROSS EMPLOYEE LIFE CYCLETwitter @globalhruae - Follow us! | | HR LLC, an Emirates Advanced Investments Group companyThe Talent Grid