How to Sell Promotional Products as a Preferred Advertising Medium


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Promotional products are an effective advertising medium providing frequency, reach, target ability and a low cost per impression. Learn how to sell the like an advertising professional.

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How to Sell Promotional Products as a Preferred Advertising Medium

  1. 1. 1/27/14   Posi+on  Promo+onal  Products  As   a  Preferred  Adver+sing  Medium   Paul  A.  Kiewiet  MAS  CIP  CPC   Learning  Objec+ves   •    The  four  criteria  that  define  effec+ve   Are  Promo+onal  Products  an   Adver+sing  Medium?     Adver+sing  is  a  form  of  communica+on  intended  to   persuade  an  audience  (viewers,  readers  or  listeners)  to   purchase  or  take  some  ac+on   Where  does  adver+sing  fit  into  the   sales  funnel?   adver+sing.   •    The  three  factors  that  increase   adver+sing  reten+on  and   memorability.   •    The  ques+ons  you  need  to  ask  your   customers  before  recommending  a   product.   •  Who  is  your  compe++on?   •  How  to  choose  the  right  promo+onal   products  for  the  adver+sing   campaign.   Which  issues  can  promo+onal  products  address?   Adver+sing  effec+ve  is  based  on  four   criteria   •  adver&sing  frequency:   The  number  of  &mes  an   average  person  in  an   adver&ser’s  target  audience   is  exposed  to  an  ad  over   the  period  of  an   adver&ser’s  media   schedule.   1  
  2. 2. 1/27/14   Promo+onal  Products  =  Low  CPI   Effec+ve  ads  are  measured  by  Reach   •  adver&sing  reach:          The  es&mated  total  number   of  target  audience   individuals  or  homes   exposed  to  an  ad  at  least   once  over  the  period  of  an   adver&ser’s  media   schedule.   The  third  criteria  is  Targeted   •  Targeted  adver+sing  is   the  ability  of  the   medium  to  reach  a   specific  audience   defined  by   demographics,   psychographics,  and   behavioral  variables.   Targeted:    Carry  a  message  to  a     well-­‐defined  audience.   Seniors 4.  Cost  Per  Impression   Kids And everyone in between Cost  Per  Impression  (CPI  or  CPM)   •  Cost  per  impression  is   derived  from   adver+sing  cost  and  the   number  of  impressions.   •  Cost  per  impression      ($)   =  Adver+sing  cost  ($)  ÷   Number  of  Impressions   (#)   2  
  3. 3. 1/27/14   The  3  R’s  of  Reten+on  of  Adver+sing   Messages   ! Relevance:    The  message  must  relate  to  the  lifestyle,   needs,  values  or  aspira+ons  of  the  target  audience.   ! Repe&&on:    The  audience  must  be  exposed  to  the   message  mul+ple  +mes  for  the  recipient  to  retain  it.   ! Reward:    The  message  must  promise  to  create   pleasure  or  reduce  pain,  save  money  or  increase   income  or  in  some  way  reward  the  recipient.   Sell  Like  an  Adver+sing  Pro   •  You’re  not  selling  a   product.   •  You’re  selling  a   solu+on.   •  You’re  selling  them   their  own  image   and  branding.   To  find  out  what  your  customer   needs,  ask  the  right  ques+ons.   •  What  was  your   most  successful   adver+sing  and   marke+ng   campaign?   •  What  was  your   worst?   Recognizing  Individual  Passions   •  Relevance   •  Repe++on   •  Reward   If  you  want  becer  answers,  ask   becer  ques+ons.   •  What  are  your   objec+ves?   •  Who  do  you  want   to  reach?   •  How  do  you  want   to  make  them  feel?   Find  the  Pain.  Be  the  Aspirin.   •  What’s  the  biggest   barrier  to  achieving   your  goals?   •  What  keeps  you  up   at  night?   •  What’s  your  biggest   struggle  with  your   top  accounts?   3  
  4. 4. 1/27/14   Your  Media  Compe++on     and  Sales  Comparisons   And  3  Not  To  Ask.  Yet.   •  How  many  do  you   need?   •  When  do  you  need   them?   •  How  much  are  you   willing  to  spend?   -.02% Internet 26.0 31.7 21.8% Point of Purchase 23.0 24.2 Cable TV 21.3 22.9 7.8% Newspaper 22.6 20.7 -9.2% Consumer Magazines 20.1 20.1 0.0% Event Marketing 17.2 18.1 5.5% Promotional Products 16.6 17.7 7.2% Radio 17.3 17.4 1.0% Business Magazines 7.4 7.7 3.8% Billboards 6.1 6.4 3.8 4.0 5.2% .06 1.6 148% Totals Media Method % 274 288 5% 4.8% 4.9% Forms  of  Adver+sing  -­‐  Magazine   •  Four  color   •  Targeted   •  Can  communicate   details   •  Frequency   •  Pass  along   Forms  of  Adver+sing  -­‐  Radio   –  genre,     –  host,     –  community   4.8% 45.1 Mobile Phone Advertising •  :10,  :15,  :30  and  :60   seconds   •  Fragmented   •  Drivers,  Office  Workers   •  Satellite  Radio   •  Affilia+on  with     50.1 45.2 Product Placement •  Time  Focus  –  great  for   sales   •  Geographic  target   •  Older  Audience   •  Short  ad  life   2011 47.8 Television Forms  of  Adver+sing  -­‐  Newspaper   2010 Direct Mail Forms  of  Adver+sing  -­‐  TV   :30,  :60  second  ads   Infomercials   Mass  –  SuperBowl   Niche  –  Food  Network   Fragmented   Upwards  of  85   channels   •  DVRs,  OnDemand,   PPV   •  •  •  •  •  •  4  
  5. 5. 1/27/14   Cable  TV   Forms  of  Adver+sing  -­‐  Outdoor   •  Loca+on,  Loca+on,   Loca+on   •  Short  acen+on   •  Direc+onal  for   acrac+ons   •  Commuters,  travelers,   locals   •  Local  adver+sing  on   diverse  offerings  of   programming.   •  Low  cost  for  ads   •  Low  produc+on  costs   •  Targeted   Forms  of  Adver+sing  -­‐  Mobile   •  Loca+on  based   •  Younger   audience   •  The  USA  is  about   10  yrs  behind   Japan  and  5  yrs   behind  Europe   •  Opt-­‐in  only   •  Very  personal   Coordina+ng  Promo+onal  Products  with   Other  Media:    Online   •  Offer  promo+onal  products   as  a  giq  for     –  Op+ng  in  for  newslecer   –  Taking  a  survey   –  Visi+ng  a  website   –  Online  sweepstakes   –  Deliver  online  promo   codes   Forms  of  Adver+sing  -­‐  Internet   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Banner  Ads   Pay  Per  Click   Contextual   Affiliate     Email   Behavioral   Websites   Videos   Coordina+ng  Promo+onal  Products   with  Mobile  Media   •  Giq  for  op+ng-­‐in   •  As  a  delivery  device  for   mobile  codes   •  As  an  incen+ve  for   responding  to  a  mobile  ad.     (Next  50  visitors  get  a  tee-­‐ shirt).   5  
  6. 6. 1/27/14   Coordina+ng  Promo+onal  Products  with   Print  Adver+sing   •  •  •  •  •  Make  ads  measurable   Giq  with  new  subscrip+ons   Match  code  or  symbol   Ad  Spocer  Promo+ons   Con+nuity  of  message  from   ad  to  event   Coordina+ng  Promo+onal  Products  with   Outdoor  Adver+sing   •  Extend  an  image   •  Add  ROI  measureability   •  Incen+ve  for  direc+onal  ad   (men+on  this  ad  and  receive  a   free  travel  mug  with  your   beverage)   •  Auto-­‐related  promo+onal   products.   Finding  Extra  Budget  Money   Coordina+ng  Promo+onal  Products  with   Radio  Adver+sing   •  Create  a  measureable   promo+on   •  Extend  on-­‐air  personality   •  Develop  sense  of  community   •  Create  involvement  events  –   ie  boss  of  the  week.   •  Recreate  sound  branding.   •  Get  outside  of  the  studio   Coordina+ng  Promo+onal  Products  with   Television  Adver+sing   ! Make  it  measureable   ! Dimensional  characters,   spokesmen,  symbols  –   plush,  miniatures.   ! Add  missing  senses  cues  –   taste,  touch,  smell   ! Extend  visual  and  audio   messages.   Co-­‐op  Adver+sing   •  Co-­‐op  is  a  cost-­‐sharing   arrangement  in  which   manufacturers  and  suppliers   provide  financial  assistance  for   customers'  adver+sing  programs.   •   Co-­‐op  adver+sing  works  in  a   number  of  ways.  For  example,  a   retailer  can  buy  goods  from  a   manufacturer  and  accrue  co-­‐op   funds  based  on  the  amount  of   purchase.  Those  funds  can  be   returned  in  the  form  of  a  cash   rebate,  a  credit  to  the  retailer's   account,  or  in  products.   6  
  7. 7. 1/27/14   Strengths  of  Promo+onal  Products   •  Name  a  medium  that   moves  people  to  say   “Thank  You”   •  Other  media  “interrupt”   Ours  “engages”   •  Our  media  is  the   beginning  of  a   rela+onship!   Engaging  the  Senses   Of all the advertising and promotional media, only Promotional Products touch all five senses: Sight Sound Taste The  Medium  of  Engagement   •  An  industry  born  to   touch  people.   –  A  printer   –  A  slow  week   –  A  clumsy  kid   –  A  bright  idea   Touch Smell Tangible  and  Long  Las+ng   ! Your  calendar   ! Watch   ! Your  favorite  tee  shirt   ! Your  favorite  cap   ! Coffee  Mug   ! Pen   ! Journal   ! Golf  Ball  (well,  maybe  not   quite  as  long-­‐las+ng)   Easily  Distributed   ! Direct  Mail   ! In-­‐store   ! Trade  Show   ! Person  to  Person   ! Display   ! Experien+al   ! Event  Marke+ng   7  
  8. 8. 1/27/14   Complements  Other  Adver+sing  Media   Crea+ve   •  Bring  other  media   to  life.   •  Extend  memories  of   posi+ve  encounters   with  a  brand.   It’s  not  what  a  product  does,                               it’s  what  a  product  means.   •  •  •  •  •  Tangible,     memories,     meaning,     passion,     affilia+on   with  a  cause.   Sell  Our  Strengths   •  Frequency   •  Targetability   •  Low  Cost  Per   Impression   •  Sell  reach  in  terms   of  collateral   exposure.   Establish  Promo+onal  Products  as  a   Powerful  Strategic  Adver+sing  Medium   1.  Don’t  sell  junk.  Leave  money   on  the  table.  You  can  pick  it  up   later.   2.  Come  in  with  a  notebook  and   pen,  come  back  with  an   adver+sing  plan  to  reach  the   right  audience,  with  the  right   message,  at  the  right  +me.   3.  Explain  why  your  solu+on  can   solve  their  problem.   Become  an  Adver+sing  Professional   •  Ask  the  right   ques+ons   •  Search  for  solu+ons   •  Know  your  medium   •  Prescrip+on  without   diagnosis  is   malprac+ce!   8  
  9. 9. 1/27/14   If  you  would  like  to  discuss  further,   please  contact  me  at:   Paul  A.  Kiewiet  MAS  CIP  CPC   269-­‐806-­‐4489   Follow  me  on  Twicer,  LinkedIn,  Facebook   @paulkiewiet     For  a  free  monthly  newslecer  –  call    or  email  me.   9