What to bring offshore
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What to bring offshore

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A list of things that you need to bring your first time working on an oil rig.

A list of things that you need to bring your first time working on an oil rig.

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  • 1. First Time Offshore: Whatto Bring
  • 2. First Time Offshore• Your first time offshore can be tough if youdon’t know what you need to bring.
  • 3. Hard Hat (Required)• You’ll definitely need ahard hat to keep yournoggin safe.– White hard hats arestandard– Green hard hats arenormally worn by shortservice employees(often required byoperator)
  • 4. Steel Toe Boots (Required)• Steel toe boots will keepyour toes safe in case youdrop something on them.– Rubber boots are good forthe drill floor because somedrilling fluids will shrinkleather boots– Leather boots are good ifyou’re not working on thedrill floor because they aremore comfortable
  • 5. Gloves• The gloves you choosedepends on your job.– Dot gloves are good if youget a lot of grease on yourhands. You can just throwthem away– Ghost gloves are good ifyou need to be able to useyour fingertips– Ergodyne gloves are prettyrad. They protect yourknuckles and are good forrigging.
  • 6. Offshore Bag• Offshore bags are built to last longer thana traditional bag.– Of course we recommend a Bad Ass WorkBag because, well, they are Bad Ass!
  • 7. Toiletries• Bring everything you need to keep yourselfmanly.– Toothbrush & toothpaste– Body wash (Bar soap can hold bacteria)– Shampoo– Deoderant
  • 8. Cover-Alls• Most of the majorsprovide coveralls whenworking offshore– Check with yoursupervisor whether theyprovide coveralls or if youshould bring some oldjeans and shirts.
  • 9. Three changes of clothes• You might get dirty. Bring at least threepairs of clothes so you don’t have to dolaundry every night.– T-shirts– Underwear– Socks
  • 10. Life Vest (Possibly Required)• Life Vests are sometimesrequired when going toproduction platforms
  • 11. Dramamine• Prevent seasicknessbefore it happens.
  • 12. Tools• Depending on your job, you may need tobring certain types of tools to completeyour job.– Check with your supervisor to make sure youhave the right equipment!