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  • 1. UNEKA CONCEPTS, INC. DESIGNED BY : UNEKA CONCEPTS, INC From Concept To Consumer Confidential: Intellectual Property of UNEKA CONCEPTS, INC. Copyright 2009©
  • 2. Company Overview
    • Green, Local and Inventive
    •   Uneka Concepts [ you-knee-ka] is an innovative product development company that specializes in leading-edge packaging solutions.
    • Uneka was founded in 2000 to serve a unique and growing market. More and more packaging companies and manufacturing firms now require design services near their US Headquarters, along with the ability to have packaging components produced close to their offshore manufacturing facilities.
    • Employing a Design Locally, Source Globally approach, Uneka Concepts has developed a global network of sales and manufacturing offices to meet that need:
    • Design Center – San Francisco, CA
    • Sales Offices – San Francisco, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Cleveland, OH
    • Our Partners Manufacturing Offices – China (Shenzhen/DongGuan, Shanghai/Suzhou, Hangzhou, Kunshan, Yantai), Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand
    Confidential: Intellectual Property of UNEKA CONCEPTS, INC. Copyright 2009©
  • 3. Why our customers choose us.
    • Uneka clients find our true value in that rare combination of excellence in design and the spirit of innovation we bring to their packaging and supply chain.
    • At Uneka Concepts we are first and foremost problem solvers. Whether the challenges are aesthetic, budgetary or brand differentiation, our strength lies in identifying the problem and providing a solution.
    • Our experience in international packaging and design allows us to localize and, most importantly, deliver on the varied components that our clients require.
    • Unlike many product development companies, Uneka is fully committed to providing solutions that not only meet the criteria but exceed the expectations of our clients.
    • Our development process and professionalism ensures that we consistently arrive at innovative solutions that Uneka and our partners have the ability to localize.
    Confidential: Intellectual Property of UNEKA CONCEPTS, INC. Copyright 2009©
  • 4. Design
    • We look at all aspects of the packaging, including branding, uniqueness, sustainability, consumer experience, material cost, handling and logistics costs, and the retailer.
    • We meet with the contract manufacturer, examine the pack out line, review the distribution cycle, discuss the consumer demographic, all the way to the retailers where the product will ultimately ship.
    • We work with all types of printing and boxes (folding cartons, SFL, corrugated, rigid boxes), thermoformed plastics, injection-molded plastics, molded pulp, molded EVA, sewn cases, metal and wood, to name just a few.
    • Our designers work in ProE, Solidworks and do renderings with Bunk Speed software.
    • They’re also highly proficient with the entire Adobe Creative Suite
  • 5. With whom we play
    • Our clients come from diverse and varied industries. Our sales and design personnel have experience in Consumer Electronics, Industrial Mfg’s, Sporting Goods, Cosmetics, Medical, and Household goods. Our clients include some of the stalwarts of their respective industries. 
    • A short list of these clients include:
    • .
    Confidential: Intellectual Property of UNEKA CONCEPTS, INC. Copyright 2009©
  • 6. Confidential: Intellectual Property of UNEKA CONCEPTS, INC. Copyright 2008©
  • 7.  
  • 8. Eco friendly RETAIL PACKAGING w/ PULP
  • 9. Pulp Trays
  • 10. Molded bamboo: biodegradable & compostable
  • 11. Molded pulp: biodegradable & compostable
  • 12. New Markets Confidential: Intellectual Property of UNEKA CONCEPTS, INC. Copyright 2008©
    • Ecological awareness
    • Uneka has a strong interest and a proven track record in providing global ecologically friendly packaging solutions. We continue to identify materials, processes and make methods that allow us to bring a sustainable value proposition solution to our many clients who make ecology a focal point of their business.
    • Uneka’s presence in this arena has been effective and dramatic.
    • HP laptop Bag – Wal-Mart Packaging Design Winner in 2008 - designed and sourced by Uneka
    • Motorola – Unique butterfly solution continues to save millions of $’s in packaging waste
    • SanDisk – Uneka-designed clam cases for flash memory realized massive airfreight saving over a two-year period
    • Amazon – Uneka designed an eco package of molded pulp and a biodegradable plastic tray