Best Wordpress Customization Tools And Ways At One Stop


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Wordpress Customization – finest way to give your website a new look and raise your business demands. Through various tools, plug-ins and some changes in themes will give your website a new look. In this document you will gather more information about the how to customize your wordpress website.

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Best Wordpress Customization Tools And Ways At One Stop

  1. 1. Best Wordpress Customization Tools And Ways At One stopWhy Wordpress Customization? • Wordpress platform is best place where business brings their customer at one place. • Various features and functions to do makeover of your blogs and websites • Help you get an edge over your competitors and even help enhance your annual ROI too • Interesting features you can benefit from while going for wordpress customization are banner ads, image galleries, photo galleries, videos, community polls, surveys and lot more10 Ways To Customize Wordpress Site • Custom Default Gravatar Custom Gravatar, helping to further establish and solidify your branding. Once you have this gravatar in place, the more faceless interactions that take place throughout your blog, the more it will build brand consistency for your site. • Style Author Comments Styling author’s comments differently than the rest of them left by your readers, can really help the author’s replies stand out to those who are specifically looking for more input from them • Improvise and add more to About Page Give them a large leg up in this search for more about you with an awesome, detailed About Page
  2. 2. • Use Footer Space Effectively It simply rests there at the bottom of the page as a mere placeholder for copyright info and announcements about which CMS powers the site. • Have a Unique & Useful 404 PageThis interrupted introduction to impart to them a goodsense of what kind of blog you have and what they canexpect from your site • Incorporate Social Media By incorporating your social media activities and accounts into your blog, you are opening up more avenues for that insight and interactiveness with your readers • Highlight Your Authors Well To Give importance to your guest authors.
  3. 3. • Engage Your Readers Engaging your readers shows that you are active and listening to them, and it lets them know that you value their input as much as they value yours. • Personalize Your Login PageThis takes steps to strengthen your branding, and each step in thatdirection is one worth taking as it will help to build brand trust.Wordpress Tools • Cool Text - Allows you to create custom buttons, logos and more. • PicMonkey - Customize any photo or image, including cropping, adding text, making borders or resizing. • Urban Fonts - Thousands of free fonts to download and help you make custom text in headers and images. • - Free photo and image editor with lots of capabilities including making transparent images. • Icon Archive - Choose from thousands of free icons to download including social media icon sets.Best Wordpress E-Commerce Customization Tools • Woo Ecommerce • Cart66
  4. 4. • Shopp • WP E-CommerceGet more information and learn about Wordpress Customization by logging