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  • Essentially a talent agency for gurusGrowing at an average of 26% per month
  • Countries shown:CanadaUSMexicoBrazilArgentinaIrelandUKNetherlandsFranceGermanySpainIndiaHong KongPhilippinesAustraliaNew Zealand
  • “Twenty-year-olds are online every single moment of the day, and wherever they are…they’re also shopping. Brands are trying to close the gap between seeing an item and buying it − [focusing advertising efforts to] facilitate at the point of inspiration.”Pam SeidmanFormer VP, Express
  • Our mission is to manage and cultivate an innovative space allowing us to exclusively represent the advertising of our style and fashion gurus. Our community provides a broad and engaged global audience, reaching millions of viewers, thereby simplifying the media buying process for advertisers looking to reach our targeted audience.
  • We do the heavy lifting, alleviating the need for keeping up with what’s hot vs. what’s not

    1. 1. S P R I N G 2 0 1 2
    2. 2. Style Starts Here… 2
    3. 3. The Premiere Next Generation Fashion Destination StyleHaul is the #1 channel network on YouTube1 for style, fashion, beauty and shopping related video content. Our one-of-a-kind network aggregates and manages over 550 tailored style guru channels and over 25 channels of original programming under a single social fashion video platform. Serving a global audience of over 25mm1 hyper-engaged stylistas and fashionistas, StyleHaul is the ULTIMATE strategic destination for your brand. Source: 1) YouTube Analytics, 2012
    4. 4. Go-to Gurus Take The LeadBloggers have become the premiere resource for fashion and beautyinsight, cultivating a passionate audience of style-savvy shoppers. “With 15 of the top 20 brand influencers being personal bloggers, we‟re watching paid media and PR rapidly lose its power to dictate trends and influence people.” Mat Bickley Joyn
    5. 5. We’ve Got Gurus!StyleHaul has uniquely aggregated and tailored over 550 style gurus,resulting in the largest community of beauty influencers on the web… 205.8mm 8.9mm 54.8mm 131.9mm Video Views Video Views Video Views Video Views 126.9mm 30.6mm 87.2mm 59.9mm Video Views Video Views Video Views Video Views Source: YouTube CMS, March 2012
    6. 6. 16.8 Million Subscribers And Counting… 6
    7. 7. Building The Premiere Fashion PlatformBy uniquely managing these fashion-forward vloggers on a single platform,StyleHaul has quickly amassed a valuable audience of brand advocates: These videos are viewed 25mm 11% sometimes tens of thousands of times and influence buying. For instance, a Guess watch women 18-34 of the entire population built in less of women 18-24 endorsed in a haul video sold than one year1 on the web2 out immediately online. Indeed, a haul video can 16.8mm 27% produce the kind of viral marketing that retailers total network of European & US salivate over. subscribers growing consumers consult blogs at 26% per month1 before purchasing items3 Wendy Tanka Forbes Magazine Source: 1) YouTube Analytics, 2012; 2) ComScore, 2012; 3) Luxury Consumer Insight, 2011, Fondazione Altagamma
    8. 8. A Global VillageStyleHaul‟s presence in 16 countries worldwide attracts a significantaudience of multicultural fashion-oriented viewers: 8.5% reach among U.S. African American and Hispanic Women 18-341 2X more likely to reach U.S African American and Hispanic Women 18-341* 8 Source: 1) ComScore, 2012; *Versus National Average
    9. 9. Reaching Women At The Point Of InspirationStyleHaul‟s customized targeting plan leverages a hyper-engagedaudience of active, inspired stylistas and fashionistas: 1.5mm 1.25mm 38% network-wide network-wide have a household Facebook fans1 Twitter followers1 income of $75K+2 8.8mm 6.2mm 90min network-wide network-wide spent per month “likes” 1 comments1 on YouTube in any given month3 Source: 1) StyleHaul Internal; 2) ComScore, 2012; 4) YouTube
    10. 10. New Media For The Next GenerationAlongside a cast of leading fashion experts, StyleHaul‟s ground-breaking globalnew media studio produces a rich lineup of original lifestyle programming: Best of Leading DIY Entertainment Design On Community content Round-up A Dime Designer Custom Design On Fashion Insider Interviews Programming A Dime News
    11. 11. A Strong Showing On The Digital RunwayAt just over a year old, StyleHaul is well on its way to leading the marketin fashion video content: Total Monthly US Uniques1 Stylelist 6.8MM 6.3MM Glam Style 618K Hearst 151K Beauty & Fashion Network 113K 11 Source: 1) ComScore, March 2012
    12. 12. Keeping Up With The KardashiansBridging the gap between fashion television and YouTube,StyleHaul takes the lead, reaching more women 18-34 weekly: Total Weekly Viewers1 7MM1 CW 1.76MM2 ABC Family 1.46MM3 12 Source: 1) ComScore, March 2012; 2) TV By The Numbers, Zap2It, March 2012; 3) Around The Networks, December 2011
    13. 13. Unveiling Our Next Season…Original programming currently in development rounds out StyleHaul‟scollection with highly-contextual content based on the hottest beauty trends: CLOSET ENVY NAILED IT! MANI MATTERS Top Stylists take viewers Top Nail Art Channels Fashion insiders on a tour of noted compete for a chance interview celebrities in fashionista and to have their design spas across the country celebrity closets. worn by a celebrity to reveal trends for on the red carpet. the season. KIMBERLY COLE FASHION JOURNEY SUPERSTYLED PROJECT look book, trends. Top Hair Stylists conduct Featuring top fashion make-overs on the Styling behind a music bloggers……Different StyleHaul audience video/ photo shoot across the world. outfits, make-up and ways etc. Infusing music to dress for an event or and fashion worlds. adventure
    14. 14. N O W S H O W I N G : Y O U R B R A N D
    15. 15. The Right Place(ment) At The Right TimeActing as a style guru „agency‟ and new media studio, StyleHaul easily andstrategically seeds your brand across top-performing network channels: GOLD PLATINUM BLACK CARD • Video sponsorship • Guru community • New, ground- across StyleHaul programming breaking fashion network programming • Integrated • Overlay ads Programming • Exclusive brand specials • Rotational • Community contests programming premium media and sweeps • StyleHaul fashion • Homepage event programming take-overs
    16. 16. Gold Package• Contextual, Demo, Location targeted to engaged style & beauty enthusiasts• Guaranteed Share of Voice Pre-roll video with 300x60 Overlay with 300x250
    17. 17. Platinum Package Guru Programming 8 episodes featuring Style, Fashion or Beauty Gurus, Product Integration, Beauty Sampling, plus Gold View Online View Online Package Branded Video Editorial Brought to you by, contests and sweeps, product placement, created around content developed by industry leading stylists, View Online View Online bloggers and celebs
    18. 18. Black Card PackageStyleHaul Specials Custom Programming • Branded Custom Programming exclusively featuring the brands personalities and/or hand picked industry insiders/Gurus • Fashion Event Programming: 360 Event Integrated Programming and Offline event during Fashion Week Branded Custom Programming Fashion Event Programming View Online View Online
    19. 19. Real Life ActivationStyeHaul‟s innovative Ambassador Program takes fashion vlogger influenceoffline with branded in-store events at premiere global locations.
    20. 20. A n d M i l k S t u d i o s F A S H I O N W E E K
    21. 21. StyleHaul and Milk Studios
    22. 22. Milk Studios Fashion Week
    23. 23. Milk Studios Fashion Week
    24. 24. Kanye West Runway Show
    25. 25. Kanye West’s After Party at Milk Studios
    26. 26. T H E S T Y L E H A U L B U S H I T S N YC BRINGING STYLE TO THE STREETSThis Fashion Week, Hair Room Service andStyle Haul will bring beauty to the stylishstreets of NYC with “StyleHaul Bus.”oA co-branded glass truck will be outfitted with stylingchairs, stylists, beauty products and beautiful women eagerto try out a new looko Celebrities, Beauty editors and the public will be invitedaboard the Style Haul Bus to get a complimentary stylingtreatment, courtesy of Hair Room Service, Style Haul andADVERTISERo This unique, guerilla marketing program will present theADVERTISER as a product of choice among active, stylishwomen 26
    27. 27. STYLEHAUL BUS COMPONENTS T H E D E TA I L SWHO:• Hair Room Service, Style Haul, ADVERTISER and other select (non competitive partners) • two (2) hair stylists, one (1) make-up artist, one (1) nail artist (TBD) • approximately 60 clients serviced each day • thousands of additional on-site impressions from foot trafficWHERE:• TBD top locations in NYC such as (subject to change): • Lincoln Center • Surrounding blocksWHEN:• NY Fashion week 2012• 8 hours per dayWHY:• Bring ADVERTISER to the forefront in an exciting way, place product into the hands of theinfluential consumers, and make a splash thru this buzz-worthy program 27
    28. 28. Case Study: Olsenboye Client: Olsenboye at JCPenneys 8 Webisodes Total Challenge: Build awareness of new clothing launch during key BTS time to target teens Solution: Guru Programming. StyleHaul leveraged client‟s top teen influencers to create product reviews of the line, look-book inspirations and tips on how to incorporate the line into everyday wardrobe View Online Results: 550k+ views*, direct links to clothing line to drive sales 28 Source: YouTube, 2012
    29. 29. T H A N K Y O U !
    30. 30. A P P E N D I X