E catalogs Marketing & Developingpresentation


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A descriptive view on eCatalog production and development using SEO, Analytics and Marketing

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E catalogs Marketing & Developingpresentation

  1. 1. ePublication Development, Marketing & Analytics Presented By eCatalogs USA Paul Hendee
  2. 2. What Is ePublishing? Electronic Publishing Created from the same PDFs provided to a Traditional Printer – But, Different! ePublishing is less expensive to publish, and more efficient eCatalogs USA publishing is read on any electronic system that connects to the internet – with NO special software.
  3. 3. Publishing In The Past • Publishers supplied PDFs to the printer and hope they are correct per the printer • Printer Makes Plates • Digital Plates • Film & Plates • Web Press spreads ink on paper • Negative Environmental impact • High costs
  4. 4. Things To Think About • Ask Yourself • Does Print Media have appeal? • Can I use Rich Media? • Can I control Marketing? • Analytics - How do I know who is seeing my publishing and my product or info? • Where’s the value – Do I have an Upward Sale Scale?
  5. 5. Thanks To Technology, We Now Have ePublishing It Can Do So Much More, And Now We Can Too!
  6. 6. What Will eCatalogs U A Bring To The Publishing Table?
  7. 7. Your Business Partner • You Know Your Business • We Know Marketing & Presentation • We have a combined experience of over eighty years of Graphic Communication Development and Marketing • We know what works • • • We’ll explain the process We’ll prove the process When you succeed – We succeed.
  8. 8. Our ePublications Offer: • The most attractive design and medium • Most buyers use the internet to search for and review prospective product • Photography of product is professional • Designs are unique, attractive and Functional
  9. 9. Our ePublications Offer: • Hot links to corresponding URLs & e-mail • • Links to required e-mail addresses • • Links to further information on the web Links to Purchasing Forms Movies, Slide Shows or sound • Training & Informational movies • Narration or background Music
  10. 10. Our ePublications Offer: • Analytics – We Analyze and everything. report • How many viewed your eCatalog? • Where did they from? • How long did they spend on your Publication? • What pages did they view? • Did they share the publication?
  11. 11. What Does The catalog Offer? • ePublications offer Appeal • Most clients prefer Electronic Media • ePublication readership & effectiveness has steadily been on the rise
  12. 12. How Do We Market? Marketing can be accomplished by you, us, or a combination of both. Database e-mail Marketing From certified lists of known users of your product line. These lists can come from your e-mail Contact List, Customer Lists or a certified list management firm. A well designed e-mail is then sent to list. This e-mail can take the role of a News Letter.
  13. 13. Typical Marketing e-Mail or e-Newsletter
  14. 14. Pitfalls of Standard eBooks Many eBook developers lack greater function No links to purchase Difficult to market No SEO (Search Engine Optimization) No Analytics of use Requires special app, machine, format
  15. 15. Our ePublications Are Designed For Business
  16. 16. eCatalogs USA Format All Catalogs are web based Requires only any internet Connection, any browser on any platform Allows for SEO Allows for better product analytics Allows for end customer to purchase product faster and easier. Allows client to stay in touch with you
  17. 17. Other Benefits With an eCatalogs USA ePublishing: Movies, music and slide shows can be added Our ePublications can be easily shared by client’s customer (Viral Distribution) Our ePublications can be downloaded in ePub or MOBI format by your client Your Client or reader has greater control of readability
  18. 18. A White Paper Click here for perhaps the best White Paper on e-Publications: http://www.slideshare.net/shsengupta/e-bookwhite-paper-shivaji-sengupta-may-2010
  19. 19. eCatalogs USA We look forward to your visit to our website or e-mail requesting information: Website: http://eCatalogsUSA.com Contact: info@eCatalogsUSA.com Demo: http://ecatalogsusa.com/ecatalogs/AviaryDr Thank You For Your Interest. Please Check Back For More.