Oroverde Introduction


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This is a description of the Oro Verde Foundation.

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Oroverde Introduction

  1. 1. F U N D A C I Ó N Para la Cooperación y Desarrollo Tel:(506) 2265-0892; Cell:(506)8921-6624; E-mail: oroverde.cr@gmail.com Costa Rica, C.A. * Cédula Jurídica No. 3-006-250103 * T o B e C l o s e T o T h e C r e a t i o n Areas of Specific Focus (details on page 2) Environmental Research Environmental Education Environmental Protection Community Development and Biodiversity Studies It is in the heart of the and Remediation Realizing that man must Understanding is the classroom, the student, There are three principal live in and coexist with his first step toward that protection of our causes of environmental environment, the Oro Verde resolving our current destruction: ignorance, Foundation contributes to natural resources for apathy and greed. The training and educational environmental challenges. future generations will begin. Page 2 Oro Verde Foundation programs for students. Page 2 Page 2 works hard to formulate solutions for all of these. Page 2 I s T o B e C l o s e T o T h e C r e a t o r and trash disposal, and many other Introduction environmental infractions have yet to be adequately researched and their The Oro Verde Foundation (Fundación Oro Verde, para la Cooperación y el "human" causes have not yet been sufficiently addressed in Costa Rica. Desarrollo) is a non-profit organization created to develop definitive solutions Conservation is of utmost importance, for environmental concerns in Costa but it must be accompanied by attention to the social issues, which cause Rica. To fulfill this ambitious role, Oro Verde functions as a scientific research environmental exploitation and degradation. As we care for the service provider, an international education resource, an environmental environment and use our natural protection and reclamation resources responsibly we not only improve mankind's standard of living organization, and a community development service. and hope for the future, we also realign ourselves, in part, with the The Oro Verde Foundation is legally purpose for which we were created constituted under the laws of the and approximate ourselves to our Government of Costa Rica as a not for Creator, as stewards of His Creation. profit foundation, and has been written The Oro Verde Foundation is an in the Public Registry of this nation organization dedicated to finding under the Cedula Jurídica number of solutions to common environmental 3-006-250103. The correlating U.S. non- problems and their underlying social profit is 501(c)3. The principal legal causes, with the conviction that caring representative and foundation President for the environment is our morally and is MSc. Frank Gutiérrez Elías, Biologist historically entrusted responsibility. and former Environmental Consultant Deforestation, extinction, natural water to the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly. source pollution, wastewater treatment Fundación Oro Verde 1
  2. 2. F U N D A C I Ó N O R O V E R D E Areas of Specific Focus Environmental Research and Biodiversity Studies Community Development Realizing that man must live in and Understanding is the first step toward coexist with his environment, the resolving our current environmental challenges. As a Biologist, the Founder of Oro Oro Verde Foundation contributes to Verde has a keen interest in the study of the training and educational programs tremendous natural resources of Costa Rica. for students and community leaders. Through focused scientific research we gain This leads to improved knowledge of insight into the vast potential our conservation and protection methods surroundings have to offer. With a more complete understanding of for the biodiversity of the tropical forests in Costa Rica. how they function we are better equipped to preserve, manage and Researching and implementing Bio-Technology in Costa Rica benefit from them. Therefore, Biological study is a vital aspect of Oro can serve to build a proper symbiotic relationship between the Verde. As we gain more understanding of this valuable creation citizen and the environment. As communities grow, Oro Verde through focused scientific research, we also learn how to preserve, properly manage and use these resources in a sustainable manner for is there to help them discover and develop systems and the benefit of all Costa Ricans and those who visit our country to enjoy methods which carry minimal negative environmental impact our beautiful vistas. as a proper manner of planet stewardship. Environmental Education Environmental Protection and Remediation It is in the heart of the classroom, the The Oro Verde Foundation works hard to formulate solutions for the student, that protection of our natural three principal causes of resources for future generations will begin. environmental destruction: The Oro Verde Foundation is focused on ignorance, apathy and greed. creating strategic alliances with Ignorance is dispelled with organizations, businesses, and educational information. Through community institutions to inform students in Costa awareness programs and Rica of the great necessity to protect and preserve our unique and cooperation with local officials many infractions against the fragile natural environment. Taking the knowledge available and the environment can be avoided, as understanding will provide knowledge gained by our research, the Oro Verde Foundation the good people of Costa Rica with tools to work with formulates exciting lessons for students of all ages. Through videos, towards the remediation of environmental problems. interactive Internet, lectures, field trips, and training camps many will Apathy is more than an educated term for laziness. It is a continue to discover the vital relationship that man has with his willful decision not to do what is right due to a lack of environment. Emphasis is given to our God given responsibility to use concern. Information has a powerful affect in the mitigation these resources in a careful and managed way and to protect these of apathy. Oro Verde is focused upon providing compelling treasures from failure due to our ignorance, negligence and misuse. information of the benefits of being environmentally responsible and of existing legislation to create attitude Mission Statement changes where the environment is concerned. Through cooperation with governments, Greed is the most destructive force behind environmental communities and institutional organizations devastation in Costa Rica today. More than 164,000 hectares the Oro Verde Foundation successfully of Rain Forest have been lost in the last ten years. Oro Verde contributes to the lasting preservation of our contributes to the advancement of adequate and equitable natural resources through the advancement of environmental legislation as a means to address this environmental understanding, dissemination problem. In this particular issue, Oro Verde initiates projects of information as an international to stimulate programs of reforestation, using fast growing environmental education resource, implementation of this tree species that can be cultivated as a renewable resource to understanding to facilitate conservation and the proper use of our meet the demands of society for lumber products. In areas valuable natural resources, and through community development to where the environment has already been destroyed there avoid harmful forms of environmental exploitation in the future. must be a concerted effort to reforest with native species. To be close to the creation is to be close to the Creator 2 Fundación Oro Verde
  3. 3. F U N D A C I Ó N O R O V E R D E Goals and Objectives Present and Future Objectives ➡Establish the Oro Verde´s Private Other Activities Biological Reserve in the Osa Peninsula, Fundación Oro Verde is promoting ➡Research efforts in cooperation with Southern Costa Rica. focused interaction between rural and national and international universities. urban communities with their ➡Reforestation of farms neighboring environment. This involves placing ➡Investigative Studies for a proposed Biological Preserves with the labor special emphasis on biological, ecological International Airport in the Southern Zone assistance of national and and social research in the different of Costa Rica. geographical areas of Costa Rica and international volunteers. ➡Research into the prevention of Aviation ➡Design developing strategies to activate and implementation of participation of local government and Bird/Wildlife Strike in Costa Rica and Community Development programs residents during the planning and Central America. for the rural zone surrounding the implementation processes of ➡Development Oro Verde Wildlife Preserve. environmental programs. of Environment Management Plans for all airports in ➡The formation of private reserves through In addition, Oro Verde is creating the Costa Rica. Childhood, Youth and Their Environment assisting private owners and local Campaign, to share with teachers and ➡Creation of high quality educational governments. students of urban and rural schools. The materials and Television programming. subjects will be related to understanding ➡Reproduce Oro Verde´s projects in other the natural environment, the management ➡Establish Environmental Research and localities in Costa Rica and Central America. and preservation of protected areas, as well Education Center (BIO-ENZA). as the need of conserving the still unprotected national ecosystems. G O V E R N M E N T A L A N D N G O C O O P E R A T I V E A G R E E M E N T S  Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa  Regional Office of the Agricultural Rica, MINAE Development Office, (IDA), Liberia, Guanaste  Ministry of Hacienda of Costa Rica  School of Environmental Sciences, National  Dirección General de Aviación Civil, DGAC University, Heredia  Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología, CENAT  Regional Office of the Institute of Social Help (IMAS)  Organización Aviación Civil Internacional (OACI)  Municipality of Bagaces, Guanacaste  Comité CAR-SAM de Prevención del Peligro  Municipality of Liberia, Guanacaste Aviario y Fauna (CARSAMPAF)  Cooperativa de Agricultores SURCOOP,R.L.  Regional Office of the University UNED,  Regional Office of the Ministry of Culture and Liberia, Guanacaste Youth, Liberia, Guanaste Fundación Oro Verde 3
  4. 4. F U N D A C I Ó N O R O V E R D E Scheme of Participation Sponsors: of Sponsors *Institutions Oro Verde *Corporations Donations Foundation *Organizations *Government Trust Fund *Individuals Participation Investment *Environmental Study *Environmental Education *Environmental Protection and Redemption *Community Development Donor confidence is of utmost importance to the Oro Verde Foundation! R E S P O N S I B L E C O N T A C T S President and Chairman of the Board Vice President Sr. Frank Gutiérrez Elías Sr. Paul H. Cleath Environmental and Development Program, Director International Relations and Communications, Director Mr. Gutiérrez Elias is graduated from Mr. Cleath has over 30 Years International the Universidad Nacional, Heredia, Consulting, Leadership Development and with a degree in Environmental Biology Community Service experience in Eastern and in 1985. He has also completed Western Europe Europe, North, Central and important Post Graduate studies at the South America. Mr Cleath is an Centro Agronómico de Investigación y Enseñanza, (CATIE), and Instituto internationally oriented and experienced Interamericano de Ciencias Agrícolas, Communicator, Planner and Developer with a (IICA), both international institutions provide training of keen interest in Environmental Issues. He adds to Fundación Scientific and Environmental Technical Programs. He earned Oro Verde as a dynamic team player with written, verbal and his Master Degree in Projects Planning and has completed visual communication skills and is highly skilled in client Environmental Research Projects in the Wetlands of Los relations, project development, project implementation and Chilies in North Central Costa Rica and for the DGAC in Osa project delivery. Mr. Cleath has over 25 years experience in most recently. Mr. Gutiérrez Elías has served with the National Television Production, Marketing and Multimedia related Legislative Assembly from 1989 to 1995 as a Legislative fields and is a passionate and inventive creator of innovative Assistant to Senators. In this capacity he was responsible for Environmental Issues and the creation of necessary media products. Environmental Legislation. He has also participated through various scholarship programs for Environmental Issues Research, including extended visits to Israel, at the invitation of the Israeli Embassy in Costa Rica, the United States, Sweden, Holland and other sites where Environmental Issues Fundación Oro Verde are in focus. In 1998 Mr. Gutiérrez Elías founded Fundación Phone Cell: (506) 8921-6624 Oro Verde and has been actively pursuing the advancement of Fax: (506) 2237-6920 the Foundation on a full time basis since 1999. E-mail: oroverde.cr@gmail.com Copy Right © 2010 Fundación Oro Verde. All Rights Reserved.