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Social Media Marketing to Architects for Product Manufacturers
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Social Media Marketing to Architects for Product Manufacturers


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Presentation given by Pritesh Patel, Digital Marketing Manager for Pauley Creative at CIMCIG Marketing to Architects Seminar. February 2011.

Presentation given by Pritesh Patel, Digital Marketing Manager for Pauley Creative at CIMCIG Marketing to Architects Seminar. February 2011.

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  • 1. Social Media Marketing to Architects By @priteshpatel9 Blog: Twitter: @PauleyCreative Facebook:
  • 2. Overview  Background on Social Media  Why use Social Media?  Elements required?  Understanding your audience  Implementation  Measurement
  • 3. Social sites usage on the up
  • 4. What do people use Social sites for?  Read reviews and recommendations  Learn and educate themselves  Connect with like minded/industry peers  Connect with brands  Share content  Businesses use social media to ????
  • 5. “What can you use SocialMedia Marketing for?”
  • 6. Brand/Product Awareness Raise brand awareness What do architects think of your brand or your products? Are they loyal to your products?
  • 7. Lead Generation
  • 8. Increasing your reach Allow people and the media to share your content with others
  • 9. Improve Customer Service
  • 10. Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • 11. Stay ahead of the game
  • 12. “So what elements arerequired for a social mediastrategy?”
  • 13. Planning to go Social 1. Being able to listen 2. Contribute 3. Publish/Share 4. Add/Offer Value
  • 14. Identify who and where  Twibes  wefollow  Twellow  tCn  Twitter Search  Online Publications  Architects Websites
  • 15. Identify who and where
  • 16. Listen to what is being said
  • 17. Listen to what is being said
  • 18. Listen to what is being said Create brand or product alerts – (or your competitions)
  • 19. Listen to what is being said
  • 20. Respond when required
  • 21. “How can I target my contenttowards Architects?”
  • 22. When Architects search….  Are they researching?  Are they considering alternatives?  Are they specifying a product?
  • 23. Where are they searching?
  • 24. Use content to nurture
  • 25. “How do I implement my strategy?”
  • 26. Create conversations Engage with your audience, understand their needs Obtain qualitative feedback on your brand or products
  • 27. Technical Content Blogs, white papers, podcasts…..
  • 28. Visual Content Product reviews, installations, testimonials…..
  • 29. Visual Content
  • 30. Leverage industry profiles
  • 31. Develop relationships Online to Offline relationship building
  • 32. Join Relevant Groups
  • 33. Participate and share ideas
  • 34. Utilise Recommendations
  • 35. Tips for online content Make sure it’s optimised for the web Talk about something other than yourself Provide your audience with something which is useful Give your content some personality Keep it focused and relevant to your audience Generate links from other websites to your articles
  • 36. Think outside the box
  • 37. “How do I measure my social mediaactivities?”
  • 38. Measurement For brand building  For lead generation: Number of mentions  Visits/Views Increase in brand based searches  Time on site Increase in product searches  Subscriptions Increase in specifications  Web Enquiries  Downloads
  • 39. Measure social traffic
  • 40. Measure social traffic
  • 41. Measure conversions
  • 42. Case Study
  • 43. Sika Sarnafil Microsite
  • 44. Sika Sarnafil Twitter
  • 45. Sika Sarnafil Blog
  • 46. Summary Research and plan Find architects online and listen Engage with architects Publish content which adds value Monitor your brand/products online Measure and refine efforts when required
  • 47. Google ‘Pauley Creative blog’ for advice on online marketing forconstruction companiesGoogle ‘My Digital Insider’ to subscribe to our expert articles