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  1. 1. Paulina Cantú: CreativeCredentials and EducationWork ExperienceTranslationCopywritingPro-Bono Creative/PR/TalentPublicationsClientsRecommendations and contact
  2. 2. Paulina Cantú Bio and Credentials
  3. 3. Paulina Cantú: Education• BA Degree, Journalism and Literature ; MA Degree, Communications. University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio Texas - Rated among the Southwest’s top liberal arts schools.• Diplôme, Université Catholique de lOuest, Angers, Pays de la Loire, France - Accredited by the Ministère de lEnseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, France. TEF (test d’évaluation de français) and TCF (test de connaissance de français)• High School Diploma and IB: International Baccalaureate, American School Foundation, among top private institutions worldwide.• Other studies: Primary school, Alexander Bain Institute, among the top bilingual English programs worldwide.• English Literature Program, Guildhall School, London, UK.
  4. 4. Work Experience• MAS Consulting Group, New Media and Client Services• Computer Solutions, Web Content supervision and strategy, application development• Univision Communications, Univision Radio: Website manager and content producer for AMOR 95.1, 98.5 THE BEAT, ESTEREO LATINO 92.7, and KXTN Tejano.• HBC: Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation/ NETMIO.COM, San Antonio City Guide content writer• USAA: Technical and Grant writer, Bank.• Global Hue Advertising Traffic coordinator• Guerra DeBerry Cody, Garcia LKS: Internship• The Logos, UIW’s award winning newspaper: Style and Arts editor• Sin Fronteras, Editor, Award winning Literary Magazine, ASFG
  5. 5. MAS Consulting Group• Social Media creation and integration, PR/ direct mail design and copywriting for our international clients, both in English and Spanish• Management and integration of MAS website, social media, and blog• Account Management and Client Services• Copywriting, Creative, Promotion, Event Planning and Public Relations for our clients world wide• Web content writing and design• Proofreading, back translation and editing of copy• Pollie award winner for collaboration in HRT “Intro” spot.
  6. 6. social media
  7. 7. PR/promotional mailers,database management:Design, copywriting (EN/SP)
  8. 8. PR/promotional mailers,database management
  9. 9. promotionalmailers,databasemanagement,Mexico (PR)
  10. 10. content writing, site strategy, consulting and app/dev support• Evaluation of client’s website, based on creative brief.• Consultation on client’s current website site and online needs (both front and back end)• Optimization driven content• Project management and coordination with Comsol application development teams both locally and in Europe.
  11. 11. website management, content writing and promotion • Responsible for the writing and updates for the Univision Radio websites. • Web design and splash page creation for our stations and our sponsors, utilizing front/back end user friendly content management system. • Collaboration with Sales Department in regards to , creation of banners and splash-pages, based on client’s creative brief. • Collaboration with Production Team for event promotions, coverage of radio events for the web. • Brainstorming with programming department and top DJs to discuss website features, contests and promotions • Optimization driven content both for Univision and its sponsors.
  12. 12. site management 98.5 THE BEAT thebeatsa.com
  13. 13. site management KXTN TEJANO kxtn.com
  14. 14. Back Translation (SP/EN) Ascensión Latorre Designs, Valencia SpainTranslation of website, facebook page and legal contracts.
  15. 15. Back TranslationAscensión Latorre Designs, Valencia Spain
  16. 16. Translation: FB page and legal contracts
  17. 17. Back Translation (EN-SP)
  18. 18. Pollie AwardWinning HRT Intro Video copywriting
  19. 19. copywriting
  20. 20. copywriting
  21. 21. copywriting
  22. 22. pro-bono creative/PR and talent• Through my previous work with the SA Humane Society and SNIPSA, I was approached by renowned Alamo Heights City Member, Laurie (That’s my Saunders, to help pup, with marketing Clicquot!) efforts to raise funds for a centrally located dog park in Alamo Heights. Kitten voice: Voice over work for Humane Society “Adoption Voices”
  23. 23. RESULT! Press Release and media pitch gotan appearance in Great Day SA, as well asother outlets. The silent auction at the eventpromoted raised enough funds for the City ofAlamo Heights to release the land needed - andthe dog park is now a reality.
  24. 24. 16 enfoque ´ September 25, 2008 • CONEXIO N COURTESY PHOTO KRT FILE PHOTO LEFT: The blog Treehug- ger.com offers plenty of green tips. RIGHT: Aro- matherapy cleaning products, made with biodegradable ingre- dients and essential oils, are being sold at health food stores and other retail outlets. They can TOM REEL/TREEL@EXPERESS-NEWS.NET AP FILE PHOTO HELEN L. MONTOYA/HMONTOYA@CONEXIONASA.COM also be made at home LEFT: Maria Duran (left) leads the effort to recycle cardboard at the University of the Incarnate Word. With her are Erica Ro- with a few ingredients. driguez (center) and Rachel Cywinski. MIDDLE: Rep. Hilda Solis, D-Calif., speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. RIGHT: Oscar Ramirez is executive director of the board of directors of the Avenida Guadalupe Association. W e all know the scene — tiative by the Natural Resources ants away, have likely been saving your mom or grandma Defense Council to educate Latinos the environment one remedio at a Here is a look at some Latinas and a local or- norities. pulling out that old piece on environmental issues. time. ganization who have made a positive difference on How she got started: As a California state senator, So- So you have a little information on how to help the environment, but if you want to look into it even more Be green on the cheap of foil at the restaurant for her left- When most people hear about “Those are things that we have the environment. lis won environmental protections for minority here are some good resources and upcoming events. overs. Maybe she takes the plastic going green, they think they need been doing for years that we never MARIA DURAN communities, saying polluting projects were dis- At home: ware, too. “Para no desperdiciar,” to buy a hybrid car or buy products really thought about and they’re proportionately located in minority and low in- 9TH ANNUAL RENEWABLE ENERGY ROUNDUP & GREEN LIVING Who is she: A 23-year-old graduate of the Universi- Instead of an all-purpose cleaner, use vinegar and she says. that are more expensive, but Quin- extremely effective in helping to come neighborhoods. FAIR baking soda with warm water to clean almost ty of the Incarnate Word. Maria began the Now we hear about the trend of tero says going green can actually protect the environment,” she said. Why she did it: Environmental hazards such as anything. school’s first recycling club her last semester at Where: Market Square, Fredericksburg “going green.” What you may not save you money. Here, you’ll find the stories of holes the mining industry created and major land- the university during the 2006-2007 school year. Instead of using plug-in air fresheners, boil cinnamon, realize is that you have probably “There’s a misconception that it’s Latinos making a positive impact fills in the district she represented were creating When: Sept. 26-28; Friday: 12 p.m.-6 p.m., Saturday: 9 How it got started: With one bin for paper, donated cloves or other herbs as a homemade air freshener. been doing it all along, but now expensive or it’s hard work (to be on the environment and learn how major health hazards. a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. by one of Maria’s professors, she and her cousin maybe it’s time to take that extra green) when really it shouldn’t be,” you can too, one green step at a The effects: She became the first woman to receive Don’t just toss your old furniture. Sell it on Craigslist, would drag the bin daily to the baseball fields to How much: Friday or Sunday-$10, Saturday-$12 or a three step and be a little greener. Quintero said. time. the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in eBay or just put a ‘free’ sign on it on the curb. empty them. day pass for $20. Children 12 and younger are free. “I think most Latinos are more Quintero says Latinos who are 2000. Now a congresswoman, Solis has sponsored Why she did it: An Army brat, Duran grew up in Wear your clothes more than once and then wash in touch with that concept of doing familiar with remedios caseros, or legislation such as the Green Jobs Act of 2007, For more information: www.theroundup.org them. And remember to wash your clothes in cold places where recycling was a part of daily life. with less because it’s not that far in home remedies such as using bak- which authorized $125 million to train workers for water and hang them out to dry. Avoid dry cleaning When she couldn’t find a single recycling bin on our past,” said Adrianna Quintero, ing soda to scrub sinks and tubs green jobs. SAN ANTONIO BUILDER’S EXPO if you can, since the chemicals that are used are campus, she knew something needed to be done. director of La Onda Verde, an ini- and using cinnamon sticks to keep Being good What she thinks: “Has California solved our environ- Build San Antonio Green will be on site with highly damaging to the environment — and people’s “This is the lifestyle I’m used to,” she said. to the envi- mental justice problem? No, but state agencies can giveaways and information health. The effects: Now the university has bins not just for ronment is no longer ignore the issue again,” Solis said dur- paper, but also for aluminum, plastic and card- Where: Alamodome not as hard ing her acceptance speech of the award. “Environ- On the road: board. Partnering with Vista Fibers, The Recyclers or expensive mental justice has yet to be achieved. We have not When: Sept. 26-28; Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m. at UIW now has 18 members, mostly made up of In addition to carpooling, try to work from home if as some won the battle.” Sunday 11 a.m.-6 p.m. freshmen who will carry the torch. Other univer- possible. With the technologies available today such people may sities have taken note, particularly neighboring THE J.T. BRACKENRIDGE NEIGHBORHOOD as instant messaging, teleconferencing and video How much: $5 for adults 12 and older, children free think. school Trinity University. UIW and Trinity now What is it: San Antonio’s first entirely green neigh- chat most times you can work from almost anywhere. share resources to compact recyclable material. borhood, located on the West Side. A conglomerate HELPFUL WEBSITES Go easy on the brakes. When you make sudden What she thinks: “It’s not just a problem we can over- of non-profits, including the Avenida Guadalupe stops, not only do you put yourself in danger but you look. It’s a problem we can fix,” she says. “I was Association, the San Antonio Alternative Housing www.greendimes.com also waste gas. Keep your engine in the 1,2000-3,000 really surprised I made such a ripple in the Corporation and the Neighborhood Housing Ser- RPMs, and up-shift between 2,000-2500 RPMs. What it’s for: With this website you can stop up to 90 water. What I’ve learned is if you speak up, vices of San Antonio, is building the 59 homes. percent of the junk mail you get. Drive part of the way to your destination. If catching there’s bound to be one person that will How is it green: The homes, which are for families join you.” who earn less than 80 percent of the area median How much: The free version lets you go through each the bus from home just isn’t an option, just drive to a income, have energy-efficient appliances, tile or company that sends you mail and cancel what you stop that is. Or park your car further from work and REP. HILDA SOLIS, D-CALIF. don’t want. You also get a catalog screener. . walk or bike the rest of the way. concrete flooring and paint with low levels of or- Who is she: Congresswo- ganic compounds. man from California Why the homes were built green: Because the houses are www.treehugger.com At work: who has spearhead- low-income homes, the non-profits wanted the What you’ll find: Read articles on how to go green in all Bring your own lunch. You hear this tip is helpful for ed legislation that homeowners to save on their energy bills and aspects of your life including your food, your fashion losing weight, but it can also be good for the protects the envi- have sustainable homes. “The idea would be that and even your funeral. environment. When you order out, chances are you’ll ronment, espe- get all the unnecessary packaging that comes with it. they are energy efficient so they are able to afford cially the one Use reusable plastic containers to store your food. it and stay in these homes longer,” said Oscar Ra- www.laondaverde.com that surrounds mirez, Avenida Guadalupe Association executive Instead of setting your computer to hibernate, shut it Latinos and What you’ll find: Information on going green in Spanish director. down completely. Better yet, make sure the power other mi- from the Natural Resources Defense Council. You can The effects: About 20 homeowners who have moved strip is turned off. find the English version at www.nrdc.org in see at least a 25 percent decrease in their utility Use your computer as much as you can. Keep your bills. At least one of the non-profits, Avenida Gua- dalupe Association, plans to make the area www.buildsagreen.com files on the computer instead of in an old filing cabinet, and review what you can on the screen even greener by constructing two commercial What it is: You can find information on local green instead of printing it out. Also, relying on e-mails green buildings. builders and designers, workshops and local instead of traditional letters is the way to go. HELEN L. MONTOYA@CONEXIONSA.COM information on rebates and incentives. Anual Percentage Yield (Tasa de Rendimiento Anual). La tasa APY es efectiva a partir del 3 de Septiembre de 2008 y está sujeta a cambio sin Conexión Magazine: Going Green: Cover and Center Spread Representing Latino Recycle Efforts in San Antonio
  25. 25. Publications• Boots n’all Travel• Campaigns and Elections Magazine• Scene in SA Magazine• Conexión• SA Express News
  26. 26. Publications
  27. 27. Clients
  28. 28. recommendations
  29. 29. ______________________________________________Contact: Paulina Cantu paulettecantu@yahoo.fr 210/240.1609