Passive sentences (intermediate)
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Passive sentences (intermediate)






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Passive sentences (intermediate) Document Transcript

  • 1. 25/05/12 Passive sentences (intermediate) Passive sentences (intermediate) * Necessari Personal data: Your name: * Your surname: * Your e-mail: * Your class: * A Passive sentences. What do you know about them? In passive sentences, we always use the verb... to be In passive sentences, we always need to use the ... gerund of the verb. Passive are frequent in which type of context? In conversations. The three present simple forms of the verb to be are: am, is, are The three past simple forms of the verb to be are: am, is, are Why did James say Yes, I admit that I was phoned?… 1/6
  • 2. 25/05/12 Passive sentences (intermediate) Because he was a telephone set. How can you translate: Es va incendiar el bosc? Se go burn the forest. Passive sentences. Present simple. Transform the active sentences into passive voice. Do not ommit any element. Frogs eat flies. 5 words. People love cats. 5 words. Japan watches North Korea with secret weapons. 9 words Young people consume lots of kebabs during exam weeks. 11 words. Internet users send hundreds of e-mails every year. 11 words. Passive sentences. Past simple Transform the active sentences into passive voice. Do not ommit any element. Cristopher Columbus discovered America. 6 words. The Death Plague killed many people in the Middle Ages. 10 words. Artisans manufactured cheese in this farm.… 2/6
  • 3. 25/05/12 Passive sentences (intermediate) 9 words. The teacher marked the exam. 6 words. Clients bought their products. 6 words. Passive sentences. Personal pronoun changes. Transform the active sentences into passive voice. Do not ommit any element. He left a note. 6 words Denis saw me yesterday. 5 words We use that computer. 6 words Mike kissed her on her cheek. 5 words They send those messages. 6 words Passive sentences. Verbs with two complements. The doctor asked me lots of questions. I...… 3/6
  • 4. 25/05/12 Passive sentences (intermediate) Sarah gave him a note. He... They told Peter a lie. Peter... The vets feed the elephants some vitamins. The elephants... The waiter showed me the way to the toilet. I... Vocabulary. Translate into Catalan Couple Remodel Polite Bakery Network Vocabulary. Translate into English The business of selling and buying houses. The yellow part of the egg.… 4/6
  • 5. 25/05/12 Passive sentences (intermediate) Instructions to cook something. This is what you do when you say your name, how old you are and where you live. The verb that indicates that it is not a good idea to eat something it can be dangerous. Pronunciation Frozen dessert Phenomenon Matter Bus stop Introduce yourself Scrape off Bark Cute Throughout Globalisation… 5/6
  • 6. 25/05/12 Passive sentences (intermediate) Envia Utilitza Google Docs Informeu dels abusos - Condicions del Servei - Termes addicionals… 6/6