How To Do A Podcast A Week (or Three)
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How To Do A Podcast A Week (or Three)



Paul Asadoorian of PaulDotCom describes how to setup, create, and produce your own podcast. Insights into scheduling, equipment, software and complete documentation of various setups.

Paul Asadoorian of PaulDotCom describes how to setup, create, and produce your own podcast. Insights into scheduling, equipment, software and complete documentation of various setups.



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How To Do A Podcast A Week (or Three) Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Copyright 2013How To Do A Weekly Podcast (or Three)Paul AsadoorianFounder of PaulDotCom
  • 2. Copyright 2013Why This TalkPeople ask me all the time “How do you manage to produce allthose podcasts?”Many podcasts have come and gone (“podfade”) and we don’t likethatEncourage you to create your own podcasts
  • 3. Copyright 2013Here’s What You NeedAn ideaPeopleEquipmentSoftwareA scheduleAn understanding spouseA web site Podcast Cake Helps Too...
  • 4. Copyright 2013Here are some nice to havesSponsorsSlogansLogosCustom MusicGuidelines for content
  • 5. Copyright 2013IdeasHave better ones than us...
  • 6. Copyright 2013IdeasIt should be about *something*Long format, short format, talk show, how-to, interviews, roundtableYou gotta pick one at first, and run with itWill you broadcast live? Have video?
  • 7. Copyright 2013More on Ideas: Have A PlaceA place to record is importantDepends on what ideas you’ve come up withIt needs to be quietI built a studio in my basement, and a man cave formy cigar podcastProbably your desk is okay for you...Make sure you havepower...
  • 8. Copyright 2013PeopleBecause if you are doin’ it solo, some would call that...
  • 9. Copyright 2013Sometimes there is photobomb
  • 10. Copyright 2013PeopleYou can do it by yourself if you want...People may grow tired of hearing just youIts tough to bounce ideas off yourselfThere is no one but you to motive yourself to recordYou will have to do everything from planning, recording and post-production (i.e. its a lot of freakin’ work)
  • 11. Copyright 2013Get together at consPodcast outside when possibleI gave up on trying not to use“podcast” as a verbPodcasting at cons is hard.
  • 12. Copyright 2013People on PaulDotComHosts:Paul AsadoorianLarry PesceJack DanielJohn StrandCarlos PerezAllison NixonInterns:Patrick LavertyRobKornmeyerGreg HetrickDale LukeJoe BarciaMike Perez (Executive Producer)Steve Reikburg (Audio Engineer)Steve Ryan (Live Audio/Video)Bob (Evil Persona)Byte Bucket (Mail List/IRC)
  • 13. Copyright 2013EquipmentGolden Rule: You get what you pay for!
  • 14. Copyright 2013EquipmentSome historyBasic SetupsAdvanced SetupStudio SetupPeavey PV10 10-Channel Recording MixerIts a workhorse! $250
  • 15. Copyright 2013This was Episode 1 (October 2005)BeerLaptopMic1 earbud
  • 16. Copyright 2013Then We Grew...2006 2007
  • 17. Copyright 2013Got a little better2008BeerSoundboardLive StreamRecording(Single Track)HeilPR40
  • 18. Copyright 2013Episode 150PhoneBridgeSSDRecorderLarryJohn Beer(Keg)
  • 19. Copyright 2013Episode 200
  • 20. Copyright 2013PaulDotCom TodayRecording Google+SkypeUstreamSkype MainHDMI CamerasAV MicLive VideoDisplayPowerConditionerHeadphone AmpFirewire RecorderTV SwitcherDACMusic PreampBackupRecorder
  • 21. Copyright 2013The Most BasicA USB HeadsetSkypeSoftware (Audio Hijack Pro on a MAC)
  • 22. Copyright 2013The USB HeadsetIn short, they all suckMost sound like you are in a tin canIt is difficult to properly adjust the volume (you are either too closeor too far away)After about an hour they stop working (have to dis-connect then re-connect)
  • 23. Copyright 2013USB HeadsetsPlantronics Audio 655$28.95 (Amazon)Beyerdynamic MMX 2$99.00 (Amazon)
  • 24. Copyright 2013Skype + Software RecordingIts great in a pinch and works really wellHard to have a backup recorderIf you computer or software crashes, start overLittle flexibility (no knobs to adjust, though software plugins doexist)Harder to separate out tracks
  • 25. Copyright 2013Recording at Both EndsIf there are just two people on the show both can recordThen you send the audio to the person editingThree+ people gets a little more tricky to syncHas the best audio quality with just two peopleYou still need quality Mics and Preamps to sound good
  • 26. Copyright 2013TIP: Stay Away From These BrandsBehringerAlesisTascam
  • 27. Copyright 2013Tip: Rather Go With These BrandsM-AudioPresonousFocusriteZoom
  • 28. Copyright 2013The Basic PackageA USB or Firewire Recording InterfaceA Microphone
  • 29. Copyright 2013USB or Firewire InterfacesTakes in analog audio and outputs it to Firewire or USBTypically Two XLR and/or 1/4” connectionsBoth are $150, USB, two inputs, two outputs
  • 30. Copyright 2013Tip: Line Level vs. Mic LevelLINE MIC
  • 31. Copyright 2013Choosing a MicrophoneI will get right to it, the best Microphone for podcasting is a headsetIt may seem expensive at first, but it comes with headphones, apop filter, cables and you don’t need a stand
  • 32. Copyright 2013Shure PG48Comes with Mic, mic stand clip, cableand case for $40
  • 33. Copyright 2013Heil PR40Best quality mic for podcasting,around $300If you have an ear for it, you can tellthe difference between this andShure PG48, but mp3 is pretty lowquality anyhow
  • 34. Copyright 2013Audio-Technica BPHS1 - The GoodYou can turn your head while talking and still be onmicYou can type, click your mouse, put your beer downwithout making background noiseIt travels easy (no mic stand or mounting adapters)You ensure your guests are talking into the micComes with 3 pop filters, reversible mic boomIts comfortable to wear for hoursIt sounds more than acceptable for a podcast
  • 35. Copyright 2013Audio-Technica BPHS1 - The BadIt costs $199, and RARELY goes on sale or can be found cheaperSometimes the headphone cables tend to have a loose connection(tape FTW)Its not comfy for everyone (Esp. for people who wear glasses)People will move the mic away from their mouths
  • 36. Copyright 2013More MicrophonesLapel mics are okay, but they are expensiveStick with cardiod mics, not condenserCondenser mics pick up background noise (keyboards, mics, laptopsall generate noise)
  • 37. Copyright 2013Mics with Pop Filters - Not For Video
  • 38. Copyright 2013MixersAnalog mixers are okay, we use one for a travel rig (Peavy)Some mixers have a USB output for multi-track recordingThey are often cheap and sound horrible
  • 39. Copyright 2013Allen and HeathNice small mixer ($250)
  • 40. Copyright 2013Mixer SetupTape Out (RCA) -> Dual 1/4”In <- OutRCA <- 1/8”Out -> IN1/4” <-> 1/8”SkypeMix MinusMusicBackup Recording (Audacity)IN <- Out1/4” <-> 1/8”Line LevelHeadphone AmpTape Out -> INRCA -> 1/8”1/4” <-> 1/4”
  • 41. Copyright 2013CostART HeadAmp4 Headphone Amplifier ($65)Allen and Heath Z10 ($300)Audio-Technica BPHS1 ($200 x 3)Zoom ZH4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder ($270)Cables ($50)Total (no laptops/computers) = $1285.00
  • 42. Copyright 2013Compressor/Limiter/GateThese are nice to have and can be found pretty cheapBut remember, cheap = crap when it comes to audio gearI have a couple, they are difficult to tune and configureEasy to plug into any setupPut them inline between mics and devicesUse the channel inserts (loops audio through external device)
  • 43. Copyright 2013Telephone BridgeJK Audio Podcast Host ($400)Essentially makes your telephoneam micI found it introduces noiseMultiple people require a conferencebridgeThey are noisy too
  • 44. Copyright 2013SoftwareWarning: Mostly experienced with OS X software
  • 45. Copyright 2013SoftwareUstream Producer Pro - Live streamingAudacity - Backup recording and post-productioniTunes - Play music and sound clips during the showFeeder - Create, edit and manage RSS feedsMarsedit - Edit blog postsGarage Band - Live multi-track recording
  • 46. Copyright 2013If I had to do it all over again setupSkype 1Skype 2Google+ Ustream MusicApple Logic Prox5OUT OUT OUTININ IN OUT OUT INUSBOUT
  • 47. Copyright 2013ScheduleHave a regular schedule
  • 48. Copyright 2013Regular Schedule = ImportantI’ve had 0 success trying to do a podcast on an irregular schedulePeople are busyIts to difficult to keep trackAll my podcasts are recorded same time every weekAvoids confusion
  • 49. Copyright 2013Understanding SpouseAfter 8 years, we’re getting there...
  • 50. Copyright 2013Regular Time Slot = DifficultMy Thursday nights have been 95% consumed by podcastsI don’t know what is on TV on Thursday nightsNFL sucks for having games on Thursday nights (don’t they knowwe podcast?)Holidays, birthdays, baby births, anniversary all must berescheduled (j/k)
  • 51. Copyright 2013A Web SiteAnd also methods of distribution
  • 52. Copyright 2013Your Web SiteA podcast and a blog go hand in handYou can make posts to announce your show, post your show notes,and post your audio/video intoWe also use a Wiki for all our show notes
  • 53. Copyright 2013Other Web SitesWe use several different web sites and providers:LibsynBlip.TVYouTubeUstream
  • 54. Copyright 2013Nice to HavesPants are always optional
  • 55. Copyright 2013Sponsors“How Do I Get Sponsors?”For podcasts, its tough, we don’t track who listensHave to develop other methods of defining who listens and howmany people listenFirst question sponsors will ask: “Who is your audience”We do webcasts and have a newsletter mailing list (Mailchimprules)
  • 56. Copyright 2013Slogan?We came up with “Hack Naked”Now we are stuck with itOur listeners threaten revolt if we talk about changing itChoose a slogan wisely
  • 57. Copyright 2013Logo?Having a logo at some point makes senseFor the cigar podcast Stogie Geeks I used asite called logobid.comThe PaulDotCom logo was designed for freeby a friend
  • 58. Copyright 2013Custom MusicI’ve used podcast themes and bought the rights to our theme songsThe dude is super nice, tell them we sent youYou can find royalty free music onlineYou can run clips of copyrighted music in short segmentsIf you use copyrighted music and post to YouTube, you will beflagged
  • 59. Copyright 2013Content GuidlinesWe aim for a “PG-13” ratingWe often fall far short of thatYou are not regulated by the FCC, so take advantage of that and atleast curse every once and a whileSet rules too (e.g. no politics or religion discussions is a rule wehave on our shows)Unless your podcast will be about politics and religion...
  • 60. Copyright 2013More Informationhttp://pauldotcom.comhttp://hacknaked.tvhttp://stogiegeeks.com me: