EMEA Mobile Marketing 2013 prediction


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predictions for mobile marketing in 2013 by Board members from the Mobile Marketing Association

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EMEA Mobile Marketing 2013 prediction

  2. 2. FOREWARD There is never a shortage of people and Our Board members are people at thecompanies making predictions about what’s forefront of mobile marketing today andto come in the year ahead so what makes their insights here are not based onthis set any different? Well, it’s the people speculation, but real knowledge about whatmaking the predictions. is happening to make mobile an indispensible part of the marketing mix. The EMEA Board of Directors is made up of industry leaders operating businesses across As ever we welcome your thoughts andthe whole region and it includes feedback. representatives from Operators, Technology Enablers, Publishers, Agencies and Brands. Paul Berney CMO & MD EMEA Mobile Marketing Association
  3. 3. “For the first time since the advent of mobile advertising and marketing we are seeing significant budgets being put behind mobile from leading global brands on a global and regional level. The aim of some of them is to reach 7-10% of total media spend by the end of 2013. We have also seen a growing need for fully integrated mobile campaigns and agencies are actually officially adding mobile to the plans that they present to their clients at this time of the year for the year ahead. “It has finally become clear to agencies that clients will no longer be interested in working with them if they do not come up with innovative, mobile proposals for their clients’ money for 2013. We have heard this in the past – but this time it is really happening. I see it everyday from New York to Beijing.” Kerstin Trikalitis Chair MMA EMEA Co-founder & CEO Out There Media
  4. 4. “The battle for customers within the FMCG and retail segment will increasingly shift to mobile as part of the integrated mix, leveraging its unique contextual information (e.g. location) to reach consumers on the move. There are two main drivers of this. Firstly, the smartphone and tablet revolution, which allows us to reinvent rich, interactive relationships over mobile and secondly, the rise of mobile payments, which allows brands to interact at the point of purchase and start closing the loop from offer to redemption.” Adhish Kulkarni Senior Vice President, Products & Marketing Lumata
  5. 5. “2013 will be a year of realisation ascompanies start to accept that apps are notalways the best way to build relationships withconsumers. Mobile-optimised websites areoften better as they also allow for interactionand engagement while ensuring a high qualityof user experience. In addition, they are morecost-effectively structured and work across(virtually) all devices and platforms withoutrequiring a chunky download. “As more brands and agencies start torecognise the positives of this approach, we’llsee a shift in mobile strategy and less focus onapps as a result.” Alex Meisl Chairman & Co-founder Sponge
  6. 6. “The concept of the “app store” will accelerate in 2013. We will see an increasing number of white label app stores cropping up either branded by companies who are not actively involved in the mobile or telco space or even perhaps, unbranded. With a growing number of these proxy stores, I expect that we will also start to see targeted vertical offerings such as app stores aimed at, for example, the finance, the pharmaceutical or the automotive industry. In addition, I think it will become easier for consumers to build and launch their own applications at a minimal cost using DIY app tools – consumer-friendly SDKs, if you will. Both these efforts will eventually help mobile advertising industry accelerate and catch marketers eyeballs finally.” Arda Kertmelioglu Co-founder & VP/Marketing Mobilera
  7. 7. “I expect 2013 to be the year of mobile forretail as opportunities increase for the channelto help grow retailers’ bottom line.   “The mobile channel is ideally placed to drivefoot traffic into bricks and mortar stores. Pushmarketing notifications – that were oncelimited to SMS – now offer significantopportunities for retailers to target consumersusing location-based offerings and it is thesethat offer the biggest sales opportunities forthe industry.   “Ultimately, retail strategies must becomeintegrated. And, it shouldn’t stop with pushmarketing. In the long term, payments viamobile will also have a significant impact on theindustry.” Benoît Corbin President Mobile Marketing Association France
  8. 8. “2013 will be the year advertisers take their campaigns to the next level with audience targeting. Mobile is the only medium that allows advertisers to combine interest data, social data, demographic data and most important of all, location data. Whether a brand wants to target a fairly broad audience like mums, or a more refined audience like IT decision makers, no channel allows them to do so more accurately than mobile.” Gavin Stirrat Managing Director, EMEA Millennial Media
  9. 9. “Use of mobile to drive direct marketingcampaigns will accelerate as consumers andmarketers alike realise the benefits ofresponding immediately to a call to action. Tomake the most of this, businesses will makeincreasing use of personalisation techniquesand analytics to better engage with theiraudience and drive consumer responseratios.   “In addition, tablets will become thepreferred medium for mobile advertising asthese are not impacted by the limitations ofscreen size associated with a traditionalmobile device (and the budget restrictionsthat can result from this). As a result, we’llstart to see growth in agency expertiseassociated with tablets and creative adformats developed specifically for them.” Jay Patel Managing Director IMImobile
  10. 10. “2013 will see the industry finally unlock thepotential of mobile as a scalable marketingand commerce channel for advertisers. Appsand emerging technological innovations areshaping how brands can deploy a seamlesslyconnected and measurable experience toconsumers across device platforms.   “With mobile, we are meeting consumers atdifferent touch points throughout their dayand we are enabling advertisers to createcontent that is contextual to the device,behaviour and location. Microsoft Advertisingis excited at the opportunity created withWindows 8, particularly the mobilitycomponent through Windows Phone 8 anddevices like Surface.” Mandeep Mason Director of Mobile Advertising, International Microsoft
  11. 11. “I expect to see more and more peer-to-peer communication apps emerge and their usage extended as consumers expect to be able to contact friends and colleagues whenever and wherever they choose.   “In addition, HTML 5 and rich media will become increasingly important for organisations as they look to disseminate a growing volume of content via mobile. This must be created without detracting from the user experience so companies will need to be increasingly innovative with their programming skills to ensure that consumers continue to associate known brands with the content delivered via mobile as well as with that delivered via ‘traditional’ channels.” Melis Ertem Consumer Product Marketing Director Turkcell
  12. 12. “In 2013 I expect we will see moreconsolidation in the mobile advertisingindustry, the pace of start-up acquisitionswill increase and joint ventures will becomemore common. Watch out for the huge risein Asian mobile ad spend as global brandsuse this channel as a key marketing tool tocreate impact and breakthrough in growthmarkets”   “The mobile messaging trend will take offwith the aggregation of multiple servicesand simplified apps making the experienceubiquitous.  Brands will more and more belooking to engage with consumers throughthe phenomenon of ‘sharing’ experiencesvia mobile.” Nick Wiggin Head of Advertising, Global Huawei
  13. 13. “Marketers are unlocking the potential of mobile advertising by pursuing rich media and creating more engaging, immersive experiences on mobile. The personal nature of smartphones and the multimedia content and features of rich media and HTML 5 allow marketers to engage viewers at scale, in an unparalleled manner. In 2013 we will see an increase in cohesive cross channel campaigns across mobile devices and other types of media. Successful campaigns no longer deliver the same message or ad already running on TV, on mobile; for marketers to succeed cross-media campaigns incorporating mobile will deliver high impact, targeted campaigns.” Rob Jonas VP & MD EMEA & Global Business Operations InMobi
  14. 14. “I see advertising evolving from a ‘dark art toa clinical science’; the decisions made are nolonger subjective or creative, based onhistoric spend allocation, but are ratherconsidered and logical decisions based ondata around consumer habits andpreferences. It is mobile that will sit at theheart of this change next year.   “Whereas most forms of media are restrictedby screen size, form factor etc, mobile isversatile and sits squarely at the centre of the‘screen family’. As a result, I expect it tobecome the first channel to be consideredrather than the last – I would even go as faras to speculate that it will likely overtakecommercial radio ad spend in the UK in2013.” Shaun Gregory Director of Advertising Telefonica
  15. 15. “There’s going to be a lot of focus on location-based strategies next year and with that, companies are going to realise very quickly that there is a need to invest in the right mobile infrastructure in order to make all that location can do ROI-positive. Location- based services depend on a huge amount of information to enable interaction with lots of people, but delivering locally relevant content  depends on a good (content) management systems. Without it, hyper-local and hyper-sensitive targeting becomes almost impossible.   “Finding the right balance of local insights, universal brand truths, consumer value (and customer value) is not going to be easy. But ultimately we believe that when coupled with mobile payments, the location capabilities of a mobile device/network can enable our vision of a world where people can walk in holding their phone to walk out with their phone and a Coke.” Kim Siler Mobile Brand Strategy, Global Interactive Marketing The Coca-Cola Company
  16. 16. “At the start of 2012 we asked our memberswhat they saw as the future of mobilemarketing – they rated content andapplications as key followed by couponing,display, video and location in that order andwe have definitely seen brands considering allof these over the last twelve months. “Successful campaigns will drive a significantuplift in spend, however, these will depend ona solid understanding of how to integratemobile into the wider marketing mix withoutdiluting the existing brand identity. How willthis happen? Through education – a focus Iexpect to see elevated across themarketing industry in 2013.”   Cristina Recuero Head of Mobile Marketing, Vivaki Spain Vivaki Comunications
  17. 17. “Turkey is a global leader for mobile marketing and really drives innovation on the iOS and Android platforms in particular. As a result, I expect to see a large number of areas evolve next year including mobile search and mobile research.   “Gamification should be a particularly interesting area to watch as edutainment – educational entertainment – has really taken off as a result of the proliferation of mobile devices. Mobile finance, including mobile banking and mobile wallets, is also seeing a real spike with usage increasing from anywhere between 68 per cent to 292 per cent from 2011 and 2012 depending on the tool being used.” Firat Ertem Chairman, Mobile Marketing Association Turkey Rabarba Iletisim
  18. 18. “The biggest change will be the volume ofinvestment in mobile by brands as the channel isnow recognised as a strategic element of anycampaign; it is no longer merely an add-on. Thechallenge with this will be understanding how toinvest due to the number of different activities andgoals that can be addressed via mobile.   “Rich media will play a significant role as it willenable brands to provide high quality mobile-optimised content that quickly engages theconsumer. For big name household brands withmultiple product lines, this is a particularlyimportant consideration as it isn’t always viable todevelop a mobile-optimised landing page for everyproduct available. Rich media platforms providethe tools to bridge the gap for consumers andengage within the confines of an agreed budget.” Steffen Krabbenhøft Mobile Director Mediacom
  19. 19. “With mobile becoming a most valuable real estate in the battle for consumer eye balls and share of wallet, CMOs have to embrace the Mobile Screen as an integral part of their business model rather than simply another marketing channel. 2013 will be the year where CMOs will turn mobile into a strategy!” Mark Wächter Mobile Strategy Consultant MWC.mobi
  20. 20. I expect and hope for big transitions in the way that brands view mobile in 2013: From Why to How? From Mobile to Mobility. From Technology to Behaviour. From Bolt-on to Mobile First. From Digital to Physical.   It is the final point which is the most significant not just because of the importance of retail but also the unprecedented opportunity for contextually led engagement that it brings. Daniel Rosen CEO EMEA Joule
  21. 21. “2013 will be the year that having a mobile presence of some sort will become essential for every major brand worldwide as the realisation grows that nothing gets you closer to your customers than mobile” Paul Berney CMO MD EMEA Mobile Marketing Association