New innovations in leveraging intellectual capital using SharePoint


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Presentation by Paul Culmsee at the Perth SharePoint User Group on a new tool called Glyma.

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New innovations in leveraging intellectual capital using SharePoint

  1. 1. Paul Culmsee • Co-owner - Seven Sigma Business Solutions • Sensemaking practitioner and facilitator for large scale complex projects (non IT) • SharePoint architect, trainer, coach, facilitator and agony aunt • Author and medallist at the Axiom Business Book Awards 2012, finalist for 2013 Foreword book of the year e: t: @paulculmsee
  2. 2. A quick question… But first!
  3. 3. Knowledge as an asset Intellectual capital is the sum total of the skills, knowledge and experience of staff % of market value via physical assets for corporations: “another way to put it is that 75% of the sources of value inside corporations are not being measured or reported on their books” 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 2003 1992 1982 Tangible Intangible
  4. 4. The legacy of knowledge loss… • Reinvented wheels • Unlearned lessons • Patterns of repeated mistakes • Productivity shortfalls • Lack of continuous performance improvement
  5. 5. The challenge with knowledge capture… “If Garth ever leaves we are in trouble” (We know more than we can say and we say more then we can write) Despite creating this… … we hear this a lot…
  6. 6. So let’s meet an expert…
  7. 7. Debunking tacit knowledge Brian May • Guitarist for Queen • 7th greatest guitarist of all time (Planet Rock poll) • Wrote “We will rock you” • Built his own guitar • PHD in astrophysics • Co-author of book “Bang! The complete history of the universe”
  8. 8. So how do we “manage” his knowledge?
  9. 9. “Brian, we have a new guy, can you do a quick handover?”
  10. 10. “Brian, can you write up a ‘how- to’ document?”
  11. 11. “Brian, can you write up a detailed manual on what you do?”
  12. 12. Which knowledge capture method helps users trying to learn from Brian? Which knowledge capture method requires least effort for Brian?
  13. 13. The story of an idea…
  14. 14. A new approach to organise, visualise and share the journey of learning using SharePoint What is Glyma?
  15. 15. How does Glyma help? Leverage the language of Dialogue Mapping (IBIS) • Complex group discussion broken into basic artefacts • Questions, ideas, pros, cons Provides a means to navigate rationale
  16. 16. How does it work? Video/podcast stories and reflections from experts and create a visual map of the conversation, utilising metadata tagging of video events and other content…
  17. 17. Demo 1: Capturing lived experience – the global poverty project
  18. 18. Demo 2: Corporate governance: Understanding the WA Records Act
  19. 19. Demo 3: Making knowledge into a tradeable asset…
  20. 20. Maps are searchable, refinable and navigable…
  21. 21. Much more efficient use of expert time Capture of rich stories, less writing for experts Capture knowledge previously not captured and make better use of it Reduced burden on those consuming the content, yet maximises the opportunity for insight Integrated with SharePoint search, user profiles and any other contextual relevance Applicable across multiple sectors/industries (knowledge industries) Leverages SharePoint  SharePoint is already excellent at managing other forms of explicit knowledge Business Benefits
  22. 22. Knowledge transfer from seniors to juniors Learning and development (research and teaching platform) Strategic planning and corporate governance Project management (lessons learnt, requirements gathering) Community development (oral history) Asset management and completions (capture operational and troubleshooting video) Some use-cases
  23. 23. Launching Monday…
  24. 24. Coming to the Australian Sharepoint Conference in July…
  25. 25. Glyma Enterprise will be launched in September and website launches Monday! • Got a topic you are passionate about that you want to map? (doesn’t have to be SharePoint) • Got an innovative use-case we haven’t thought of? • Want to trial Glyma in your organisation? (Help us make WA internationally renowned for innovation in knowledge management) Get involved….