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Serious About Referrals



Networking is only a small part of the referral process and without a clear focus and the ability to follow up, Networking events can be a waste of time....

Networking is only a small part of the referral process and without a clear focus and the ability to follow up, Networking events can be a waste of time.

If it's referrals you want - choose a referral organisation like BNI.

Here is why.



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Serious About Referrals Serious About Referrals Presentation Transcript

  • Serious About Referrals
  • WHEN EVERYONE IS SHOUTING - WHISPER Each day we face so many images in the press, TV, radio, email and the internet. Differentiating between different suppliers is more difficult than ever. It’s like everyone is shouting at us, competing for our attention. Not surprisingly, we are no longer paying attention to advertising ... which makes it more difficult and more costly than ever to make advertising pay. 76% of consumers don’t believe companies tell the truth in advertisements Advertising after all, is you, telling people how good you are. In contrast, recommendation is people telling people they know, how good you are. 78% of people trust the recommendations of other people Which is most powerful? You telling people how good you are or BNI members telling people they know, how good you are! FACT: You will attract substantially more business working within a BNI team than you ever will trying to do it all on your own.
  • WHY NETWORKING EVENTS DON’T WORK Referrals are genuine recommendations to people we know and meet during the course of the week. Our group has strong business relationships with many of the business owners and decision makers in the South West. People able to use your services. We can open doors faster than you can on your own, but we need to establish trust, confidence and understanding before we will. networking THAT TAKES TIME. MORE THAN ONE MEETING! v It is said that it takes between 5 - 12 contacts before any sales or referrals referrals happen (that’s why networking, without regular follow up, doesn’t work). Follow up is very time consuming (that’s why 90% of us don’t do it) Without following up and building relationships, we leave business on the table. We chase business instead of attracting it. We can’t do it all on our own. Q: Do you think it would be easier and a better use of your time to establish strong trusting relationships if you met people weekly, at a time that didn’t cut into your business day?.
  • BNI IS A REFERRAL ORGANISATION BNI is not to be confused with networking meetings - we are very different. Networking is a small part of developing referrals. BNI is a focused Referral Organisation. When you know how different we are, you will know why we deliver much more in the way of business than any networking event. We are here for the long term. BNI started in 1985, we are in over 40 countries, have more than 120,000 members. In this country 14,000 people passed over 5,600,000 qualified referrals last year. We have a system proven to deliver substantial business for members who will learn the system. Fact: In the UK last year BNI tracked £190 mill. business from first generation referrals. In Somerset & Wiltshire we estimate we passed £5.6 million. The BNI group who invited you have done so for one reason. Amongst their thousands of contacts, they have the potential to pass you regular business. Qualified referrals to do business.
  • SOMETHING YOU WON’T FIND AT BNI All your competitors. BNI positions are EXCLUSIVE. You get to effectively ‘lock out’ your competitors. We find it much easier to work in power teams where people, who naturally share the same clients, find it easy to refer business. Your application will strengthen an existing power team and this same power team will strengthen your business. The way an electrician would find it easy to recommend a good plumber or a Graphic Designer may recommend a good Printer. Right now, you have the first opportunity to submit an application and place yourself at an advantage over your competitors. Such a competitive edge is not available in any other method of marketing. Yellow pages won’t give you exclusivity, your local newspaper won’t give you exclusivity. Your local networking group will not give you exclusivity. BNI will. FACT: BNI gives you an exclusive and unfair advantage over your competitors. Another reason why BNI members generate far more business.
  • QUALIFIED REFERRALS not LEADS Business requires a level of self discipline and focus and you will notice that the meeting was supportive, structured and focused on REFERRALS. A referral is only ever passed when we have established a genuine interest in your service with someone we know and the person we talk to is looking forward to your call (we’ve told them how brilliant you are). This means we don’t trade in leads, referrals are genuine and have been qualified, so that you don’t have to resort to cold calling. There is no pressure for you to pass referrals and no pressure for our members to pass referrals to you. To help you though we provide first class coaching on business referral marketing. BNI training has been developed from almost 25 years experience and is worth the cost of membership in itself. FACT: 92% of people who have been recommended to someone by a person they know and trust, will not continue to look for an alternative supplier.
  • BNI IS YOUR REFERRAL MARKETING STRATEGY Attendance is key but when you just can’t, your substitute does not necessarily have to be from your company. A friend, business associate or even a member from another BNI group. is ideal. Substitutes keep the meetings full of energy - and expose your business to even more people. Substitutes count as attendance. A structured approach to one2one’s make the best use of your time. It’s where you get to educate your sales team on which doors you want opened for you. You get to discover how you can add value to your clients and contacts by confidently recommending others who can help them. We provide a complete coaching program as part of your membership. No other organisation provides as much. The skills and confidence you develop in presentation, referral strategy, interpersonal relationship skills, remain with you for a lifetime. BNI members find that they look at the marketing of their business in a completely different light. How much quicker would you grow your business, with like minded people looking to refer business to you? More business is a given - how much more is up to you.
  • ONE MAN - ONE WOMAN BAND Being in business on your own is not easy at any time and right now the business world faces particularly challenging times. How much can you really do on our own? Who do you get to talk to work out and share strategy? We all need to belong to something bigger than ourselves. BNI is uniquely focused on qualified referrals. Whatever we focus on on happens. Question is ... how much extra business would it take to cover the fees involved? Most of us are able to re-direct the part of our marketing budget that can’t be measured. How much quicker would you grow your business, with ‘like minded people’ looking to refer business to you? We are not going to get through these times on our own. Consider the cost of passing this opportunity to your competitor? A lot more than £10 a week. Come be a major player in a world class orchestra.