Benefits of concrete pumping in the construction industry


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Benefits of concrete pumping in the construction industry

  1. 1. Benefits of Concrete Pumping In theConstruction Industry
  2. 2. IntroductionLike any other service-related industry, the constructionindustry is always developing new tools, concepts andinnovations to make the process more efficient andeffective. As long as the end result is a safe and solidstructure, new ways to perform the tasks to get there arealways welcomed.
  3. 3. IntroductionOne of the techniques thathave helped theconstruction industrytremendously is calledconcrete pumping. Allstructures from the tallestskyscraper to the smallestconvenience store requireconcrete, and concretepumping is a great way toget it where it needs to go.
  4. 4. What Is Concrete Pumping?Concrete pumping is a more efficient way of pouringconcrete, using a machine to transfer liquid concrete.There are two basic types of pumps that are used, one isknown as a ‘boom pump’ and the other is commonly calleda ‘line pump’.
  5. 5. What Is Concrete Pumping?The boom pump uses a remote controlled robotic arm toplace concrete where it needs to go, and they’re often usedin large construction projects. Boom pumps are able topump concrete at high volumes and are extremelyaccurate, which is why they are used for larger projects.The line pump uses flexible or steel hoses attached to theoutlet of the pump and linked together to wherever theconcrete needs to go. This type of pump is usually usedfor smaller jobs like swimming pools, ground slabs andsidewalks.
  6. 6. Faster Concrete PlacementSpeed of the pour is always an important factor when itcomes to any-sized construction project. One of thebenefits of concrete pumping is that it is a faster way toplace concrete over more traditional methods. Fasterplacement means you’re able to stay within any deadlinesand you can use just the one piece of equipment tocomplete one pour. When concrete pumping isn’t used,smaller equipment may have to be moved around todifferent spots to finish off one pour.
  7. 7. Less LabourAnyone who has been involved in any sort of constructionjob knows that labour is a big part of the total expense ofthe project. Obviously, the labour force is integral, but if itcan be reduced without affecting quality and safety, it willhelp boost the bottom line.Concrete pumping generally requires less in the way oflabour than other methods of concrete pouring. The sitewill seem less congested, and you can also use keypersonnel for other important tasks when the concrete isplaced directly.
  8. 8. Improved Concrete With concrete pumping, less water is needed than with other methods. This means that when the concrete is placed it won’t shrink and crack at all and it will maintain its strength. It kind of goes without saying how important it is for concrete to be strong and secure over time.
  9. 9. Improved ConcreteConcrete pumping results in a more stable end product,which means the safety level of your project is higher andthe durability is also higher. For the customer, a moredurable concrete product means you won’t have to pay formaintenance or a brand new pour for a longer period oftime, which is going to save money.
  10. 10. Concrete Pouring AccuracyUsing a boom or a line pump for pumping concrete is goingto improve your pouring accuracy. For complex locations,high-rise buildings or insulated concrete form walls,accuracy is of the utmost importance.
  11. 11. Concrete Pouring AccuracyAccurate pumping means fewer stoppages, fewer delaysand a more professional-looking end result. Any companythat pours concrete as its main business knows howimportant it is to present a professional result to the clientsand to the public. Many people won’t really notice when ajob is done well, but they will certainly notice when thereare drips and spills and messy pours.
  12. 12. ConvenienceOverall, using either type ofconcrete pumping system is justmore convenient than the old mixand pour methods. Boom armscan actually reach over top ofhouse or other structures to placethe concrete in locations whereother types of machinery can’treach.
  13. 13. ConvenienceThe convenience factor means that jobs that werepreviously ‘undoable’ can now be completed, and with ahigh degree of accuracy and precision. The conveniencefactor makes it easier on workers, enables a company totake on new projects and can ultimately increase sales.And at the end of the day, increasing sales is really whatevery business is all about.
  14. 14. AdviceCambridge Concrete Pumping offersaggregate services andconcrete pumping GTA for contractorsworking in the residential, commercial,industrial sectors and many more.