Mini lesson on past tense simple


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Mini lesson on past tense simple

  1. 1. Mini Lesson on Past Tense Simple• Paul Mark Bradigan ESL-502• Lesson is intended for students with a prior knowledge of verbs used in the present tense.• Lesson is intended for students at beginning to intermediate language proficiency levels.
  2. 2. Learning Objectives• Students will recognize and identify regular verbs used in the past tense.• Students will translate verbs from present tense into past tense using the suffixes “ed” and “d”.
  3. 3. Materials• Worksheets• Power point or chart for students to follow teacher (smartboard if available)• Timeline• Pencils
  4. 4. Past Tense Simple• What is past tense? We know that present tense explains what we are doing right now. Past tense explains something that already happened. Lets look at the timeline:Yesterday Today TomorrowPast -----------Present-----------Future
  5. 5. Past Tense Simple• When we want to explain what we did in the past we use the ending “ed” on our action verb.• Some examples:• Present Tense: We are learning how to read.• Past Tense: Last week we learned how to read.• 1. Present Tense: I play the flute.• 2. Past Tense: I played the flute.
  6. 6. Past Tense SimpleHere are some words that tell us somethinghappened in the past:• yesterday• last night• last week• last month• last year• already• earlier
  7. 7. Past Tense Simple • Look at the timeline using these sentences:1. We are playing outside at recess today. (Present Tense)Past ------------------Present------------------Future2. Yesterday, we played outside at recess. (Past Tense)Past -------------------Present-------------------Future
  8. 8. Past Tense Simple1. The baby is learning how to crawl. (Present Tense)Past -------------------Present--------------------Future2. The baby learned how to crawl last month. (Past Tense)Past --------------------Present--------------------Future
  9. 9. Past Tense Simple1. I love tacos.Past -----------------Present2. We are using our new pencils.Past -----------------Present3. It snowed three inches last night.Past -----------------Present4. I jumped over a puddle yesterday.Past -----------------Present5. I worked at the museum last year.Past -----------------Present
  10. 10. Past Tense Simple Check for UnderstandingUse a formative assessment strategy by posingquestions to the classroom. Give at least sevenseconds of wait time before calling on student.• How did we know which sentences were in the past tense?• What words did you see that told you the sentence was past tense? (yesterday, last year)• What letters were used to make the verb past tense? (ed)
  11. 11. Past Tense Simple• Lets make these sentences past tense by adding “ed”?He plays soccer.He play soccer.She works in Texas.She work in Texas.We kick the ball at recess.We kick the ball at recess.
  12. 12. Past Tense Simple• Not all words use “ed” to make them past tense.• We know we can change a verb into the past tense by adding “ed”. (play-played, work-worked, kick-kicked).• BUT, If the verb ends with the letter e, only add a d to make the sentence past tense.
  13. 13. Past Tense SimpleVerbs that end in e:move-movedhope-hopedchase-chasedbounce-bouncedAdd the letter d to make these words past tense:chase-chasedance-dancelike-likelove-love
  14. 14. Past Tense Simple Activity #1• The instructor will read the following passage as students follow along. The instructor will reread the passage, one sentence at a time. The instructor will prompt students to locate the past tense verb in each sentence by raising their hand (prompt will be delivered after each sentence).
  15. 15. Past Tense Simple AssessmentThe instructor will give approximately sevenseconds of wait time before calling on a student toanswer prompt. The instructor will observestudents for participation and comprehension. If astudent continuously does not raise theirhand, instructor may encourage the student toparticipate while guiding them to the answer.
  16. 16. Name: Past Tense WorksheetDirections: First, listen to and follow the passage below. Then, waitfor the teacher to ask you questions.Tom played on his school soccer team. He loved to kick the ball. Histeam always worked on their passing skills. Tom passed the ball tohis friend Jose. Jose lived on the same street as Tom. Jose and Tomliked to practice together. They even practiced on weekends. Theylearned new skills by working together. They worked hard duringpractice so they could play better. They enjoyed learning new soccerskills. Tom and Jose wanted to be the most skilled players on theteam.
  17. 17. Past Tense Simple Activity #2• Students will work together to rewrite each sentence changing the action verb into the past tense. Each student will rewrite every sentence, but pairs are able to collaborate with each other.
  18. 18. Past Tense Simple Assessment• The instructor will walk around the classroom overlooking student participation and knowledge of content. Instructor will answer questions posed by students during activity.
  19. 19. Name: Past Tense Worksheet1. He works in the café.2. She plays softball with her friends.3. I enjoy recess.4. He lives in a red house.5. I use a green eraser top.
  20. 20. Past Tense Simple Closure• Teacher will pose the following questions:• What does it mean when something happens in the past?• What are some words that tell us something happened in the past?• How can we change the verb in a sentence to make it past tense?
  21. 21. Past Tense Simple Homework• Give students the following worksheet. Have students pick five words on the list and write a sentence with that word that shows past tense. There should be a total of five sentences (one for each word).
  22. 22. Pick any five words below. Write a sentence for each word selected thatshows past tense. There should be a total of five sentences; one sentencefor each word selected.Example: useI used the pencil sharpener in the morning.blink bounce cheer chase dancefetch juggle jump kick kisslaugh learn like live openpaddle peel play race rinsetalk snow walk wash work1.