TasteMaker Forum on Food & Healthy Eating


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  • TasteMaker Forum on Food & Healthy Eating

    1. 1. " The future of the food & restaurant industry lies in the hands of the new age social and savvy consumer"August 14-16, 2011 - Portland, OR
    2. 2. taste·maker (tāst′māk′ər) a person or group that influences fashionable or popular taste 2The first ever event that merges the three primaryingredients in the food business. Tastemaker blends theartistry of the supplier with the passion of the operatorand mixes in the social savvy consumer to come up witha compelling Forum of bright ideas, creativity and realworld solutions.
    3. 3. taste·maker (tāst′māk′әr) a person or group that influences fashionable or popular taste 3What will the Forum DeliverOn the second day of the Northwest Discovery Tour theTastemaker Forum will guide us through unique data findings,consumer insights and engagement from some of the mostinnovative restaurant operators in the business. 11-Noon : Presenting new social consumer driven data Our four month long report reveals amazing data around how consumers view the restaurant industry and the topic of food & healthy eating. Noon-1P : Keynote Lunch Todays consumers is smarter and more connected! How are you dealing with the new socially savvy breed? 1P-2 - Tastemaker Consumer Panel Open discussions on the reality of consumer perception about how food and healthy eating is affecting our world and what we can do to embrace or solve the challenges.
    4. 4. taste·maker (tāst′māk′әr) a person or group that influencesfashionable or popular taste 4 Social Driven Consumer Insights This Industry Report will be derived from more than 21 million social profiles that have been indexed and targeted as consumers that eat away from home. As an attendee of this event you will receive a FREE copy of this report valued at $6,000
    5. 5. taste·maker (tāst′māk′әr) a person or group that influences fashionable or popular taste 5Social Driven Consumer InsightsIncreasingly social media is playing a major role in where consumersshare their real thoughts about products, services and companies. Inour four-month long study we will deliver a new social insight to themindset of the American Consumer on the subject of Food & HealthyEating.Breakdown of some of our report detailsWhat is the consumer perception of what "Fresh & Responsible Trust" Do Do restaurants really get credit for betteris healthy and fresh in todays restaurant consumers really trust brands and their ingredients and local sourcing?business? actions for fresh products and socialMenu Makeup - are consumers today lost "Fresh Brands" What brands are perceived "Fresh Source" is local or locale morein the sea of menu confusion and what as the top brands for fresh food and important in the consumers eye?impacts does it have? healthy eating?Does "Fresh Branding" products work and Do consumers trust restaurants to providewhat are the ramifications both positive real fresh ingredients?and negative?What are the "Fresh Drivers" that helps the How important is food and menu in theconsumer make the best choice for a consumers choice process?restaurant choice.
    6. 6. taste·maker (tāst′māk′әr) a person or group that influencesfashionable or popular taste 6 Our Consumer Insights Panel will be the first to ever engage in a restaurant industry event from a consumer to business analysis level. These Tastemakers will bring a fresh set of ideas and suggestions to the operators and the industry. Armed with our Industry Report and their socially connected networks these Tastemakers will assist us in defining the future of what Food & Healthy Eating can mean to the restaurant business. The intersection of restaurants & consumers
    7. 7. 7 Brought to you by: For more information:Heather Dion McPherson with Truitt Brothers Paul Barron - Tastemaker Forumoffice: 503-371-2122 cell: 954-232-9628HeatherM@truittbros.com paulbarron@me.comtwitter: @truitt_bros twitter: @paulbarron