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Pizza Executive Summit Presentation Day Two (PDF)
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Pizza Executive Summit Presentation Day Two (PDF)


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Pizza Executive Summit 2009 …

Pizza Executive Summit 2009
A gathering of pizza industry executives to discuss trends and ideas for the Modern Pizza business.

Chicago, IL June 8-9 2009

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. Day 2 17 Millions ™ Speakers of Ideas! 9 Education sessions 6 Networking Programs #pizzasummit09
  • 3. On Twitter Last Night
  • 4. Breakfast Keynote Panel Building your business inside the box is a mistake. Learn how a major brand expanded to new heights by challenging the norm.
  • 5. Breakfast Keynote ™ Pane Uno Chicago Grill Building a new brand and expanding an old brand into one common vision is no easy business model. Jamie Strobino, VP of New Concepts, UNO Chicago Grill, Uno Due Go and Uno Express has built a new model that has created a modern pizza business that is sustainable and flexible with the changing needs to todays consumer. #pizzasummit09
  • 6. ™ Jamie Strobino Richard Slawsky Kristi Stark Moderator Speakers #pizzasummit09
  • 7. Breakin’ Rulz Pizza Executive Summit ‘09 #pizzasummit09
  • 8. Old School  Create a great product  Train your people  Open the doors  Advertise thru traditional media 1. Coupons 2. Ads 3. Radio 4. Promotions
  • 9. The Consumer has changed  Fresh, Local, Organic, and healthy focus  Better educated regarding options  Socially aware and more apt to support like minded businesses.  Environmentally aware and concerned  Value is important
  • 10. How the Consumer relates to you. What are you, are you relevant and is your story easily communicated?  What is your brand? 1. Market segment  What do you stand for ? 1. When you ask your guests, what to they tell you?  Who is your customer? This guides most decisions from menu to site selection..  Have you done an analysis of the market place?
  • 11. Research  Demographics .  Segment .  Products  Design  Face Time  Best Practices
  • 12. Look with-in  Concept  Design  Customers  Systems  Product #pizzasummit09
  • 13. Who is your guest  It is not always who you think it is.  Spend the money on research 1. Surveys External – Can be expensive Internal – Needs to be managed 2. Focus groups  How do they use you?  How do they rate you?  What do they perceive as your strengths?
  • 14. Values  Create with the team to establish buy in.  Enables you to have a road map  Protects culture  Need to be constantly reinforced  Non-negotiable  Should fit on a business card
  • 15. How the world has changed Out reach in the new millennium  Social networks are big  Blogs are here to stay – 112.8 million not including 72.8 million Chinese language blogs (David Silfry “State of the blogosphere)  Twitter approaching 33 million users  Face book  Email clubs – How to get started  Local Store Marketing  Value sometimes trumps loyalty #pizzasummit09
  • 16. How to Break Through  Email Clubs  Local Store Marketing  Charity involvement  Website  Associate communities
  • 17. How to Succeed  Clear Brand message  Laser like focus on quality  Clearly defined business plans  Tracking and analyzing results on a weekly basis  Ability to adapt quickly #pizzasummit09
  • 18. Case Study By Revention Online Ordering #pizzasummit09
  • 19. Top Tools to use for the Pizza Operator Tools 0 0.175 0.35 0.525 0.7 Green/Organic 17% Web - Online Ordering Social Media 67% 39% Demographic Technology 29% 1200 US Operators polled 2009 - Research by - Food Action Group
  • 20. CaseStudy #pizzasummit09
  • 21. Case Study 22 32% of all Online Customers had never ordered online  Average Tickets Online are much higher - Delivery 47% - Pick-up 67% Customer Connection Web Application Convert Customer’s to Online Ordering Prepared by: #pizzasummit09
  • 22. Case Study Customer Database Management is the key to unlocking customer purchase potential. Data integrity #pizzasummit09
  • 23. Opportunites Hotels Fundraiser/community involvement Pharmaceutical Reps #pizzasummit09
  • 24. Case Study Use the information that you have to market your brand. 1. Personally invest yourself or your team in the tools that you have and the data that is at your fingertips. 2. Use the full potential of the technology you have.
  • 25. Main Session Three Video While we wait for Session Speakers to take the stage...
  • 26. Main Session Three Operations 2.0 Real-Time Solutions Learn how greening your pizza business could break the bank or make your profits soar!
  • 27. Sandy Lechner Eric Abrams Casey McEwn Paul Barron Moderator Speakers #pizzasummit09
  • 28. Most impact on consumers consumers rated as used most often 2009 2007 0 0.15 0.3 0.45 0.6 Mail/Trad 29% Online Marketing 53% Social Marketing 18% 07-2009 Study 21,000 US Consumers polled 2007-2009 - Research by - Food Action Group
  • 29. What consumers rely on most who do they listen to? Consumers 0 0.175 0.35 0.525 0.7 Word of Mouth TV & Trad 13% 67% Online 14% Social 6% 2009 Study 21,000 US Consumers polled 2007-2009 - Research by - Food Action Group
  • 30. The Changing Face of Marketing Our industry’s dirty little secret Shotgun approach to marketing vs. targeted marketing The online landscape 10 years ago I’m Changing compared to today Are You? Customers now have a choice of how they want to be engaged #pizzasummit09
  • 31. Web 2.0 Over Used Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 How to leverage Web 2.0 - strategy before execution How web 2.0 products need to be managed Change with the times - they are moving faster now than ever before #pizzasummit09
  • 32. It’s more than one thing What’s the payoff? Finding the right mix for your business Questions still remain
  • 33. Case Study WingZone
  • 34. Case Study Marketing Efforts were Fragmented Low Brand and Offer Continuity No Systemic Programs with Tracking Low Franchisee Satisfaction Spending Too Much Too Many Suppliers Marketing Staff Spending Time Purchasing vs Marketing, Strategizing, Planning, and Executing. #pizzasummit09
  • 35. Case Study Solutions Expanded System Wide and LSM Options Plans to Consolidate Volume and Buying Power of System through Enrollment programs. On Demand Services Updated Grand Opening Kits Creative Services Strategy, Planning, Scheduling of system wide and LSM marketing initiatives. On Line Ordering,Versioning, Proofing, Payment, and reporting of all items.
  • 36. Case Study- Critical Capabilities Print Planning and Manufacturing Media Planning, Buying and Management Creative Design Database & Fulfillment Services Digital, Sheet-Fed, and Web Printing Web Based On Line Ordering Site Programming, Construction and Maintenance #pizzasummit09
  • 37. Case Study Results One-Stop-Shop for all system needs Leveraged system-wide best practices All Marketing initiatives are executed and trackable Better leverage of internal staff/resources Ability to leverage Partner expertise and experience Greater Franchisee participation and satisfaction #pizzasummit09
  • 38. Collaboration Questions What things am I doing to reach guests on a consistent basis? Am I using the social web and how? How am I getting to demographic data about my customer? #pizzasummit09
  • 39. Power Info Video Session & Break The Social web and how the power of crowds will make a difference in your marketing Kelly Olexa & Freda Mooncotch
  • 40. Main Session Four Learning the New Financial Business Model for the Modern massive changes are occurring in our society and economy. If you want to excel, you will need to be ready to break some rules.
  • 41. Richard Slawsky David Zaslavsky Chris King Jehan Sualnier Moderator Speakers #pizzasummit09
  • 42. Best Sources for funding growth 2009 2007 0 0.175 0.35 0.525 0.7 Bank/Trad 29% Angel Investors 67% 18% 53% Private Funds 18% 15% 1200 US Operators polled 2007 & 2009 - Research by - Food Action Group
  • 43. Enable your technology Make use of your POS system Most operators don’t take advantage of many of the marketing and bookkeeping features available on their POS systems Lazy customer marketing Friday morning email blasts Inventory control #pizzasummit09
  • 44. Lower Equipment & Services Cost Leasing Refurbished equipment #pizzasummit09
  • 45. Maximize your POWER Commit your business to one vendor in exchange for a price break Forge alliances with other operators, i.e. Louisville Originals National Cooperative Business Association #pizzasummit09
  • 46. Who we are Bostone Pizza: Boston's authentic NY pizzeria, featuring thin crust Neapolitan and deep dish Sicilian pizza Founded January 2007 in Boston, MA on Newbury Street First year sales were $723k Year two $973k / $35% increase. Concept: Quick Service establishment with Traditional and Sicilian by the slice and by the pie - also pasta, subs and salads #pizzasummit09
  • 47. Growth in these times Looking for growth in tough economic times Challenges: Liquidity Crisis The reality of todayˇs business: decreased traffic, low cash levels, and high debt High Rent and High Fixed Costs Controlling and limiting variable costs Opportunities: Increase marketing (doing more with less) below the line marketing - measuring ROI Renegotiate Lease Rate = increase in profit (cash flow) #pizzasummit09
  • 48. Creative Finance Independent Style Bostoneˇs Growth Strategy - opportunities Boston area news: Pizzeria Regina to Open Six New Locations (growth in tough times is not just for established firms) Key Drivers for Bostone expansion - Cash flow to offset high profile Newbury Street location - Build brand - Increase shareholder value #pizzasummit09
  • 49. Creative Finance Independent Style Current Economic Climate = ideal time to acquire space and secure long Term lease - Our current deal: .30 cents on the dollar from 15 months ago Asking price for assignment of lease - Jan. 08: $250,000 Accepted price May 09 $40,000 #pizzasummit09
  • 50. Our Growth Strategy Attracting investors Investor is looking for: Professional pitch Corporate Identity stylized logo, sharp website and professional fit out (doing more with less) Financial management and operational capability to roll out concept #pizzasummit09
  • 51. Our Growth Strategy Trademark and brand protection (Bostone Pizza vs. Boston Pizza) Brand Development - Vision, plan and ability to execute Shareholder value - Monthly dashboard analytics and reporting Exit plan for us, and our key investor we are not just in the pizza business, but the real estate business #pizzasummit09
  • 52. FC Stone One of the largest concerns for pizzeria operators that we have encountered is commodity prices. The volatility in commodity prices has a direct affect on gross profit margins and should be monitored carefully.
  • 53. Best Practices Know your risk. Have a commodity risk management program in place. Enter into longer term fixed pricing with suppliers in order to control input costs
  • 54. Remain Competitive Create downside price participation after locking in a fixed price in order to remain competitive. #pizzasummit09
  • 55. How to use Futures Utilize futures and options and Over the Counter products to mitigate risk #pizzasummit09
  • 56. Collaboration Questions What creative finance plans have you put in place in the last year? How are you dealing with Commodity / Risk Planning? What areas in your business do you see the biggest financial challenge, and your plan to fix it? #pizzasummit09
  • 57. 17 Millions Speakers of Ideas! 9 Education sessions 6 Networking Programs
  • 58. Thank You