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Pizza Executive Summit 2009 …

Pizza Executive Summit 2009
A gathering of pizza industry executives to discuss trends and ideas for the Modern Pizza business.

Chicago, IL June 8-9 2009

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  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. 17 Hundreds Speakers of Ideas! 9 Education sessions 6 Networking Programs
  • 3. Chicago June 8-9, 2009
  • 4. Event Chairman Paul Barron Publisher & Producer
  • 5. Moderator Richard Slawsky Editor -
  • 6. Why a new Pizza Event?
  • 7. Innovator of the Fast Casual Executive Summit
  • 8. Challenge the old way of business
  • 9. Educate Educate Create a new platform for the Modern Pizza Collaborate Business Network
  • 10. Power Info Video Session & Break Connect to the new consumer through quality product and menu development
  • 11. Welcome
  • 12. 17 Hudreds Speakers of Ideas! 9 Education sessions 6 Networking Programs
  • 13. Summit Hashtag # Twitter hashtag to create summit #pizzasummit09 content stream If you tweet make sure to use our tag We can discuss special questions or topics as we get a stream of content throughout the Summit
  • 14. The Modern Pizza Business We started the Pizza Executive Summit to achieve one simple goal: Allow the pizza industry’s best and brightest minds to collaborate and create an event for just pizza executives. The Collaborator 10 Faces of Innovation #pizzasummit09
  • 15. Main Session One Executive Boot Camp Become the leader that will propel your pizza business for the next ten years.
  • 16. Rudy Miick R R Wiley Cerilli Jamie Strobino Nick Sarillo Speakers #pizzasummit09
  • 17. Most important elements for growth Expansion Innovation Expansion Innovation Marketshare Marketshare 2007 Survey 2009 Survey 21% 27% 27% 52% 21% 52% 1200 US Operators polled over 24 month period - Research by - Food Action Group
  • 18. Case Study Issues to deal with impacting profit: Effective strategy for growth... (doing right things right) Maximizing Cash FLow (improving cash flow) "Fire Fighting" (constantly) Staff Turnover #pizzasummit09
  • 19. Case Study - 6 Steps Know who we are and why Anticipatory fiscal systems Communication as a system Hiring as a system Training as a system Commit to ongoing learning #pizzasummit09
  • 20. Results • < 30% Turnover • $6.5M Annually • $10.79 Guest Check Avg. • 14% Net Profit • 17,000+ Frequent Guests • Team Profit Sharing #pizzasummit09
  • 21. The Purpose We provide a clean and safe work environment for our guests and team. We honor individual passions and creativity at work and at home. We communicate openly, clearly and honestly. #pizzasummit09
  • 22. My Digital Life Where I live: Facebook were a country… Population 250 million 3rd largest country in the world (was the 7th in January) Age groups 70% are between 18-34 20% are between 35-54 How I communicate: Digitally Social Websites: Facebook, Twitter Devices: Blackberry, iPhone How I buy things: Online Music- iTunes Travel- Orbitz or JetBlule
  • 23. Market & Communicate Can I find you? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Email Marketing Are you talking Are you engaging me? to me? Facebook Twitter Newsletters Promotions #pizzasummit09
  • 24. E-Commerce Online Ordering Pizza Stats: over $2 billion in online orders (Papa John’s) 50% of orders will be online within a year. 20%-30% are placed online now (Papa John’s and Domino’s Average online order is $7.50 more than telephone Blockheads: Launched online ordering May 1st 1,000+ orders received $25,000 in orders SW 4th fastest growing company in US fastest growing technology company in US Started off with corporate business, now consumer and restaurant websites are the fastest growing areas of our business Partnerships with Zagat, Menupages, TimeoutNY, NYMagazine #pizzasummit09
  • 25. Are You Ready To Roll? Pizza Executive Summit ‘09
  • 26. The Concept What are you, and can your Who is your customer? people articulate it in a This guides most decisions from menu to site selection.. simple sentence? Is it replicable? Do you have a mission statement? Uno’s – Living our 5 core ideologies. What are your values? This is your road map.
  • 27. Systems check list Manuals Forms Tools to help the team win the Your system for imparting game. knowledge and power to your team. Face Time Reporting How you insure your people know How you track and utilize your values information. Recipes and specs Your system to insure consistency #pizzasummit09
  • 28. The Mission Defines you Gives the staff a sense that they are a part of something bigger then themselves. Keeps you focused #pizzasummit09
  • 29. Values Create with the team to establish buy in. Enables you to have a road map Protects culture Need to be constantly reinforced Non-negotiable Should fit on a business card #pizzasummit09
  • 30. Who is your guest It is not always who you think it is. Spend the money on research 1. Surveys External – Can be expensive Internal – Needs to be managed 2. Focus groups How do they use you? #pizzasummit09
  • 31. Growth Determining if you are Financing – Do you have enough to weather a replicable failure? Independent Teams – can they run on their own with Manpower – Do you have the minimal guidance bench? Reporting – Do you have a Recipes – Are they simple system in place? and documented? Measurement – How do you #pizzasummit09
  • 32. Manuals Don’t need to reinvent the wheel Can be done internally or by hiring outside consultants (i.e. Elliot Group) Adult based learning format Keep it simple Work in Modules #pizzasummit09
  • 33. Reporting Keep it mission critical What info can you get from your P.O.S. Weekly Performance summaries Unit performance forecasting Should be produced at unit level
  • 34. Recipes and Specs Easy to use Documented and photographed Tests and validation forms Ordering guides in place for purchasing Must be non-negotiable Managers need to be tested on specs
  • 35. Forms Mission critical People power sheet – succession planning Tracking sheets – set to track any programs (i.e.. Local store marketing) Food evaluation sheets – keeps team focused on food quality P.O.’s – Know what you spend Declining budgets – Use like check book #pizzasummit09
  • 36. Face time Single most effective way to impact culture Be in your units weekly Meet with GM/Chef’s monthly Weekly conference calls Jr. Manager meetings at least twice a year All-staff meetings quarterly New staff orientations #pizzasummit09
  • 37. Collaboration Questions How this works 1-2-3 Mini executive collaboration breakouts Each table to comeback with one take-away
  • 38. Collaboration Questions What changes can you make in your operation to reduce turnover? What creative marketing initiatives are you using now? What are you doing to change the culture in your business (customer or crew facing) #pizzasummit09
  • 39. Power Info Video Session & Break Hiring the right people for the new age pizza business
  • 40. Main Session Two Greenfusion, New Track to the Profit Line Learn how greening your pizza business could break the bank or make your profits soar!
  • 41. Paul Barron Tom Miner Tom Miner Moderator Speakers
  • 42. Will consumer visit green/organic restaurants regardless of price? Use More Use Less Will Use More About the same About the same Not interested 11% 36% 19% 37% 70% 28% 2007 Results 2009 Results 13,000 US Consumers polled over 24 month period, 2007-09 - Research by - Food Action Group
  • 43. Reason Consumers would pay more or choose Green/Organic Good for me Right Thing to do Good for me Good for eco Good for eco My Kids Right Thing to do My Kids 22% 35% 42% 55% 8% 6% 15% 17% 2007 Results 2009 Results 13,000 US Consumers polled over 24 month period, 2007-09 - Research by - Food Action Group
  • 44. Consumers willing to pay more? How much more? Consumers Willing to Pay More? 0 12.5 25 37.5 50 No more 6 Up to 5% 26 5-10% more 10-15% more 13 46 15% up 9 2009 Results 13,000 US Consumers polled over 24 month period, 2007-09 - Research by - Food Action Group
  • 45. Business Case Pizza Fusion #pizzasummit09
  • 46. Business Case Pizza Fusion Sourcing - 17-18 Distributors for 800 sf Lost time in sourcing New items due lack of supply chain availability Now the issue is too much choice Questioning the green wash issue Local & Community relationship 24 months - still early stages for the restaurant even though the consumer acceptance is high #pizzasummit09
  • 47. Business Case Pizza Fusion Organic and Local vs Big Agriculture Embrace the core value - my kid is important regardless of economy 3 years ago - Topic of green restaurant had 1467 google results - now there are 78,700,000 GreenWashing or GreenReality? Grading System in California - similar systems on its way - organic claim jumpers #pizzasummit09
  • 48. Business Case Pizza Fusion Conserve could lead to certification like LEED Third part organic certification Only 11 restaurants in the country are certified organic Menu labeling, USDA A few solutions are out there but limited Peter Mehan - “People don’t want to chew on a mission” #pizzasummit09
  • 49. Food Industry. Facts. Insights. Consulting. Pizza Executive Summit ‘09 Green & Sustainable Business Practices June 2009 Prepared by: Project #13391
  • 50. Green & Sustainable Practices Found in Most Aspects of Restaurant Business 51 1. Brand Identity 2. Promotions 3. Unit Design 4. Purchasing 5. Operations Prepared by: #pizzasummit09
  • 51. Best Practice Chipotle #pizzasummit09
  • 52. Chipotle: “Food With Integrity” Isn’t a Marketing Slogan “Food With Integrity means… means going beyond distributors to discover how 53 the vegetables are grown, how the pigs, cows and chickens are raised, where the best spices come from.” Pork, Beef & Chicken No antibiotics, ever No added growth hormones, ever Letting pigs exhibit their natural behaviors in open pasture or deeply-bedded pens Chickens have more room to move about than in conventional chicken operations Vegetarian feed with no animal by- products Prepared by:
  • 53. Best Practice Dunkin’ #pizzasummit09
  • 54. Dunkin’ Donut opens 1st LEED certified green unit – Oct. 2008 in St. Petersburg, FL 55 Energy efficient materials reduce heating & air conditioning costs 40% Energy efficient lighting and motion sensors installed in areas used less Water efficient plumbing fixtures help save water Waste materials were recycled after the unit’s construction On-site Earthworm Casting facility, a collaboration between Dunkin' Donuts and local company Mother's Organics Prepared by: #pizzasummit09
  • 55. Vet Suppliers for Hidden Costs to Quality and Environment: Partner for Change 56 Sustainable practices Soil conservation Animal welfare Low/no additives Transportation costs Transportation impact Watchdog ratings Prepared by:
  • 56. Best Practice McDonald’s
  • 57. McDonald’s OPS: Better Business Through Effective Environmental Practices 58 Low Oil Volume Fryer (LOV) uses 4% less energy than standard fryers New kitchen lighting systems resulting in savings of 11,000 KWh of electricity annually CO2 detectors assess client traffic density. When few customers are present, the ventilator switches to a lower speed. Results in 15% savings N-flute carton packaging with 40% recycled content Nearly 1 MM liters of used cooking oil were donated in 2008 Prepared by: #pizzasummit09
  • 58. Collaboration Questions How can you incorporate your sustainability efforts into your marketing plan? How do I buy local and still maintain consistency over multiple operations? What new Green/Organic ideas do you have that could impact your business today?
  • 59. Cocktail Party and ™ Dinner McCormick & Schmick’s The “The BEST networking event” in the restaurant business” ~ Ed Frechette VP Marketing, Au Bon Pain #pizzasummit09