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"Netiquette IQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email"
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"Netiquette IQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email"


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Paul Babicki …

Paul Babicki
Career technology sales and marketing professional, Paul Babicki, is the founder and president of Tabula Rosa Systems, a company that sells email filtering and internet security systems, as well as email grammar, tone and content software and is currently developing an email IQ rating system, Netiquette IQ.
Paul also writes a popular blog for email Netiquette, hosts an email etiquette radio program on BlogTalkRadio and has a discussion group with Yahoo.
He is a member of the International Business Etiquette and Protocol Group and consults for the Gerson Lehrman Group, a worldwide network of subject matter experts.
Over the past twenty-five years, Paul has gained an extensive background in electronic communications by selling and marketing within the information technology marketplace, including products for store and forward messages, mainframe communications software, email, communication protocols, mini computers, along with security products and services. He also is president of Tabula Rosa Systems, a providers of many Internet products and services.

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  • 1. 9 781481 849524 Paul J. Babicki ISBN 9781481849524 Paul Babicki is the founder and president of Tabula Rosa Systems (, a company that sells network, security, email filtering as well as email grammar, tone and content software. They are currently developing an email “IQ” rating system, NetiquetteIQ, ( The author also has a popular blog (http:// IQ The Elements of Style of the Information Age, this book offers usage consistencies so that everyone is on the same virtual page. Starting with the correct use of “To” and “From” fields and continuing on to the proper way to respond to spam and more, this reference guide will give you the appropriate methods to best present and express yourself or your company, no matter what the circumstance. As our world continues to embrace and rely upon email being the default method of communication, it’s time to make the most out of this powerful technology and maximize our individual Netiquette “IQ” levels to improve the quality of each and every message we send. Fast, actionable and environmentally friendly, email has now become the most prevalent (over four billion users) and powerful form of both business and personal communications. Unfortunately, when email is misused, the result can be thoroughly confusing…or worse. NetiquetteIQ: A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email is the first “how to” book to detail the rules, practices, and preferred use of language on the most common forms of email that will immediately improve the civility, lucidity, and Netiquette of your messages. Every page will help you make the most of each communication and reduce most of the misunderstandings that plague so many emails. by Paul J. Babicki