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Wealth Dragons Summit - Turbo Wealth

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This is the presentation I gave last weekend at the Ultimate Wealth Summit in Milton Keynes. …

This is the presentation I gave last weekend at the Ultimate Wealth Summit in Milton Keynes.

The event was amazing with so much positive energy and so many great speakers teaching on subjects covering: Business, Sales, Internet Marketing, Property Investing, Stock Trading, Online Lead Marketing and much much more.

I was asked to present on how to Build real long term Wealth through building a business.

Here are my Content packed slides.


If you would like me to speak to your organization or at your next event e-mail my team at team@paul-avins.com and lets talk.

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  • Known Paul….. OpportunityPaul is my mentor coach and inspirationLaugh about me telling clients not to waste money on a franchise when they could do the self same thing aloneHe is now here to share with you his wealth knowledge and experience – please welcome Paul Avins - TBWC Founder & Master Coach
  • Two meetings a month / On line videos and webinars1:1 mentoring / Web & marketing critiqueLearning materialWealth Creators - Huge opportunity - I AM NOW PUBLISHED!This has spurred me on to write my own book and have encourages some other members to seriously consider the opportunity
  • Cash FlowProfitsLow Tax5 x LeverageAsset Building
  • Flip Chart – Mind Set Tetrahedron!!!1) Results – Implementation = Income / Strategy / 90 Day Plan / Focus (Income Producing Assets)2) Personal Growth – G= Goals, R=Reality Check, O=Opportunities, W=Will? (Change 5 Things Game!)3) Fun
  • 3 Types of FEAR:Something You do will Lead to PAIN of LOSS – Scared we are going to loose something…IDENTITY, Question – What are you SCARED of Loosing?2) PROCESS PAIN – I Don’t want to Change Because …The Hard Work, Technology You’ll have to Master, Deserts for Dieting – IT’s Too HARD!Stops People Even Starting the Journey – FEAR is a Stopper of Choice.3) Scared of OUTCOME PAIN – What if I go through ALL this & It’s Not as good as I thought! What if This IS the Greener Grass?
  • Escape the Time 4 Money Trap!
  • Add Robert Photo!
  • CAMPAIGN Vs EVENT MindsetHand Out & Exercise for people to Fill in their Marketing Wheel…
  • We are going to give you our take on the Strategies from the book INFLUENCE – by Robert Chaldin


  • 1. Turbo WealthHow to Get Rich Through Business - Fast!
  • 2. Paul Avins My Story University BusinessDyslexic Drop Out Builder Sales & Marketer Global Award Author Trainer Winning Coach BWC International Founder Speaker
  • 3. Our Vision…To Train 1 Million Entrepreneurs through our Business Growth Communities
  • 4. Our Mission…To Deliver World Class Business & Personal Development Training that Fast Tracks Business Owners to Success!
  • 5. Our Club Mentors
  • 6. My Why Drives Me…
  • 7. You Can Seethe Harsh Reality…
  • 8. I’m going to showyou a different road…
  • 9. Let Me Prove it!
  • 10. He Even Won theTurbo Turnaround Award!
  • 11. Why Choose Business to Create Wealth..?
  • 12. 1. Major Trends Impacting Our World Global Shift towards Entrepreneurship: as more jobs are lost, pensions postponed & New Markets in Far East Expand - people realise they need New Skills, Support, Advice and Income…
  • 13. 2. Major Trends Impacting Our World Technology is Speeding Up the Normal Business Cycle: New ways of Selling & Marketing, more global competition, Mobile learning on demand?
  • 14. Start Your Revolution while in a Job!
  • 15. 3. Major Trends Impacting Our World Collaborative Power! Leveraging their Networks & Partners to get Results!
  • 16. The Business Wealth Mind Set
  • 17. Taking Action = Rewards!
  • 18. On Your Journey You’ll experienceriticismanejectioneally dvercity ffect rofits ressure
  • 19. Fruit Juice Revolution!
  • 20. What do you FEAR that willkeep you from Succeeding ..?
  • 21. Real CLIENTS Real Results!
  • 22. My Mentoring Influences
  • 23. Your Business Wealth Model
  • 24. Why Most People Stay Trapped..?
  • 25. Right Model =Massive Wealth!
  • 26. Right Model =Massive Wealth!
  • 27. The 4 Types of Customer Fuel D Grade C Grade B Grade A GradeV.Low Profit Low Profit Medium Profit High Profit High Low High LowMaintenance Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance
  • 28. Profits up by350% in 18 months!
  • 29. Marketing Money Mastery 3P Formula™Products Promotions Profits
  • 30. Simple Can Crush It!
  • 31. Business Wealth Marketing
  • 32. Stop Wasting Money!Start Getting More Leads & Customers
  • 33. Sin No2: Too few Lead Sources! 1. Website 10. Networking 2. Google Adwords 9. Referrals 3. E-mail Marketing8. Social Media 4. Direct Mail7. Speaking / Events 5. Telemarketing 6. Joint Ventures
  • 34. Real Client Results!“Following our BWC Mentors advice We’ve increased Enquires 100% on last year! And Conversions are Up 60%.” Nial Douglas (MD) Full Circle Travel
  • 35. Sin No3: Wrong Marketing Spend! Local Geographical Area 10%60% ExistingCustomers 30% New „A‟ Prospects
  • 36. Real Client Results!£1 Million to£7 Million in 100 Weeks
  • 37. The 6 Keys to Influential MarketingThe Law of The Law The Law Law of Law of Law ofReciprocity of of Consistency Like & Social Proof Scarcity Authority and Trust Commitment
  • 38. Law of Social Proof 6.
  • 39. Marketing ModelsGet Clients Results! “I was mucking around on my calculator at the weekend (in between working and sleeping!) and worked out that the return I got on my marketing investment in the XX magazine of £1800 was 24,556% or £442,008.” “Is this good coach???” Marc Smith – MD Turnover £250,000 to £850,000 in 18 months
  • 40. Want to GROW FAST!
  • 41. Join me for 3 Days19th – 21st October
  • 42. Just some of what You’ll Learn with me over 3 days• How to Spot Limiting Money Beliefs & Bust Them!• Walk out with Your £1m Business Model• Our 9 Tools to Unlocking Quick Cash Flow• STOP Trading Time for Money & Build Assets• The 5 CRITIAL Elements of Your Business Engine™• Construct Your Profit Pulling Product Staircase• The 12 Most Powerful Advertising Hooks to Use…• My Top 7 Strategies to Boost Conversions Fast• The 4 Keys to Social Media Success• Video Marketing for Massive Traffic• Network with Serious Business People• Attend a Special JV Dinner…• Plus Much Much More…..
  • 43. Let me be YOUR Coach & Help You! • The Business Wealth Revolution – Live! • Held in Centre of the UK - Oxford• Tuition Fee - 1 Payment of £2,995+vat• 3 x Payments of - £999+vat• My 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • 44. For the FirstTime EVER! For Sales - £599
  • 45. JJ Needs YOUR HELP 5% Goes to Charity
  • 46. What ACTIONS are You going to take Today?