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A simple tutorial on how to use Google docs

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Paula enriquez how to use google docs_presentation

  1. 1. How To Use Create. Upload. Share. A Tutorial by: Paula Enriquez
  2. 2. Open your browser and goto
  3. 3. Sign in to yourGoogle account
  4. 4. Once signed in, you have the option to either“Create” or “Upload” your document.
  5. 5. Creating a document:Click on “Create” button
  6. 6. Creating a documentSelect the kind of document you want to create(in this tutorial, will be usingPresentation as an example)
  7. 7. Creating a documentYou will be asked to choosea theme. Pick the one that suits your liking.
  8. 8. Creating a documentWhen you’ve chosen a theme, click “OK”
  9. 9. Creating a document Click on “Untitledpresentation” to change the title of the document
  10. 10. Creating a documentEnter your desired title ofthe presentation and click “OK”
  11. 11. Creating a documentYou can now start creating your presentation!
  12. 12. One of Google Docs’ good feature is that itautomatically saves your file!
  13. 13. Uploading a Document:Click on “Upload” button
  14. 14. Click on “Files…” in the drop down menu
  15. 15. Choose the file that you want to upload and click “Open”
  16. 16. Select your preferredUpload settings and click on “Start Upload” button.
  17. 17. A box will appear to let you know the status of the upload
  18. 18. Upload complete! You can now view/edit your file!
  19. 19. You may view/edit your file by simply clicking on its title.
  20. 20. A new tab/window will be opened for viewing or editing
  21. 21. In Google Docs, you may also share your files.
  22. 22. Click on the box beside thetitle of the file you want to share
  23. 23. Click on the “Share” button (looks like a human icon with a plus sign)
  24. 24. An option will appear where you can change your “Sharing settings”
  25. 25. You can choose who canonly view your document by setting your “Visibility options”
  26. 26. You can change yourvisibility options by clicking “Change…”
  27. 27. You may choose from three (3) of the options below:
  28. 28. Click on “Save” when you havechosen your visibility option
  29. 29. Click “Done” once you have set your Sharing settings
  30. 30. Alright! You can now use Google docs to Create, upload, and share your documents!
  31. 31. How To Use Create. Upload. Share. A Tutorial by: Paula Enriquez