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The Book Marketing Expert newsletter

The Book Marketing Expert newsletter



The Book Marketing Expert is a twice monthly ezine produced by Author Marketing Experts, Inc., with a subscriber base of 18,000+

The Book Marketing Expert is a twice monthly ezine produced by Author Marketing Experts, Inc., with a subscriber base of 18,000+



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    The Book Marketing Expert newsletter The Book Marketing Expert newsletter Document Transcript

    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE BOOK MARKETING EXPERT NEWSLETTER!A newsletter all about SUCCESSFUL publishing and POWERFUL promotion.January 31, 2013 Issue #291~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~in this issue-- Note From The Editor-- AVAILABLE NOW: How to Launch a Book, Promote It and Sell a Truckload-- Feature Article: Nine Things Every Publicist Does (Differently) That You Should Do, Too!-- What You Should Know About Ghostwriting-- Book Marketing Resources From AME-- Book Bits and Bites-- 10 Strategies for Publishers to Succeed and Survive-- Discover the Key to eBook Success with our Powerful eBook Programs-- How and Why Agents Are Guiding Authors Through Self-Publishing-- AME in the News-- The Evolving World of Publishing: What Authors Must Know to Succeed-- Grow Your FB Influence with Amy Porterfield-- Indie Excellence Awards 2013-- What Makes a Great Book Cover?-- Get Exposure With the AME Blog Carnival!-- Reader Tip: How to Promote Your Freebies-- Social Media Snippet: 30 Ways to Build the "Know, Like, and Trust" Factor that Grows anAudience-- Social Media Snippet: How to Get More Retweets (Infographic)-- Reader Tip!-- WHO ARE WE-- ------------------------------------------------------------Penny C. Sansevieri, Editor penny@amarketingexpert.comWelcome to a new issue of THE BOOK MARKETING EXPERT NEWSLETTER.You are receiving this newsletter compliments of Author Marketing Experts, Inc. To opt out,please scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter.Note From The Editor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Welcome to another issue of the Book Marketing Expert Newsletter!Dear Author,Welcome to our first full issue of 2013! I hope your New Year is off to a great start; ourshas been busy and fulfilling - starting with a great trip to Digital Book World. Somehighlights from that show are included in this issue and be sure to visit our Bookmarketingchannel on YouTube for more:http://www.youtube.com/user/BookmarketingAME#p/a.Have you ever wondered how publicists do their jobs? Thinking like a publicist can be agreat way to get your own marketing machine going, and this weeks issue shows you whatyou we do that you can do, too.
    • Weve got plenty of other tips and insights in this issue that we hope will provide you withadditional writing, marketing and publishing inspiration!Best wishes for your publishing success,Penny, Paula, Amy and everyone at Author Marketing Experts, Inc.AVAILABLE NOW: How to Launch a Book, Promote It and Sell a Truckload~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~For less than the cost of one professionally-written press release, you can get the blueprinton how to launch your book, promote it, and sell thousands, by yourself! Publicity HoundJoan Stewart teamed up with Penny Sansevieri, who walks you step by step through thebasics of how to launch a new book, or promote a book thats been around for a while.You can download the podcast here: http://www.publicityhound.com/publicity-products/marketing-tapes/howtolaunchabook.htmFeature Article: Nine Things Every Publicist Does (Differently) That You Should Do,Too!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~People will ask me all the time, "Why do I need a publicist?" If you have to ask the question,chances are you probably need one. Why? Because there are too many stories, too manyangles, and too many opportunities you might miss by not knowing the rules of the game,so to speak. Authors, speakers, small business owners (turned authors) often launchheadlong into their marketing campaign with little or no regard for the steps and theprocess of getting media. Some authors stumble into success after success and thats great,but its often not the norm. Why? Because in our zeal to tell the world about our story, weoften stumble over our own efforts. We send pitches that are too long, or send them to thewrong person. Or we get a media person on the phone and fumble our elevator pitch. All ofthese things can rob authors of the chance to get some coverage for their book.Over the years, a lot has changed in publicity. Players have come and gone, pitchingwindows have narrowed, and with so many stories vying for airtime, your 15 minutes offame often seems like 15 seconds. To be successful, not just once but continually, you needto understand how publicity people view each facet of their job (and the pitch) and howthey garner the media they do. Generally its not one thing, its a collection of taskspublicity people do over and over that gets them traction on a story. Lets look at some ofthe things we do on an ongoing basis and how you might be able to apply them to your ownmarketing efforts:1. Think like a journalist: This is probably the most important and the most difficult.When I say "think like a journalist" what I mean is thinking objectively and not thinkingabout yourself, your book, or your pitch because those dont matter. The only thing ajournalist cares about is "Will this interest my readers" If you can work using thatobjectivity, youll gain greater access to media, both online and off, than you could haveever imagined.2. Know the rules: When I say rules, I mean not just the rules of your industry but therules of pitching. When to pitch, who to pitch, how to pitch. A good publicist knows this,updates her information constantly (because media changes, moves, etc.) and lives and
    • dies by these rules. Why? Get a reporter angry and youll see what I mean. Turn in a storylate and see how much media coverage you end up getting. A lot of authors think they arespecial and different and the rules dont apply to them. Yes, you are special and differentand yes, the rules still apply to you.3. Read outside of your market: They say that, eventually, everything ties intoeverything. This may or may not be true for all industries, but when it comes to promotionyoud be surprised how much a ripple over there can affect what youre doing here. Readingoutside of your market, mostly related to changes affecting other markets, serves a coupleof purposes. First, the importance of creativity when youre pitching cant be overstated andsometimes to be creative, you have to look through your world using a different lens. Bydigging into and outside of your market, youll be able to gain access to information thatcould affect your message long-term, or perhaps give your brain enough juice and insight tobring a new set of ideas that will create some great pitches.4. Google Alerts: You cant possibly follow every thread of discussion around your topic, orknow where and when its being covered, but you do need to stay up on all of it; thatswhere Google Alerts comes in. Yes, there are more elaborate tracking services, but GoogleAlerts is a great way to know when and where your topic is being featured. Also important,youll see whos getting quoted and which media is covering your industry.5. Understand the importance of local media: Many times clients want to overlook localmedia. Its not as glamorous or as *big* as national media. Well, that may be true buttheres gold in your back yard. We love local campaigns and local media loves their regional"celebrities." If you havent done a local outreach you should. Additionally, network withlocal media by going to media events like Press Clubs (which anyone can register for). Younever know where this will lead you and you never know where your local contact may windup on the media food chain. Years ago I worked with a producer for a local (small) LosAngeles station. We stayed in touch over the years and now shes one of the headproducers at CNN.6. Local vs. National: And speaking of local publicity - local media loves a local angle on anational story. If you can hook your book into something thats going on nationally, then Isuggest you pitch it to your local market. Good publicity people are always on the look-outfor regional tie-ins, they make for great media!7. Media leads: I subscribe to several media leads services and I scan them, not just forexisting clients but to note trends nationally. Doing a quick scan of leads is a fantastic wayto see whats piquing the media interest. As you start doing that, you will also find thatyoure responding to more and more stories because youre starting to see tie-ins that youmay not have seen previously (which is helped along by #3)8. Realize the importance of a subject line: I know that the topic of subject lines inemail pitching has been covered (a lot), but I cant state enough how important it is or howmuch time a good publicist can spend agonizing over it. Dont just willy-nilly point and clickyour way through your media pitching, subject lines are extremely significant and mostpublicity people I know spend a lot of time crafting, redrafting, editing, and tweaking them.You should, too.9. Its all about relationships: Once you start getting media, remember that staying intouch with the person who interviewed you is important. Find them on LinkedIn, thank themfor the story they did on you (I still send hand-written thank you notes) and then stay in
    • touch a few times a year. Perhaps you can comment on a story they did or send them aquick update or a copy of your latest book. If you can become a reliable media source forsomeone, youll likely always be in their rolodex even when they move on. Just like theexample I gave above, media can move and if youre lucky, your information will keepmoving with them.Being a publicist is more than just knowing how to craft a snazzy email, its a process andan ongoing effort. If done right, you can really pull in a lot of great mentions, features andeven reviews. Building media relationships takes a while and there are no shortcuts, but ifdone effectively, these relationships can grow and flourish throughout your career andremember, media loves media. The more you get, the more youll get. Know the rules,honor the rules and perhaps if youre lucky, the media will beat a path to your door.What You Should Know About Ghostwriting~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ghostwriters come in all shapes and sizes when considering what they charge. There arethree general types:(1) a flat fee for the entire project(2) a monthly charge until the project is done(3) an hourly rate.Make sure you shop around and find a ghostwriter that fits your budget and comfort zone.And make sure you fully understand each item you will be charged and how you will bebilled.Michael Gray of TexasGhostwriter.com has written books for clients across the country in awide variety of genres including expert books, life stories, fiction and nonfiction. He can bereached at TexasGhostwriter1234@gmail.com.Book Marketing Resources From AME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Add AME to your circleson Google+ at:https://plus.google.com/u/0/117877257839352379062/."Like" our Facebook Page for marketing articles and tips, YouTube videos from our bookmarketing channel, notices about upcoming webinars, andmore:http://www.facebook.com/bookmarketingame.Want book marketing content? Visit the articles page on our AME website and youll finda range of articles by Penny, which may be used along with her byline (provided at the topof the page) at no cost. The complete list is at:http://www.amarketingexpert.com/articles/.View "Kristin Nelson w/Nelson Literary Agency talks about the importance of Amazonmetadata" and much more on AMEs Book Marketing Channel on YouTube. New videosare added regularly to keep you up to date on all things bookmarketing!http://www.youtube.com/user/BookmarketingAME.
    • Book Bits and Bites~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* American Presidents in Literature -Quiz:http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/quiz/2008/nov/05/us-presidents-literature-quiz* Is This the Most Amazing Library in the World?http://www.flavorwire.com/362890/is-this-the-most-amazing-library-in-the-world* Adorable Letters from Famous Authors to TheirChildren:http://www.flavorwire.com/363537/adorable-letters-from-famous-authors-to-their-children* Bad Writing Advice From Famous Authors:http://www.flavorwire.com/364797/bad-writing-advice-from-famous-authors10 Strategies for Publishers to Succeed and Survive~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Author and Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki - who bypassed traditional publishing to self-publish- offers advice to the publishing industry on how it can survive and thrive in thesetimes: http://publishingperspectives.com/2013/01/10-strategies-for-publishers-to-succeed-and-survive/Guy Kawasaki has written 12 books, 10 of which were traditionally published. His newestbook is APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur - How to Publish a Book, which helps peopleunderstand how and why to self-publish.APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur - How to Publish a Book, by Guy Kawasaki and ShawnWelch, is available as an eBook ($9.99) and in paperback ($24.99). VisitAPEthebook.comDiscover the Key to eBook Success with our Powerful eBook Programs~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The key to eBook success is this: finding readers for your book! Our eBook programs willhelp push your title out to eBook lovers everywhere, including readers and possiblereviewers.No one knows book publicity like we do, and now we have two fantastic eBook programs tochoose from!Gold eBook Promotion: $699* 5 Amazon or Barnes & Noble reviews to dress up your books page and draw eyes!* Guaranteed 10-15 submissions on top eBook promotion sites.* LibraryThing giveaway: we will coordinate and promote a giveaway on LibraryThing foryou so you dont have to do a thing! And winners are encouraged to review your book!* Well promote your giveaway to the 5 top online giveaway sites.* Well also promote your book to our 47,000+ Twitter followers.* Finally, well promote your book on 5 top eBook free download promotion sites*.
    • Silver eBook Promotion: $499* Guaranteed 10-15 submissions on top eBook promotion sites.* LibraryThing giveaway: we will coordinate and promote a giveaway on LibraryThing foryou so you dont have to do a thing! And winners are encouraged to review your book!* Well promote your giveaway to the 5 top online giveaway sites.* Well also promote your book to our 47,000+ Twitter followers.* Finally, well promote your book on 5 top eBook free download promotion sites*.How does it work?To promote your eBook well need:1. Author and book information.2. A copy of your book in a PDF, .mobi or .epub format.3. Confirmation of your free promo via Kindle Direct Publishing onAmazon,https://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/help?topicId=A6KILDRNSCOBA#freepromo, or your website*.Sign up now! http://igniteyourbook.com/ebook-campaigns/How and Why Agents Are Guiding Authors Through Self-Publishing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This panel at Digital Book World discussed why and how agents are helping traditionallypublished authors get self-published: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_uIkVQN9-EAME in the News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Jennings Wire featured Penny as one of its experts discussing "Book Selling Strategies For2013:" http://anniejenningspr.com/jenningswire/marketing/round-up-book-selling-strategies-for-2013-what-works-what-does-not/* Keep up with Pennys latest articles for HuffingtonPost:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/penny-c-sansevieriThe Evolving World of Publishing: What Authors Must Know to Succeed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This roundup from the recent Digital Book World conference has some great tips,particularly the emphasis on "discoverability:" First a reader must discover an author, thenand only then can a sale occur: http://www.amarketingexpert.com/the-evolving-world-of-publishing-what-authors-must-know-to-succeed/Grow Your FB Influence with Amy Porterfield~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you want to get more out of your Facebook Page - more fans, more leads, more results -then this program is for you!Amy Porterfield is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and a SocialMedia Strategist for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Many consider Amy the go-toperson for all things Facebook Marketing.
    • Sign up for this program now: http://bookmkr.fbinfl.hop.clickbank.netIndie Excellence Awards 2013~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Its not too late! The 7th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards is still acceptingsubmissions!NIEA celebrates overall excellence, including design and promotional text, so that discerningreaders know an NIEA winner or finalist is something special. Whats more, awardannouncements receive extensive media coverage you can leverage to your salesadvantage.Go to http://www.indieexcellence.com to find out more and enter!What Makes a Great Book Cover?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A tumblr page dedicated to bad book covers provides fodder for examining what bookcovers need to succeed: http://sevencamels.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/on-book-covers-and-what-makes-them-lousy.htmlGet Exposure With the AME Blog Carnival!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Submit your best blog post on writing, book marketing, publishing or social media to ourweekly Blog Carnival: http://www.amarketingexpert.com/ame-blog-carnival/ This is a greatway to showcase your blog and expertise!The carnival blog post appears every Monday; submission deadline is the previous Friday.Reader Tip: How to Promote Your Freebies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My partner for the Celebration Series of poetry chapbooks Magdalena Ball and I were testingthe possibilities for KDP Selects free book promotion for more literary genres like, yes - ourpoetry. Magdalena says, "There are a whole bevy of sites that allow you to promote yourfree days. Heres a good list that will feature your book but only if you let them know atleast a week in advance so they can scheduleit:"http://authormarketingclub.com/members/submit-your-book/Tip offered by Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of the multi award-winningHowToDoItFrugally series of how-to books for writers.http://www.howtodoitfrugally.com.Social Media Snippet: 30 Ways to Build the "Know, Like, and Trust" Factor thatGrows an Audience~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Being online isnt enough; you need to know what to do to build an audience that will comeback for more: http://www.copyblogger.com/30-know-like-trust-actions/Social Media Snippet: How to Get More Retweets (Infographic)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    • Did you know theres a science behind getting retweets? This infographic breaks itdown: http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/retweets-infographic_b34048Reader Tip!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If youve got a Reader Tip youd like to share, please send ittopenny@amarketingexpert.com with the subject line "reader tip." Submissions should be75 words or less.WHO ARE WE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Author Marketing Experts, Inc. is a full-service book marketing, promotion, and publicitycompany. We serve authors at all stages of marketing and promotion. We offer a full rangeof packages and services to choose from.To see a price list or schedule a free consultation, send your e-mailtopenny@amarketingexpert.com with the subject line "Author Services Info." You can alsovisit our website at www.amarketingexpert.com.Reprint permission~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~You are welcome to reprint any items from "The Book Marketing Expert Newsletter."However, please credit us as a source with the following paragraph:Reprinted from "The Book Marketing Expert newsletter," a free ezine offering bookpromotion and publicity tips and techniques. http://www.amarketingexpert.com------------------------------------------------------------~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Like this newsletter? Pass it on!We never rent or sell subscriber lists to any third party. Your privacy is very important tous. Always.To subscribe to this newsletter, click here: subscribe@amarketingexpert.com.----- Copyright 2013 Author Marketing Experts, Inc. -----Follow us on TwitterKeep up with the AME blogLike our Facebook PageJoin us on Google+Contact Information
    • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~email: penny@amarketingexpert.comweb: http://www.amarketingexpert.com~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~