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  • 1. Just under a year ago Hobbycraft in Dundee opened and since the launch I have been working for the company. Throughout the recession Hobbycraft have continued to be successfuland have planned to open 20 new stores in the U.K this year. The new stores are being fitted with new interiors, layout and branding to provide the store with a more friendly andvibrant atmosphere.
  • 2. For my level four project I am focusing on how craft can be promoted to the community. The word craft shown in the slide is made up of words that people associate with craft; messyhands, childhood, fun, painting, knitting etc. I have chosen this project as my project last semester touched on a similar aspect and I wish to explore it further. I hope my project willassist me to fullfill my aspirations to have a future career working in exhibition, retail design or window display design.
  • 3. transportable workshops engaging the public learn new skills shopFor my project I have decided to design a mobile pavilion combined with a craft workshop space for Hobbycraft which would allow the company to travel out of town or to remoteplaces which maybe in need of having access to crafting essentials and workshops. The mobile would be designed to support Hobbycraft’s outreach program which intends to promotecraft in the local and surrounding areas of the Hobbycraft stores, as well as at occasional weekend events and festivals.
  • 4. HobbyCraft stall at Leuchars Air ShowThis month Hobbycraft Dundee attended two local events the flower and food festival in Camperdown park and Leuchars air show. Whilst working at the flower show I realised thepotential that a well designed mobile pavilion could have on the company. It would help increase sales and awareness of the company, make craft more available, as well as makingthe company look more professional at this type of event.
  • 5. The mobile would visit places such as primary schools, nursing homes, public events and hospitals to hold craft workshops. Allowing the opportunity to meet new people to learn, swapand readdress dying skills in order to help keep the craft community alive. Digital technologies may be used to communicate to other mobile pavilions traveling around the U.K
  • 6. professional craft workshop parent and child craft workshop general craft workshopAs part of my research I plan to hold focus groups to help me understand what types of customers would be attracted to a mobile craft workshop. I would ask questions such as;Where would you like to visit the mobile?What would make you want to join the mobile craft workshop?How would a mobile be beneficial to you in your community?By holding focus groups I hope I will be able to understand what kinds of classes the public would like to attend and how it could cater for a range of ages and their needs.
  • 7. Protecting our identity A guide to working with and applying the Hobbycraft brandTo help keep myself motivated throughout my project I plan to keep good contact with my store manager at Hobbycraft who is in great support of my project. I have also contacted thecompany marketing and branding manager who has also shown support and has given me consent to use Hobbycrafts brand and logo for my design. I am also keen to contact 20.20Hobbycrafts design team and ask them about their inspiration for the new store design and seek their support and expert advice.
  • 8. classroom of the future Gollifer Langston ArchitectsAt this stage Im not sure which form my design will take but I have begun my research by developing online ‘pintrest’ boards with inspiration which may help influence my design.these are a few examples.
  • 9. Last week I created this emotive object model to help explore my project idea. The frame in the middle is to represent a Hobbycraft store, the coloured pipe cleaners relate to thedifferent craft departments within the Hobbycraft stores. The coloured threads are used to suggest a craft network and are stretched out to reach the different creative bubbles withinthe community and again relating to the store departments. And the measuring tape is to represent the growing population interest in craft.
  • 10. This is an image I have created to show that Hobbycraft is a British company, I have used coloured buttons to identify where the Hobbycraft stores are, I have stitched the drawing torepresent making and left needle in the thread to suggest that the success of the store can be continued.