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Flickr Commons: Open licensing and the future for collections
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Flickr Commons: Open licensing and the future for collections


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How can we learn from the Commons project on Flickr and use it as a benchmark to develop policy for allowing our collections to be used under open access? How do we measure the success, maintain our …

How can we learn from the Commons project on Flickr and use it as a benchmark to develop policy for allowing our collections to be used under open access? How do we measure the success, maintain our new community, progress with better access to our collections and develop new business models?

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. open licensing & the future for collections Museums and the Web 2009 April 15-18, 2009 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA paula bray manager, visual & digitisation services
  • 2. Photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone 8th April 2008 we were allowed to take a RISK
  • 3. This initiative has set a benchmark to change policy at the Museum! and raised a bunch of questions
  • 4. how ? what measures community better access new business model
  • 5. insert book pic Photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone traditional image licensing models usually based on conventional print publication
  • 6. outdated are they sufficient? will they see museums into the future? Photography by Paula Bray
  • 7. not how will we provide fast & efficient if dissemination of our content? that will benefit the education sector Live fast? by Giampaolo Macorig
  • 8. charge fees! currently most of us 4 reproduction access production prints digital files & in a variety of ways
  • 9. no standard model
  • 10. do current models benefit education sector? Photography by Geoff Friend to enable research & innovation
  • 11. Powerhouse Museum extensive Photo Library collection licensed for a variety of applications with only 20% discount for education
  • 12. over 500,000 images pic of photo library
  • 13. ‘one-size-fits-all’ ‘all size fits one’ by gnosis/johnr doesn’t help education sector
  • 14. only 20% discount for scholarly use
  • 15. it can takes days to get our stuff ʻsnailʼ by Lastaii
  • 16. public requires fast services now
  • 17. ‘Museum Open’ by johnlamb open access: not typical policy for image licensing
  • 18. why?
  • 19. change is required use this as example of open access model
  • 20. reduce costs research innovation connect collections promotion ‘Open’ by splorp why do open access?
  • 21. REDUCE escalating fees for education to copy ʻ2007_03_05ʼ by DennisSylvesterHurd Australian schools: payed $50,000,000 in 2006 part VB statutory licensing jumped $10,000,000 from 2005
  • 22. enable rich research ʻResearch Medical Center Libraryʼ by Gwen's River City Images
  • 23. encourage innovation ʻModernism in Australiaʼ by Dan Hill
  • 24. it is REALLY complicated copyright creators attribution income orphan works access priorities
  • 25. significant challenge varied across institution hard to adopt standard model global differences in copyright acts
  • 26. Australian Copyright Act 1968 ʻcopyrightʼ by pfffpustekuchen no fair use fair dealing = limited S200AB new provision?
  • 27. ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t work on-line has changed delivery models need reviewing administration costs are we really seeing what our audience wants? ‘open the gate’ by blondie 478
  • 28. open access is not new there have been previous models
  • 29. 1997 and 2004 not-for profit and independent membership organisation explored ways to address the lack of resources available for educational use, manage complicated rights and licensing
  • 30. one of the first to address the need for digital content to be accessible via a group of works under a standard license
  • 31. Aim: content for research and academic purposes for a variety of educational institutions.
  • 32. Aim: to reduce the costs for education free high-resolution images to be used for scholarly purposes link to the participating institutions rights and permissions
  • 33. all these models help towards ‘unlocking collections’ Photography by Paula Bray
  • 34. April 8th 2008 ‘unlocking’ our photographic collections we started
  • 35. high value sydney centric sold copies rarely exhibited no major publication not known for photographic content reservation from some no measures possible drop in income
  • 36. visitation in the first four weeks 40,000 views 230 contacts 2500 + tags
  • 37. 20 times more visitation than on our site currently projected as
  • 38. some thought it was risky we let go first Powerhouse Museum project :content freely accessible
  • 39. not all content ʻfully-cataloguedʼ Description Glass negative, half plate, 'Ocean Wave Hotel', unattributed studio, Sydney, Australia, c. 1880-1923 Silver gelatin dry plate glass negative in portrait format. The Tyrrell Collection Inventory records the above caption but does not attribute the negative to a studio. The negative is not fully catalogued.
  • 40. perfect for the Commons change to policy & a big
  • 41. what happened ?
  • 42. Tyrrell sales didnʼt drop some expectation they would
  • 43. general sales have increased slightly
  • 44. can increased visitation encourage sales? important for institutions that rely on income
  • 45. critical measure for these results are a a future open-access initiative if sales can remain the same then the question of income generation needs to be addressed as either neutral or potentially beneficial
  • 46. income is low remembering that overall in comparison to other income streams across the organisation venue hire admission publications
  • 47. what is the value of promotion? access never greater community connection reputation participation engagement informed about other collections
  • 48. what do we really want? connection community engagement innovation research participation
  • 49. partnerships
  • 50. geo-mapping
  • 51. Paul Hagon innovation
  • 52. connection
  • 53. ? location
  • 54. started conversations
  • 55. Photography by Paula Bray discoveries
  • 56. we learned that this contact had only visited the Museum once in the last ten years “Congrats on sticking with it for the 500. Actually, as regards content, I just want more of the same. Whatever you choose to put up is good for me. visits regularly now I can find stuff I think I want any blogs about our images day of the week by searching comments on Photo of the Day around the internet, the PHM collection search, or Flickr. But what I can’t find for myself, and what I like here is the serendipity of seeing something you’ve chosen, for your reasons, to show to us.”
  • 57. Image courtesy Randwick City Library Services Photo of the Day
  • 58. Text Text Photo of the Day Photography by Sutto
  • 59. where are we heading? ‘Going up’ by Jim Frazier Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic
  • 60. Powerhouse Museum plans investigate new provisions in the copyright act review acquisition license agreements allow options for copyright holders = CC license
  • 61. we need a new business model for image licensing
  • 62. new fine art printing service income streams still required ʻEPSON Stylus CX5600ʼ by ? 1 Adam creator remuneration
  • 63. experimenting with print product
  • 64. open access image repository
  • 65. free download for scholarly purposes on the website Photograph by Paula Bray tracking methodologies: see what public want
  • 66. ‘What an Impression!’ by dougjoubert hope: to make an impression to review models and start talking about how to do this better
  • 67. benefit the education sector ʻconey island school bus lotʼ by bk dauphin
  • 68. reduce the escalating costs to access IMAGES from publicly funded collections
  • 69. with great thanks to the initiated by George Oates 2008
  • 70. thank you Museums and the Web 2009 & Frederick Miller Powerhouse Museum photographers all Flickr members using Creative Commons licenses paula bray manager, visual & digitisation services